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Best forex trader twitter sign

best forex trader twitter sign

The important thing for forex traders is information. The quickest you get it, the fastest you can react. Twitter can help, but it all depends which account. Top 20 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better · @Cigolo · @50Pips · @AdmiralMarkets · @Alaidi · @aulafx. 1. Rudy Havenstein. Follow the twitter account of Rudy Havenstein for insightful and witty market analysis. · 2. Steve Burns · 3. Peter Brandt · 4. CRYPTO INVESTMENT MANAGER

BlackmanCapital — Jeffery Blackman is risk-averse private trading firm and system designer that swing trades forex and U. His tweets include trading advice, commentary, and he interacts a lot with his followers. BladeTrading — Eduardo Gertum is a self-taught and self-employed forex trader.

His tweets include commentary and specific tweets, and he tweets a lot! His tweets include some forex news and commentary, and a lot of interaction with his followers. CzarinaCleo — Czarina Cleopatra has a lot of interests, a new one of which is forex trading. Her tweets include currency trading with a mixture of other interesting, motivational, and personal tweets.

His tweets include commentary and specific trades mixed in with personal tweets, making him a great, genuine user to follow. His tweets give off a nice personal touch with specific trades and some news. His tweets include specific trades and observations. His tweets include news, commentary, observations, and a lot of interaction. He tweets a lot! Her tweets include news and commentary, as well as a few personal quips here and there.

MatthewsMgmtGrp — Derrick Matthews is a trader who specialized in preserving capital and risk. His primary focus is forex and equities. His tweets include commentary, observations, and specific trades. Her tweets include news and commentary, along with occasional tweets about her other hobbies. His tweets include news and specific trades.

Besides the valuable content they provide, their tweets are insightful and entertaining. Ashraf Laidi alaidi Ashraf Laidi is well-known in the Twitter community as a market strategist, trader, and author of Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis. With more than 57, followers, he regularly tweets about current market news and provides market analysis backed by sound research. Forex Crunch forexcrunch Forex Crunch is a popular Forex trading website and this is its Twitter account. The tweets are managed by founder Yohay Elam himself and cover daily news, opinions, market outlooks, tutorials and more.

Forex Crunch also posts analysis and market views of major banks, which can come very helpful to traders. The account offers live coverage of Forex market news and updates. Peter L. He has been a Forex trader since and provides extremely useful chart analysis in his feed.

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Home » Broker » Best of Forex Brokers » 27 Best Forex traders to follow on Twitter 27 Best Forex traders to follow on Twitter Overview Twitter account is an extremely trendy social media app for personal and professional environments.

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Though Twitter she provides her opinions and knowledge on all the latest trading events as they occur, and how best to deal with them as a trader. How do Users get started with Twitter? Users will be requested to enter their phone number which is a form of authentication that will help users in the case of ever losing access to their account.

Users should use a phone which they have access to because the next step will request the user to verify a number sent via text. Pick a password, and make it secure! It is always a good idea to make use of a random password generator as a user must take every possible step to guard their account and all information within. Next the trader will be asked to choose their interests, in this case, Forex or Trading will be a good start. This will help with the next step, which is where Twitter will give the user some suggestions of people they can follow.

Pick an avatar or Profile Picture. Write a bio. How to Search on Twitter Twitter, unlike Facebook is not setup for or about friending, rather, it is about following. Users can follow people they know personally, artists, projects or in this case, traders or trading accounts that they are a fan of. Users may already be following some people or accounts if they have selected them during the account set up.

Users can search in the top right-hand box for personalities they like. PeterLBrandt Peter Brandt is well-known in the forex community since and a professional commodities trader. Brandt founded Factor Trading Co.

He is the author of Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns, which was published in and is still considered a classic to this day. It quickly became the 1 ranked book on trading on Amazon. He has nearly thousand followers on Twitter and daily posts include alerts to the biggest trends, the realities of trading, the possibilities that charts offer, the psychology of trading, and several other useful trading information needed to understand forex trading.

Steve Burns SJosephBurns Steve Burns has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to stock markets and investments, and another 14 years of trading experience. Burns is a top reviewer for books about trading and investing on Amazon and the author of 17 books about stock markets. More than thousand people follow Burns on Twitter for his regular inspirational Tweets about financial freedom, insights for the week, rules for beginner traders, and financial markets.

Its thousand followers benefit from regular webinars on upcoming market trends, trading strategies, updated market analysis, and his own perspective on situations. He is also co-founder of SB Trade Desk, a company that offers subscription analysis and trading services on foreign exchange, equity indices, and commodities. Seattle has a rich history of trading and analyzing forex markets and writing for the financial market.

In Saettele started writing about technical indicators, strategies, and alternative investing methods, which was published in SFO Magazine, Futures Magazine as well as Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine. Marc Walton marcwalton Marc Walton is a professional, certified forex trader with more than 20 years of experience. He recently retired from trading to focus on Forex Mentor Pro, which he created. This website offers an award-winning blog, market analysis, forex articles, education, and free forex training courses.

Webinars, trade plans, live training sessions, updates, and warnings are also available to members. On Twitter, Walton Tweets great advice on topics such as the booming Bitcoin market, offering a free webinar to followers to ensure success.

Other topics include financial opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer, weekly trading plans, and how flexibility helps when trading forex. Cramer is also co-founder of TheStreet. After Cramer graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in government from Harvard in , he started working as a reporter.

In the first Mad Money with Jim Cramer aired. Cramer has an impressive 1. John Bollinger bbands John Bollinger is best known for creating Bollinger Bands, a technical trading tool created in the early s that helps determine whether prices are high or low on a relative basis. These are used in financial markets, such as forex, futures, equities, and commodities, and can be applied to different time frames such as hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Members can also activate a free day trial. John Bollinger is also a technical analyst, and Tweets regularly about scammers, his online weekly talks, his profits, and several other interesting trading-related topics to his thousand followers. After graduating in , Jones started trading in cotton futures at a company called New York Cotton Exchange, one of the largest players in the cotton industry. Jones later became a commodities broker in the late s. He later founded Tudor Investment Corporation, an asset management firm, as well as The Robin Hoof Foundation, a natural disaster and poverty relief fund.

Jones had a knack for understanding the markets and made a fortune when he predicted a market crash in Cathy Curtis cathycurtis Cathy Curtis is the founder and owner of Curtis Financial Planning, a financial advisor company that focuses on empowering women and helping them succeed by providing unbiased advice, free guides to sudden wealth, and overall sound investment advice. Curtis is well-known in the financial markets and a regular on CNBC.

It specializes in technical analysis, corporate consulting, medium-term position trading, and capital raising. He specializes in short-term trading and intraday technical levels. His trading style includes a technical analytical profile and a medium-term time frame that ranges from two days to two weeks. Boutros has approximately 20 years of experience trading forex, equity indices, and commodities. He also has more than 15 years of experience on forex trade desks, markets news, and working with brokers such as FXCM and Forex.

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3 Apps Every Forex Trader Needs To Be Successful best forex trader twitter sign

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