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Exodus app crypto

exodus app crypto

The Exodus mobile app is rated 3 out of 5. The mobile app is simple to install and use. Users can track their live portfolio, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Exodus is an all-in-one wallet app designed for securing, managing and exchange of blockchain assets that was founded in by Daniel Castagnoli and JP. Manage and exchange cryptocurrencies with the best Crypto Wallet for desktop and mobile. Get the secure and easy-to-use Exodus Altcoin & Bitcoin Wallet. HEIKEN ASHI STRATEGY FOREX TRADING

Click on it, and add the missing crypto from the new screen. You will see a line with many characters. This is your address or public key for the cryptocurrency in question. This is more or less what corresponds to an IBAN number for a traditional bank account. There is also a large QR code, which is the flashable representation of your address.

If you want to receive payments in this crypto, in Bitcoin in this example , then you will have to provide this address to the person who will send you this crypto. In the case of Summit Mining, we need this address to send you the mined funds. You can send it to us either by email or by message Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

You must now copy and paste this address to send it to the person who wants to send you funds. Click on your address to automatically copy it. Simply paste the address where you need it. Repeat these operations for each crypto for which you must receive a payment. If not, go to it. Select from the list that appears the crypto for which you want to receive a payment, and therefore which address you want to know.

Take for example the Bitcoin. Once you find your crypto, tap it to open it; you will then see its current price, the amount you have and the corresponding dollar value. On the right side you will see an icon with a down arrow. This is the link to receive this crypto. Tap it. If you want to receive payments in this crypto, here in Bitcoin in this case, then you will have to provide this address to the person who will send you this crypto.

Simply tap your address to copy it automatically. Paste the address where you need it. It is also easy. Select from the list the crypto with which you want to send a payment. In the top field, enter the destination address the one of the person to whom you want to send funds.

Never type it by hand! Always copy and paste. Well done, the payment is made. This is the default one. Select the crypto with which you want to send a payment from the list displayed. Once you find your crypto, press it to open it. Then, you will see the current price, the amount you have and the corresponding dollar value.

On the left side you will see an icon with an arrow going up. This is the link to send this crypto. In the bottom field, enter the destination address that of the person to whom you want to send funds. You will see a confirmation screen. Slide your finger at the bottom of the screen from left to right, as shown, to validate the sending of funds. This is normal, there is not even a password! So we are going to add one. In addition, as you will have understood by now, your cryptos are stored directly on your computer.

So what happens if someone steals it from you? Or that the hard drive crashes? Guess what? You lose everything. Do not panic! There is a backup solution, but it must be implemented before any incident.

This solution is to back up your private key. Your private key is a series of 12 secret words that allow anyone who knows them to access your wallet, from anywhere in the world. So be careful not to lose them, but also to keep them in a place that only you and possibly someone you trust know about. Using your private key, you can recover your funds on another computer or phone, if something happens to the original device.

Immediately, the application prompts you to set a password. For your safety, choose one if possible that combines numbers, letters and special characters. Repeat your password. You will see 12 empty fields. Hover your mouse over each of them to reveal each word of your private key. Record these words somewhere, as well as each associated number 1 to 12 because the order of the words is important. To be sure that you did your job well in the previous step, the software asks you to verify which of the words displayed on the screen is part of your word private key.

Choose a 6-digit password, and repeat it a second time. You will see a series of 12 lines with dotted lines. They should be noted somewhere out of sight and of course kept secret. If you simply follow the process described above, you will simply have a second Exodus wallet, and your addresses for each of the cryptos will be completely different.

Therefore, your crypto accounts will also be completely unlinked. If you want to have the same wallets, that is to say being able to use one wallet or another interchangeably and therefore have the same amounts on two different devices , you need your private key. As before, download and install the application you need from this link. Click on it. The application will ask you if you want to restart the application, to which you will answer yes, of course, and you will be asked for your 12 secret words.

Enter them and validate everything. After a few moments, your applications are synchronised. There is another method which consists in taking a photo of a QR code, but it is a bit more complicated for neophytes, and the result is the same anyway. Section 6: Recalls and final tips with Exodus We come to the end of the tutorial. You are now on the Exodus homepage. It will allow you to secure your access to Exodus. Create your password. Use a complex password that you can memorize.

Then, after choosing and confirming your password a second time. Exodus will propose a backup sentence. This extremely important sentence will allow you to restore your wallet in case you forget your password. Note the words well, preferably on paper and do not lose them. After all these steps, your Exodus account is now secure.

Choose your cryptocurrency Exodus includes many cryptocurrencies. However, you can add or remove coins at your convenience. And you will see the long list of cryptocurrencies available on Exodus. Click in the circle, to the left of the coin logo, to add it to your wallet.

A new page will appear.

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How to Set Up \u0026 Back Up your Exodus Wallet Mobile - Exodus Tutorial

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