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Horse betting strategy books

horse betting strategy books

The title of this book is a bold statement and one cannot really state this unless you put your money were your mouth is! I have written many books around UK. This book contains the best sports and horse racing betting systems from Ken Osterman previously published in two separate books: Sports and Horse Racing. This horse racing betting system or strategy has been named 'SimpleSimon' because it is so simple to apply that virtually anyone can put it intopractice and. ARIZONA SPORTS BETTING SITES

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They also discuss the nature of analyzing large quantities of data looking for patterns, and we can learn what to be careful of when we too are looking for new patterns in the data. If you like the kind of academic articles found in Prof. Deschamps and Olivier Gergaud taken from The Journal of Prediction Markets Jan This superbly researched piece brings peer-reviewed academic levels of quality to our field of study.

This online article is available to read and gives a lot of food for thought. The important conclusions from their research are that the betting market is inefficient, there is a clear longshot bias for home and away odds betting on lower odds has a better value than higher odds for home and away bets but that there is a negative longshot bias for draw odds betting on higher odds has better value for draw bets.

It is these kind of well researched articles with practical and clearly stated conclusions that we can use to research new Betaminic strategies with. The best option would be to bet the horse to Win and forego the Exacta. The more likely decision will be wheeling your horse in the Exacta and praying for a long shot to come in second. What you fail to realize is you left money on the table. There will be instances when a long shot finishes second and the Exacta returns more than the Win bet but more often than not one of the favorites will run second thus reducing the return.

This bet involves wheeling your horse over a few other horses. This is a much better strategy than wheeling the entire field second because it costs less. Now you have shifted the odds in your favor. A more effective way to play the Exacta Part Wheel is to bet more than a dollar on the combinations. I used this strategy on Belmont day in the Easy Goer Stakes. I thought the favorite, Teeth of the Dog, was the most likely winner.

Skyring faded to last in the stretch but long shot Fast Falcon closed stoutly and just got up for second. In this situation the Exacta Part Wheel provided the maximum return. It also showed that you can make money betting favorites, if you do it the right way. Weighted Exacta The most efficient way to bet the Exacta is by weighting each combination. Weighting your Exacta combinations is the best way to maximize your returns long term. An alternate example of the Weighted Exacta would be if you like two horses that you think will run first and second.

If your horses run one-two you win and if you are correct that the first horse is more likely to win then you will be rewarded accordingly with a better return. Final Thoughts The Exacta is a great way to make money betting on horses. Unfortunately most horseplayers are taught to bet the Exacta inefficiently by either Boxing it or Wheeling their horse.

The former group may cash more tickets but the latter group will make larger profits. To recap here are the important points to remember: Boxing an Exacta is both lazy and inefficient Betting an Exacta Wheel is injecting more luck into the equation Betting an Exacta Part Wheel is a step in the right direction Weighting an Exacta is the most efficient way to bet the Exacta and will produce the greatest returns long term The Exacta is sometimes a better alternative than a Win bet, especially if you like the favorite A Win Bet is sometimes the better choice, particularly in cases when you have no opinion on who will finish second I hope this helps you make more money betting the Exacta, it has done so for me.

If you have others ways of betting the Exacta please share them in the comments below.

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PRO GAMBLER - HOW TO WIN AT HORSE RACING (Golden rules) horse betting strategy books

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