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Quant investing screener

quant investing screener

In July, the STOXX was able to gain basis points, finishing with a YTD return of %. 14 Aug Image Description. Quant Investing is a stock screening platform and newsletter service specifically dedicated to quantitative investment strategies. It was. The Quant Investing stock screener allows you to use our historical point-in-time database so you can make sure your investment strategy works. The back testing. MIKE WATSON REAL ESTATE INVESTING

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The rest of the time you should do in depth research — this of course depends on your investment strategy. You should use a stock screener to build your watchlist. If not how else are you going to sift through the thousands of stocks out there? Benefits of investing with stock screener software So why should you use a stock screener? First and foremost, it saves you time, especially if you invest in smaller companies.

Sometimes finding information on these stocks is difficult. How to take advantage of a stock screener Once you have access to a screener, you need to know how to screen stocks. You could spend hours or days trying to find out what criteria ratios and indicators to look for with the screener and how to combine them. As you know there are many ratios and indicators you can use… but only a few really matter.

My favourite stock screener Here is where I am biased, let me tell you why. After leaving the banking industry in , and losing my access to a Bloomberg terminal, I could not find a stock screener that met my needs in terms of the number of companies, ratios and indicators to invest my own money so I develop a screener and the Quant Investing stock screener was born.

From a small start with just two people we have grown to a team of people. Our goal has however stayed the same, to help you increase your investment returns. It is thus a screener built by investors for investors. Because we also want to increase our returns we test and write about new strategies and ideas we find all the time. You can read everything in our blog which is free, simply click on the following link: Quant Investing Blog If we find an idea or investment strategy that REALLY works we test most strategies again we immediately include all the ratios and indicators you need to implement it in the screener.

The best strategies we have tested You can find a summary of all the best investment strategies we have tested here: Best investment strategies we have tested. This is important, having so many ratios and indicators you can use means you can find exactly the companies that best fit your investment strategy!

You can find out more about the screener by clicking on the following link: more information about the Quant Investing screener For example with a stock screener you can: 1. Find high momentum companies Stock price momentum gives you a lot higher returns!

Momentum is a great idea I never looked at momentum also called Price Index but after testing investment strategies over 12 years and writing the research paper Quantitative Value Investing in Europe: What works for achieving alpha , I become a BIG supporter of using positive stock price momentum as one of the ratios I use when looking for investment ideas.

I admit 5 years is a relative short period to make some definitive conclusions and in general the stock market was in the last 5 years not to bad either. However, I already have enough confidence in your screener to stay true — even in falling markets - to my system of selecting stocks. In short, what I mean to say is: your screener is really important for me as a base for selecting stocks for our financial future. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your insights on investing through your paper, your blogs and newsletters.

This saved me a lot of work on an ongoing basis and allowed me to create the portfolios I was aiming for. Also, Tim is extremely helpful and accessible for questions and suggestions on the screener and investment criteria selection. The Quant Investing screener identified such a strategy for me in an easy and straightforward way. I will continue to use the screener to rebalance my portfolio and reassess my investment aims in the future. I simply love it.

The possibility to export the data for further analysis is a great bonus feature. For quite a while I had been fascinated and captured by quantitative investing, but as a private investor I never have had access to a powerful database. It was difficult for me to find good investment opportunities.

When I started to use the screener of quant-investing when my performance started to boost tremendously. I now do have the possibility to search for and to get a very quick view of the key figures that really count for an asset. Actually, the biggest risk of my future performance is probably not to have access to such a database. At first glance, perhaps, the price of the screener is not cheap, but the potential investments that I find with the screener definitely are!

The screener is so simple to use it takes less than 5 minutes to find which stocks I want to trade. The screener is reliable, and the results are consistent with back testing results. I like to understand the details of trading systems and Tim has been fantastic at explaining how each screener works.

He responds to emails within the day and he really wants to help. I have also found the new systems that Tim tests to be really helpful. I have since added one of these systems to my portfolio. I highly recommend Tim and his Quant Investing screener.

It is even more powerful than I expected and based on my experience with it in the last few days it allows me to find potentially undervalued stocks that I would not have been able to find with free scanners or Google searches. I decided to use your scanner because: The customer statements were all enthusiastic.

You have more parameters to refine the search. You always made it clear what the sources of your methodologies were that you implemented in the scanner. Using the strategies recommended by the website, I have achieved market-beating returns that even professional investors would be proud of. The screener covers dozens of the major markets around the world, and you have access to a wide array of quantitative metrics to help inform your decision.

In addition, Tim and his staff are very responsive to queries and are always willing to accommodate requests. So, in summary, very highly recommended and well worth the subscription! Not just large companies but ALL companies are included, right down to the smallest. We invest our own money using the screener, and just like you, we want to be able to search the largest possible number of companies incl.

More specifically the screener includes all companies traded on the following markets: Europe: All the major markets including, Switzerland, Scandinavia, the UK incl. AIM companies North America:.

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