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Ibm mainframe cryptocurrency

ibm mainframe cryptocurrency

Opinion IBM's most exciting mainframe yet, the z16, is finally here. Just three years after the z15, at this rate IBM has until to buy. IBM has started offering quantum-resistant crypto – using the quantum-resistant crypto recommended by the US National Institute of Standards. IBM was publicly connected to crypto custody in via Promontory and has done it both for their on-premise Linux One mainframes. PLUS AND MINUS IN BETTING SPREAD

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Large institutional players entering crypto want bank-grade computing, he added, where a special-purpose operating system on adapted security hardware handles and attests to the integrity of everything: deployment of code, execution, maintenance, auditing, etc. That said, those same institutions must be able to show they have full control over their assets at all times. There is a need to manage policy around what administrators can do, thus preventing the possibility of internal collusion — changing the rules around digital signature thresholds, for example.

This can create the headache of moving highly sensitive digital asset functions elsewhere. Thus far, cryptocurrency exchanges have yet to be convinced of the benefits of using IBM technology, despite the reputational damage and substantial losses that could result from collusive attacks and inside jobs that happen periodically in crypto. With IBM z16, IBM is introducing a new software product, IBM Z Security and Compliance Center, that automates the collection and validation of the evidence against a set of controls, the system, operating system, middleware, and applications.

The solution includes a centralized interactive dashboard displaying compliance posture in real-time. We are entering a new cryptographic era where quantum computers will solve chemistry, material science, or mathematics problems. In nefarious hands, quantum computers can break some of the cryptographic technologies we've used for many years.

That is the fear. Attacks from a quantum computer might already have started. The "harvest now, decrypt later" attack scenario, where bad guys harvest data today to hold on to it until a quantum computer can then expose that information. The message is that we should all look at this problem today. If the data today is not protected with quantum-safe methods, it will be subject to attack in the future. Quantum-safe cryptography refers to efforts to identify algorithms that are resistant to attacks by both classical and quantum-safe computers to keep that information and those assets secure when a large-scale quantum computer is available.

To my knowledge, the IBM z16 is the first quantum-safe system that leverages quantum protections. The system will help protect against some of the future quantum attacks, like the harvest now decrypt later scenario. The IBM z16 is protected with quantum-safe technology through the multiple firmware layers during the boot process.

It's the industry's first system to support a quantum-safe secure boot. When the system boots up, it must be confident that the firmware loaded in that system is authentic. There will be APIs to protect data, generate and verify digital signatures, and quantum-safe key encapsulation mechanisms so that exchanges are quantum-safe. It will take a quantum-safe journey to be able to protect the applications and essential data and digital assets.

It will take planning, including creating a crypto inventory that details crypto use - a prerequisite to implementing mitigation changes. IBM will be updating the IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence tool to include a crypto discovery capability, leveraging existing discovery technology to build an inventory and prioritize where to make changes. Embracing open-source technology and a common developer experience IBM is committed to open-source technology and establishing a common developer experience across the hybrid cloud.

IBM is reacting to customers needing to modernize applications but avoid compromising on the IBM z security, scalability availability that underpins business-critical functions. An example might be installing a new feature in the mobile banking application but retaining the availability of checking balances. It connects IBM z assets to the hybrid cloud and reduces the time to provision and manage systems across the enterprise. Wrapping up The backdrop here is that digital transformation is the driving force for most enterprises.

A hybrid cloud, without a doubt, is the operating model with heterogeneous, best-fit platforms and capabilities. Additionally, we see automation and AI as the key enablers in a world facing increasing security challenges. The first requirement was to build AI directly into the operational transaction system. As the speed of the business continues to increase, so does the need for speed and accuracy of decision-making.

And that's a huge step. We all know cybercrime is on the uptick - today's challenge.

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The Value of IBM Z Mainframes


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What are Mainframes? ibm mainframe cryptocurrency

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