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Betting the line afl

betting the line afl

If the team's score combined goes over the total betting line shown then the over wins. If the team's score combined goes under the total. Line betting is when a match is handicapped by the bookmaker. If one side is considered to be points better than the opposing team, you can wager that. Line betting is when the bookmaker handicaps a team by setting a specific margin with the aim of making the game even between the two sides. For. MEN S 100 METRES BETTING WEBSITES

Pushing in the back is not allowed. For example, in a match between West Coast and Melbourne, West Coast was a big favorite at If both teams are listed at or PK for pick'em , then both sides have even odds. Line Betting Line betting is the handicap or pointspread for a match and gives greater incentive to place your money on a contest that is expected to be one-sided. Betting a favorite on the handicap as opposed to the moneyline will give a better payout, while taking an underdog with the pointspread gives you a better chance of winning than betting on them outright.

For example in the example used above, the line had been set at If you bet them at Bettors can wager on the Under if they think the total amount of points scored will be lower than the number given, or bet the Over if they think the points total will be higher. A score for a match might look like this: Away Team The first number is the number of goals scored by the team, the second number the amount of behinds scored, and the final number is the total points.

Margin Betting Margin betting is very popular in AFL betting and allows you to pick how much your selected team will win by. The odds represent much better value than the for them to win the match. However, if West Coast loses or wins by over 39 points the bet will not be successful. Derivatives Derivatives are side, line and total bets that are based on a half or a quarter instead of a full game This is a great option for those looking to have some early action on a game and can be a profitable option for bettors who research which teams tend to play better or worse early on in matches.

Proposition Bets In addition to derivative betting there are a host of other proposition bets you can make in AFL play. These include betting on player props, the first score of the game the amount of goals and behinds scored etc. Live Betting Live betting allows you to bet on a game that is in progress. Watching a match can give you a good idea of the flow of a game and live odds will change depending on the early scoring.

Confident that the better team will win despite falling behind early? Well you might want to consider them on the live in-game spread. Keep in mind that if you are streaming the match you might be a few seconds behind the live action so consider placing your wagers during a stoppage in play so you don't get burned.

Futures Futures betting allows you to place wagers on future results. Go beyond just win-loss record and where a team is sitting in the standings if you want to exploit a soft line. Thankfully the AFL is a very popular sport in Australia and there are loads of in-depth stats and information on various websites.

There are just one round of games per week during the regular season, so weekly tracking with a spreadsheet shouldn't take much time and will pay off in the long run. Close but no Cigar Like in all sports the better team doesn't always win, sometimes luck plays a part and other time shots just don't seem to drop for one side or both.

One good way to see if a team is better than their record indicates, is to see who has scored a lot of behinds compared to goals. This shows they're still generating scoring oppportunies. Watch the weather Similar to other outdoors sports, weather can have a major impact on Australian Rules Football. Wet conditions make it more difficult to handle and pass the ball, while wind and rain make it more difficult to kick accurately as well. If you're considering betting on an AFL game, especially wagering on a total or a margin always check the latest weather report.

Tiresome travel times Like in many sports, being the home team comes with many advantages; you don't have to travel, you are more comfortable on the field you practice on which is especially important with the differing oval sizes in Aussie Rules , and you have the crowd supporting you. But there is an additional factor to weigh in AFL betting: distance travelled for road games. Margin bets can be placed through the AFL season.

The sportsbook will list a winning margin for each team, and you can bet accordingly. These bets depend on early action on the match, and the markets offer better value. You can do research to see which teams generally perform best early in the match, and use this to help you place your bets. These types of bets are placed before tournaments start, and offer attractive odds, but they are very risky. Tips to win your Australian Rules Football bets Below are a few basic betting tips that will increase your chances of winning.

Look at the winning records, where the team is ranking, and how the team performed during a regular season. Rain makes ball handling more difficult, and wind will change the trajectory of kicks. If you are going to use margin or total betting, keep an eye on the weather prediction.

Australia is a large country, and players travelling from the east to the west coast may be more exhausted, and it will influence their chances of winning. The strongest players are often able to dominate the game, so knowing individual player statistics can give you an indication of which team has a greater chance of winning. Final thoughts The tips above are not guaranteed to let you win, but offers you gambling help when it comes to placing your next bet. Once you are confident in your knowledge, you can head over to your favourite website or mobile phone application and start wagering.

Gamble responsibly. Contact the Gambling Helpline for free and confidential support, information and counselling on or visit www.

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