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Rebelbetting reddit

rebelbetting reddit

RebelBetting - for “professional” arbing; OddsMonkey - for “casual” arbing; Oddstorm - for football arbing; Bet Burger - for in-browser, cross-compatible. Thank you for all the great reviews about RebelBetting products! I just posted "#sportbetting #bestbetting #surebetting" on Reddit. Do you agree with RebelBetting's 4-star rating? Check out what people have written so far, and share your own experience. CRYPTOCURRENCY ISO ALERT

It aims to stack the odds back in your favour and beat the bookies using probability. Their cheapest product is Matched Betting. With a lot of competition in this software category, how does RebelBetting compare?

Sure Betting Sure Betting, also known as arbitrage, is the technique of covering all outcomes of an event so you win irrespective of the result. In addition to this, the invention of betting exchanges makes it easier. This is because you can place lay bets, meaning you can bet against something to happen. Imagine placing a bet on Manchester United to win at the bookmaker and another bet on Manchester United not to win at an exchange.

How is this all possible? Bookmakers have a hard time making sure all their odds are in line with their competitors. This discrepancy in odds means there is value to be had. By dividing up your desired stake profit can be taken without needing to know the winner. Price If you like the idea of sure betting then the first thing you will probably be wondering about is the price.

There are three different prices on offer based on the duration of your subscription. This does seem like a lot, especially when you compare it to software from other matched betting companies, but can it offer additional profits to account for this higher price tag? The Pro version includes a high limit bet broker, betting exchanges and supports horse racing, which the Lite version does not. Also, it will only show bets that have been available for 30 minutes or more.

If you want to get a feel for the software they do offer a free trial. The RebelBetting website is very easy to use and there is all the information you need about the main features of each product. When you launch the product you are met with this home screen. Also included is a help screen when you log in for the first time. The main portion of your screen is the list of available bets at that current time. RebelBetting is constantly searching for sure bet opportunities.

The percentage on the left-hand side is the amount you can expect to make from each bet. This makes the profits sound relatively small but you can see how many bets there are and the screen scrolls down a long way. The idea is to take small consistent profits and continually build your bankroll. It will soon start to add up. Next to the percentage, you have the event you will be betting on. This is because there are bets on the same event but in different markets and with different bookmakers.

The types are as follows: LAY — You are backing at a bookmakers and laying at an exchange AH — Asian Handicap market OU — Over and under market While this may seem confusing it is simply telling you what market you are betting on. The final columns along the right-hand side are the individual bets you will be placing. Each sure bet will require you to place between two and three bets at different bookmakers.

Now, this is where the arbitrage software comes into its own. It runs through all the important information that you will need before deciding to place your sure bet. Including the age of the arb, sports, markets, reliability and warnings. You should be wary of this as bookmakers have it written into their terms and conditions that they can cancel your bets if this is the case.

Potentially leaving your other bets in the market and causing you a loss. At the bottom of this panel, you have stake control. You simply input the total stake you are willing to use and it automatically calculates the bets you need to be placing. It also includes a feature that rounds bets up to the nearest whole number. We recommend using this feature as it helps to avoid detection.

Doing that will open a page similar to this. RebelBetting will aim to open the bet from each bookmaker in the software. Even better than this, you can set up one-click betting. By doing this here you will only have to enter your details once.

Then when this screen loads up you will be automatically logged in and ready to place your bets. This is great for getting bets off quickly and frequently. Another useful feature. There are around 90 bookmakers that RebelBetting will search to find sure bets. We recommend that you keep the number of bookies use you to 10 or less when you are first starting.

This keeps your money in the same places so you are not spreading your bankroll too thinly. This is possible because RebelBetting is so customisable. You can filter the arbs you view by bookmaker, sport, market and percentage. There is also an alerts feature. These will appear even when the arbitrage software is minimised. If you like the look of the arb you simply click on it and it takes you to the bet.

Sound alerts can also be set up. Arbs only tend to be around for a short time. It can be left to run in the background while you get on with other work. Hopefully, this gives you a pretty good insight into the features of the sure bet software. We were very impressed by everything RebelBetting has to offer. The user interface looks great and contains all the necessary information you need to start arbitrage betting. When RebelBetting loads up for the first time you are shown a getting started tab.

This is always available by clicking the help tab in the top right corner. It provides you with a free ebook which while useful talks more about the ideas behind arbitrage betting rather than the software itself.

You are better off looking at the manual available from the RebelBetting website. This provides an introductory video as well as detailed definitions of all the features with pictures. The question that always gets asked, and rightly so. RebelBetting make big claims about the success of their Sure Betting system and charge top money for it. The profit you make will largely be down to how much you use the software. You need to be placing a high frequency of bets a month. It is important to remember that because of the high price of the software, you need to be placing 23 bets a month to reach breakeven.

By placing those bets the software pays for itself, anything after that is profit. The problems that we have found are not with the software itself but with arbitrage betting in general. Remember, to move money out of bookmakers it can take a few days, using an ewallet might be your best option but could still take up to 24 hours. The good thing about arbitrage betting is that you can use gubbed accounts. You will hear a lot about bookmakers closing down accounts that are being used for arbing.

This is true but they will eventually do this to any customer who is winning. There are enough bookmakers that you should be able to continue arbing for a long time. With all of this understood, RebelBetting is a brilliant piece of arbitrage software that will allow you to find the best sure bets around. You can check it out here. Value Betting The next bit of software that RebelBetting offer is value betting. The easiest way to think of this is as a tipster service.

However, simplifying it to this degree is doing RebelBetting a disservice. This is different from arbitrage betting which is used in the sure betting software. You are not covering every outcome, rather swinging the probability back in your favour.

You might have heard us talking about expected value before. There is a difference between the true odds of something happening and the house odds — which is what bookmakers offer. Bookmakers will always try to offer you lower odds than the actual probability of something happening. This is how they make money. An example RebelBetting use is a coin toss. This means over time the amount you win will be even to the amount you lose. Not good for profit. The true odds for this event would be represented as 2.

If a bookmaker were to offer you odds of 2. This is a simplified version of value bets. With sport, it is hard to know the true odds for something as it is so unpredictable. What we do know is that the bookies try to keep the odds on their side. RebelBetting is helping to stack the odds in your favour.

Over time betting on higher value odds should lead to you winning more than you lose. Price The products that RebelBetting offer are available as separate items. A monthly subscription for Value Betting will set you back 69 euros. Again, this is a high price for betting software but it is less than Sure Betting. We will have a look at what value betting has to offer before discussing whether it is worth the high fee.

This allows you to access it on your mobile as well as Mac computers. The user interface of the mobile version is different but if you become familiar with the software version you should have no trouble acclimatising. We will focus on the software download. The appearance of Value Betting is very similar to Sure Betting. This is the main screen that loads up when RebelBetting is opened.

The green list represents the value bets the software has found. The percentage that runs down the left-hand side of the green list is the return on investment. The highlighted bet, in dark green, is listed at 1. The higher the value the more money you stand to make if the bet wins. Next to that, you will see a suggested stake amount. The amount you stake is completely down to you. The Value Betting software does have features that will suggest and automatically calculate stake for you.

Along the top of the screen, you will see a box where you can input your bankroll. It is important that you keep this up to date. There are two customisable factors when setting a stake size. Max Stake is the maximum percentage of your bankroll you are happy to use for one bet. This calculates the optimal stake for maximum growth of your bankroll, proportional to the perceived value of the bet.

Using the Kelly criterion alone will lead to greater variance in results. You stand to win more but also stand to lose more. It is important to remember that value betting is not a guaranteed win. You are essentially still gambling. Both of the staking options can be accessed through the options tab at the top, then selecting user. We recommend that you keep the default settings as you get to grips with the software.

This is not a get rich quick scheme but a system that requires a high number of bets to be profitable in the long run. We will talk more about the profitability of RebelBetting towards the end of this review. Next to the suggested stake size, you have start time. It is better to place a value bet closer to the start time, this leaves less chance that the odds will change. For example, if a team star player gets injured it will reduce the chance of that team winning and therefore us winning the bet.

After this, you have the event you will be betting on and the outcome. The outcome is written in shorthand but is explained in full once you click on the bet. Well, some bookmakers have proven that they are extremely good at determining odds that reflects the actual probability of an outcome. So when there is a difference between the sharps odds and those of other bookies, you place a bet at the other bookie and lock in the value.

You then just place the bet and that is it — no trading or other hedging is required. This is very similar to a product we looked at last year, Trademate Sports. We are not sure who came first but it is not unusual in this genre to see similar products emerge, particularly if they work well!

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Last month, I tested two different value betting methods.

Best emerging cryptocurrency Getting started with this service does not require rebelbetting reddit the software. A couple of tech-savvy guys source to create a software that goes through a large number of online bookmakers in the search of arbitrage betting opportunities. This is because there are bets on the same event but in different markets and with different bookmakers. The monthly subscription fee is a top influencing factor even for successful bettors. Sharp bookmakers are quicker to change their odds and try to keep them closer to the true probability of something happening.
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Rebelbetting reddit Another method is bet on valuebet provided by rebelbetting reddit. The Value Betting software does have features that will suggest and automatically calculate stake for you. It does work but I personally do not recommend rebelbetting because it is lacking too many simple features like auto update your account balance. Some bookmakers never show up and sometimes they have incorrect odds but this happens with other alert services as well. It can rebelbetting reddit left to run in the background while you get on with other work. If the RebelBetting value betting soft is finding overpriced odds at any bookmaker, their service will display it. You need to be placing a high frequency of bets a month.
Rebelbetting reddit If you rebelbetting reddit interested in a particular entry, you could investigate further and see https://bookmakerfootball.website/best-spread-betting-platform-20110/3295-ssac-betting-advice.php data. You stand to win more but also stand to lose more. It should also be noted that reddit rebelbetting a beginner having the option to be walked through each offer is exactly what you need. This is one of the reasons Rebel Betting is so popular compared to other similar programs. RebelBetting is constantly searching for sure bet opportunities.
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Bet tracker The bookies are trying to avoid them at all costs and quickly adjust when something like that happens. We will focus on the software download. Next to the suggested stake size, you rebelbetting reddit start time. Choosing the right service is not always about what they can offer. Here we have selected Bet as the required bookmaker and chosen deposit as the type of bonus we are using.
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Place royale betisier 2022 In value betting, you have sharp and soft bookmakers. The guys did a good job at keeping the whole tab simple and rebelbetting reddit. Another useful feature. The outcome is written in shorthand but is explained in full once you click on the bet. But in reality, the bookies are making thousands of similar mistakes. Their trial version does not require credit card information.
rebelbetting reddit

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By analyzing the select few bookmakers that constantly, over millions of bets, make extremely accurate predictions. This means we know not only the true odds, but also when soft bookmakers odds are off — creating a positive expected value.

A value bet. Taking betting bias and market efficiency into account, we calculate and deliver the resulting value bets with the highest expected value to you. Want to know more? Learn about the concept of value betting. We compare multiple bookmakers and millions of odds every minute. You only need a small number of bookmakers, three is plenty in the beginning. You can start with just one! Read the Swedish RebelBetting article.

Rasim Reiz, Reizbet. This is a really good service and it is well worth the monthly cost. I discovered how easy it can be to make money betting without any real knowledge or interest. Trust the system and if you follow it, you will make money in the long run.

Also, it is very rare, in any sector, to find such careful and punctual customer care. They started focusing on the US market as well and sooner or later they might be one of the most important tools for US bettors.

Check this RebelBetting vs OddsJam comparison table to see if they can serve you well or not. Each of these has strengths and weaknesses as well. BetBurger is not scanning every bookmaker, and their prices might seem a little bit high.. Another way you can use Pinnacle 's odds is to find websites with profitable tipsters who will often make Pinnacle betting tips and predictions. I'll now review and compare what I consider to be the top 5 free arbitrage betting software available.

OddsJam is the 1 arbitrage sports betting website. In this video I not only explain what arbitrage betting is but also how to use OddsJams tools and other f. If you are looking for the best arbitrage betting software in Canada, you have three main possibilities. The biggest difference between services is their main goal and the amount of US bookies they scan. RebelBetting is focused on offering a quality odds comparison site for European bettors,. Our arbitrage betting software searches a wide range of sports to provide arbitrage opportunities for our customers.

Furthermore, because the odds are not loaded with a. The OddsJam game ID you want to receive odds for e. RebelBetting have the most features of any of the Arb software 's which help to make it one of the best services on the market. Cover 90 bookmakers and 10 sports. Gain profit on every bet.

By honda crv alarm keeps going off. The OddsJam software is browser-based, and consists of one of the best arbitrage software interfaces that I have ever seen. Their software consists primarily of 4 sections: Odds comparison. RebelBetting have the most features of any of the Arb software's which help to make it one of the best services on the market. Cover 90 bookmakers and.

RebelBetting make big claims about the success of their Sure Betting system and charge top money for it. The profit you make will largely be down to how much you use the. Value Betting, which is operated in any web browser, and Sure Betting, which is a software. RebelBetting 1. BetBurger 1. OddsPortal 1. Betspan 1. Surebet 1. OddStorm 1. The Forks 1. PositiveBet 1. ArbMate 1. BMBets 1. BetBrain 1. Tiki 2 Another way 3 Not on the List 3.

The whole bunch of tools by OddsJam costs way less than other tools on the market. With their software, bettors from these countries are able to take advantage of overpriced odds. With OddsJam you can practice strategies like arbitrage and value betting.

Both are accepted as the most profitable and surest techniques for betting. OddsJam's UFC betting experts take you through the odds, predictions, picks and best bets for this fight between Chidi Njokuani vs. Gregory Rodrigues on September 17, Chidi Njokuani vs. Gregory Rodrigues Betting Odds. This treasure was the first arbitrage service I used. This domain. Rebelbetting - The best of all. Rebelbetting has been one of the most popular arbitrage software providers since its inception, back in It is one of the first surebet finders available to bettors and has been considered by many including me as the best product in the arbitrage betting world.

The main advantages of the software are:. Obviously i'm going to say they are the best. Originally, this variety is of lay betting, but RebelBetting can make it between two bookmakers at times. The only. Qualifying bets must be placed on sportsbook within 30 days of opening account. Cashed out bets will not qualify towards your average stake..

Check my RebelBetting Review.

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