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Investing 101 to semi-pro football

investing 101 to semi-pro football

Here are seven sports stocks that investors should buy now. Next:Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. (ticker. The Arena Football League folded this fall, bringing the Columbus Destroyers' second go-around here to an end after just one season. Now instead of an engine-less car, there is an investment opportunity with a different type of product – professional football players. HOW TO I ADD ETHEREUM TO GATEHUB

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Investing 101 to semi-pro football indikator forex auto fibonacci


Don't forget to add cardio training. Some teams are small, or they lose players throughout the season, and you may find that you're suiting up for both offense and defense. That means you'll have to build up your stamina to be able to play an entire game. Advertisement Just how fit do you need to be?

We'll run through that next. The hits are real, and the players can be fiercely competitive. Your body needs to be able to keep up. This is especially true if you're an older recruit. The semi-pro ranks are full of people in their 40s and 50s, but in order to be able to play at this level, you really need to be in tip-top shape. A big part of playing football is having the ability to move a person. That person could be smaller or much larger, but it still takes great strength to block an opposing lineman.

Advertisement Be sure to ask the coaching staff how strength will be assessed during tryouts so that you can hit the weight room to prepare. Some teams may ask you to perform tasks such as bench-pressing a certain amount of weight for as many reps as you can handle. Upper, lower and core body strength will help you excel throughout the season, so develop a well-balanced strength conditioning program and follow it for the weeks and months leading up to the tryouts.

What about the cardio side of football fitness? Are you ready to run down the field? Suggested Weight Lifting Exercises Hitting the weight room is really important for football players in order to be able to attack the line. When you put together a weight lifting workout, think about the muscle groups you'll need to develop, and aim to have weight lifting workouts three times a week. Bench presses, rows, shrugs and military presses will develop the chest, back and shoulders.

Squats, lunges, leg curls and calf raises will strengthen the lower body. Don't forget your core, though; strong abdominals will give your body a solid foundation. When lifting weights, don't forget to warm up and stretch your muscles before your workout. Never lift weights without a partner present who can spot you while you're lifting.

The Iowa Xplosion women's team makes recruits run a yard dash at every tryout to see if hopefuls maintain or improve. Staggered tryouts show the coaching staff whether you're working out on your own between sessions [source: Axline]. Some teams will want to test your endurance, so they may ask you to run 1 to 2 miles 1. Advertisement If the team you're trying out for has an informational session, ask what cardio levels the coaches are looking for and how they will assess recruits.

Strength training and cardio are just two aspects of physical fitness, but there's one other physical skill that good football players have: You'll have to explode. Not Just for Guys Football isn't just a man's sport: Thousands of women also participate in tackle football leagues all over the world.

Women's football first appeared at the turn of the 21st century with the now-defunct Women's Professional Football League. Among others, women participate in the Women's Football Alliance, 63 teams strong, and the Independent Women's Football League with more than 30 operating teams as of The rules aren't much different from those of men's football, and sometimes the only difference is that women play with a smaller ball.

The competition is just as fierce, and the hits are just as hard. That takes agility, yet another way to prove to the coaches that your body is at the proper level of conditioning. Be prepared to run speed and agility drills if they ask. Plyometric exercises can improve your agility.

These exercises rapidly stretch and shorten the muscles and connective tissue. As a result, elastic energy builds up in the muscles to create more force when you need it. Advertisement Jumping, hopping and weaving all qualify as plyometric exercises.

Practice standing long jumps and vertical jumps. Hop over low cones or other small objects. Throw some lateral shuffles or runs into the mix, and you can create a good base before tryouts. Exercise isn't the only factor in your fitness. Diet plays a big part in how you'll be able to function during a game.

Let's look at how you eat while you train. That old adage was never truer than in semi-pro football. Eat too much junk food, and you might find yourself tossing your cookies as well as the pigskin during a practice. It's helpful to eat a well-balanced diet to maintain your fitness level, but football players also need to boost the protein to help rebuild broken-down muscle fibers.

Advertisement Whether or not you'll need to gain or lose weight depends on what physical shape you're in at the moment. If you're 50 pounds 23 kilograms overweight, of course, you'll need to trim down so you can keep up on the field.

Once your body is prepared from the inside, you can consider what equipment you'll need on the outside. Dun dun duuunnnn. Over time, inflation erodes the purchasing power of cash. Now imagine the effect of decades of inflation on wads of money. You want your long-term investments to outpace inflation, right? Well… Why you should invest in the stock market One look at the historic rate of return of the major asset classes shows that the stock market is going to give you the biggest bang for your bucks.

While this is a valid concern, and investing does carry risk, having a diverse portfolio can better equip you to weather the market and ultimately achieve your goals. Investing any amount of money is never a futile exercise, thanks to the magic of compound interest. What is compound interest? It's like a runaway snowball of money growing larger and larger as it rolls along. All you need to get it going is starter money.

As interest starts to accumulate on your initial investment, it is added to your ball of cash. You continue to earn interest, your balance expands in value and picks up speed — and on and on it goes. The sooner you get the snowball rolling, the better. The four most common entry points into the stock market are: Individual stocks. Mutual funds. A mutual fund is a basket that contains a bunch of different investments — often mostly stocks — that all have something in common, be it companies that together make up a market index see the box for more about the joys of index funds , a particular asset class bonds, international stocks or a specific sector companies in the energy industry, technology stocks.

There are even mutual funds that invest solely in companies that adhere to certain ethical or environmental principles aka socially responsible funds. Because index funds generally charge lower fees, called expense ratios , than traditional mutual funds. And that lower cost is a big-time boost to your overall returns. These funds are made up entirely of the stocks contained in a particular index.

So the returns of these index funds mirror that of the market they track. To do that they employ managers to pick and choose the investments in a fund. The cost of that management, along with expenses for trades, administration, marketing materials, etc. Largely because of that, the majority of actively managed mutual funds actually underperform their benchmark index. Index funds are essentially run by robots. Those savings are passed along to you. In fact, investors pay nearly nine times more in fees for actively managed mutual funds, which charge an average of 0.

Choose an index fund, and more of your money stays in your portfolio to grow over time. ETFs exchange-traded funds. Like index funds, ETFs contain a bundle of investments that can range from stocks to bonds to currencies and cash.

So which of these should you use to build your retirement portfolio? The answer will be clearer after you learn how to choose investments. Practical matters Sitting on cash that could be invested?

Investing 101 to semi-pro football hes in a better place now

Investing 101 investing 101 to semi-pro football


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