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Investing in renewable energy australia

investing in renewable energy australia

To boost our renewable energy output, a $20 billion investment will be made to upgrade the electricity grid, ensuring it can handle more renewable energy. Unlocking Investment for Australia's Clean Energy Future. Clean Energy Investor Group advocates for Australian and global renewable energy investors. Australia's renewable energy supply has undergone significant change in generation mix with installed wind and utility solar increasing more than % from. BETTING PREDICTIONS NFL WEEK 5

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Our Strategic Priorities We support the companies and institutions that are building our future energy system.

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We will collect and handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Drivers of renewable energy investment There are a number of factors that will drive investment into renewable energy in the future.

Some of these include high electricity prices, lower cost of renewable energy, government policy, and lower costs of finance. Investment in large-scale renewable energy projects increased significantly between and Source: Reserve Bank of Australia Investment in large-scale projects was completed almost entirely by the private sector, with large-scale renewable projects driving much of the strong growth in private sector electricity-related investment during this period.

Let me explain… Investment in renewable energy generation has been supported by a significant increase in wholesale prices in the National Electricity Market NEM. Source: Reserve Bank of Australia Before we get into it, note that the NEM is the electricity grid that covers the east coast and southern states of Australia. WA and NT both have separate grids. Like in any market, electricity prices are driven by supply and demand. Over the past five years Australia has not experienced tremendous population growth, or a boom in manufacturing activity.

Meaning the demand-side for electricity has been pretty stable, thus supply-side factors appear to have been the main driver of higher wholesale electricity prices. In particular, the closure of two brown coal-fired plants, Northern in South Australia and Hazelwood in Victoria produced a notable impact on supply.

In fact, the coming closure of Australian coal-fired power plants is expected to be a significant driver of medium- and long-term investment in clean energy. As this capacity is removed from the NEM, new generation will be required to replace it, much of which is likely to come from renewable sources as the economics make sense. What I mean is that a big factor driving the shift to renewables is that they are becoming cheaper. With sharp cost reductions over the past decade, solar PV is consistently cheaper than new coal- or gasfired power plants in most countries, and solar projects now offer some of the lowest cost electricity ever seen.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance expects battery costs to halve in the next decade as energy storage installations increase. Government policies are also expected to contribute heavily to future investment in renewable energies. But pressure could also come from abroad. Some of the major economies around the world like France, Germany and the UK are preparing multibillion-dollar stimulus packages that will benefit the shift. President-elect Joe Biden is also committing the US to net zero emissions by Also, investment is starting to shift, and much of it is coming from within.

Some superannuation funds are already moving away from fossil fuels and the Big Four banks have also been reducing their financing of coal. One difficulty clean energy sources face is that the power plants, which generate the electricity, are quite expensive to construct. The other factor that will drive renewables is that low interest rates make renewables more competitive. Because you see, solar assets have high up-front costs, and then they deliver savings overtime as they generate energy.

Low interest rates help this. Are renewables good for retail investors? One of the things to consider when investing in energy is risk and the sustainability of investing in fossil fuels. Let me explain… The shift to renewables from fossil fuels has really accelerated since the pandemic with the oil collapse. At the same time, as I mentioned, many of our major trading partners are ditching coal too and setting energy goals, so expect those markets to get smaller.

For a country like Australia where coal is one of the major exports, this represents a major risk in your portfolio. But the main point here is that the shift not only represents a threat, but an opportunity to capitalise from renewables. In fact, while fossil fuel companies have been plagued by asset write-downs and lower share prices, renewables have held up quite well during the pandemic. But this was happening even before the pandemic. One study from May looking at returns in the US, UK, and Europe, suggest renewable energy investments are delivering massively better returns than fossil fuels.

Researchers from the Imperial College London and the IEA analysed stock market data to determine the rate of return on energy investments over a five- and year period. They found renewables investments in Germany and France yielded returns of It was a similar story in the UK with returns of In the US, renewables yielded What might surprise you the most is that green energy stocks were also less volatile across the board than fossil fuels.

Technology is improving, the costs of renewables are getting cheaper, low interest rates, and government policy changing is rounding up to build a decent case for investment in renewables. In many industries the risks posed by nascent technologies is considered to be some of the most significant. In the renewable energies sector, understanding the risks emerging technologies provide is particularly relevant.

While the basics of capturing energy from renewable sources is well understood, some firms trading on the stock market develop or manufacture emerging renewable technologies that are for the most part untested. Understanding government policies and regulations is also imperative to making informed investment decisions. For what really amounts to a specialist tool, designed for those considering projects of significant size, use of the platform has been extraordinary since it launched in AREMI has assisted 35, visitors across almost 90, sessions, and received more than , page views.

The renewable energy wave that is cresting around the nation would most likely look very different without it. To date, the platform hosts over data sets, including renewable energy, electricity infrastructure, transport infrastructure and other major infrastructure , weather, topography, population, environmental, environmental, cadastral and boundary data. It allows anyone to access these multiple, up-to-date geospatial data sets in one convenient, easy-to-read location.

The AREMI platform is critical to the transformation of our energy system to a cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable energy supply. Want to set up a biomass production facility? It can help your business identify the best site that is close to a biomass source, transmission lines, and other critical infrastructure. AREMI allows users to overlay different types of data on its open-source, three dimensional mapping platform, making complex information easier to understand.

It is a tool to create transparency and encourage better, more efficient decision-making. AREMI users report dramatic time savings in collating data to help drive business cases for investment. Craig Morgan, Managing Director of energy consultancy Northmore Gordon understands well the power that well-connected data offers. If successful they would become one of the lowest emitting sites in their group. Producing a platform that includes so many overlapping data sets requires serious cooperation.

AREMI involves collaboration between more than 20 different data custodians, five software engineers and user experience designers, and more than users to achieve a high level of data integration.

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Australia needs to get over ‘investment mountain’ for ‘sustainable’ renewable energy

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