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Dragon quest ix ethereal armor

dragon quest ix ethereal armor

A running list of locations for quests, gathering spots, cabinets, pots, barrels, treasure chests and recipe books for Dragon Quest XI. Wolf Dragon Armour: This can be purchased Hotto during Act II. Purchase from Sellma in Quester's Rest in the Dragon Quest IX Alter of the Starry Skies. For Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on the DS, Ethereal Armor is useful for casters that can equip it but will eventually be out classed. PROBITAS PARTNERS INVESTING IN INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDS UNITED

The helmet is one of the few the only? As you can imagine, making three Devilry Drinkers is hard enough, and the Alchemiracle version is medium-hard too I haven't got it , so Erdrick's Shield is still very useful for my Hero.

As I say, he also wears the helm, so it matches well. The armour and gauntlets are nothing special at all. You're better off with Metal King. I would say the highlight for me was getting the full Metal King gear, but Erdrick's Helmet and Shield never go out of fashion.

As for whether you'll gather it, the only tough part is finding a Blight Knight in a high-quality ice Grotto. The main thing is to beat the last three Legacy Bosses at level It doesn't do anything with it until the credits, where it prints the player's name in Latin letters. All in a Row : Your party is always going in a row behind the Hero. Ancestral Weapon : Inverted. Your weapon becomes the ancestral sword of the first two games. And averted for a while.

There actually was an ancestral weapon, but Zoma stole and destroyed it! Yours is a fresh copy made from the same stuff, and arguably better, because it's loaded with Good Hurts Evil fresh off the anvil. However, the weapon itself is terrible for when you finally get it, outclassed by other weapons, and really more of a key than a weapon, as you throw it into a volcano to get access to the second last dungeon and sixth orb.

Artifact of Doom : The golden claws. Far worse in the original game, where it causes an enemy fight every step of the game. In subsequent versions of the game , this only happens while you are in the pyramid; exiting the pyramid breaks the curse. Also in the original, this was the only additional claw the martial artist could use other than the standard.

Anything that curses you when equipped. Unlike most Dragon Quest games, they don't have any uses as items either. Bonus points, however, go to the Sword of Ruin, a cursed weapon that is second only to the Sword of Kings in terms of sheer damage, and has a much higher critical hit rate than comparable weapons, but carries the downside of preventing you from attacking about every 1 in 3 rounds.

In the original NES version, this weapon is actually sold in a weapon shop in Rimuldar! The reigning monarch can't exactly go out adventuring, after all Bare-Fisted Monk : Martial artists. This makes them a very good pick, because you don't have to get them weapons for the most part. Most weapons actually decrease their attack power. Battle Bikini : Female characters can equip these, drastically raising their evasion and making the enemy react erratically.

Also, the female warriors wear this all the time oddly changing into a one-piece when they equip the actual bikini "armor". Two kinds of bikinis were in the original game: a standard bikini that was the weakest armor, and a very rare magical version that's pretty good if you can get it. The remakes add a third one: a "sacred" version that blows away the best armor and is second only to a dress made of concentrated holy light!

Game-Favored Gender? Yes, and we all love it. Betting Mini-Game : The monster arenas. Big Bad : Zoma turns out to be the one that's behind all of this, with Baramos serving as The Dragon. Bittersweet Ending : The hero defeats Zoma, saving the world, but the portal to their home realm is sealed off in the process and Zoma declares a prophecy that long after the hero is dead, evil will rise once more. The hero spends the rest of their days in this new world, giving their gear to various families for protection, and eventually having a child or children , thus starting the bloodline of descendants who become the heroes of Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II.

Black and White Magic : Mages for 'black' magic, Priests for 'white' magic. Sages get both. Boring Return Journey : The game does not conclude with the defeat of Zoma. You complete the game by returning to visit the King of Alefgard. You can go anywhere you like before doing this, including visiting towns to receive thanks from all the people you've saved. While getting to the Big Bad involves thousands of random battles, after his defeat, there are none to be found, even in the dungeons, since apparently defeating the boss results in the elimination of all his mooks.

Bowdlerise : The girl that gives you the puff-puff massage simply tells your fortune in the NES. Somewhat odd because she later asks if your shoulder feels any better, which only makes sense in the original context. The Game Boy Color version calls it a "powderpuff massage". This one is not a Bowdlerization, as the context is still there. Priests were renamed Pilgrims in the NES localisation, and the tavern where you recruit party members became an "eatery.

This disembodied voice actually belongs to an NPC you meet late in the game. But Thou Must! Can't kill him off when he's still got problems to cause, right? Another example occurs when the King of Romaria offers his throne to you. He simply will not take no for an answer.

In the remake, he does give up if you tell him no five times. Can't Argue with Elves : The faerie queen is so pissed that her daughter eloped with a human that she curses everyone in his hometown to sleep eternally, never aging. She later regrets her harshness when she learns that she had actually driven her daughter to more drastic measures than she realized.

She agrees to free the village because she says that is what her daughter would've wanted, not because of any sympathy for the inhabitants. Can't Drop the Hero : Not until you beat the game, that is. Cardboard Prison : At one point, a king has the party thrown in jail Though this is averted in a sense, since the guard who threw you in there hints that he is aware of the king's treachery, and is actually trying to help you.

Cast from Hit Points : The double-edged sword is a weapon version of this before it became a skill to be used. Cat Scare : In Jipang, checking the pots in one basement causes you to discover a human head. Which turns out to be attached to the still very much alive body of a young girl hiding out in there to avoid being sacrificed. Chekhov's Gun : One paid off from two games before, in fact. Two games later, and sure enough Chokepoint Geography : Chokepoints are constantly used.

For example, the only way to reach the lake where the Shrine Prison is located -which you need to do in order to progress- is to sail up two very narrow rivers. Though, your ship will always be pushed backwards by the Shrine's guardian's song until you gain the Lovely Memories item. Class Change Level Reset : This applies when you had your characters change their class. Combat Medic : Priests have a far better selection of weapons than mages, while sages outdo them both, even able to wield some of the strongest weapons available.

Convection, Schmonvection : Your party can walk next to lava pools without getting harmed while navigating the Orochi's Cave. It is forged from Orichalcum, shoots lightning bolts and can only be wielded by the lineage of the legendary hero. It has cut down lords of chaos, dragons, demon lords and gods of destruction. Crutch Character : In a way, merchants. While they don't get much passive power at character creation, their equipment selection is excellent early on, including several exclusive items that are more powerful than comparable items available for everyone else at the time.

And, most importantly Their EXP track is the fastest in the game. By far. Even faster than warriors. It's very common for merchants to be two full levels ahead of everyone, very quickly, and for a while the extra stats from this keep them competitive. They begin to run into high-end equipment issues beginning in Isis, though, and by then an extra few levels isn't quite so much of a swing.

Once you get to Baramos, even in the later versions, a Merchant will be struggling to keep up. Cursed Item : A special cursed weapon is found in this game that was only cursed until you left the dungeon you found it in. The weapons, a special golden claw, could be found in an extra path of the pyramid.

The claw is an Artifact of Doom and while it is in your inventory just about every step you take will lead to an encounter. Cute Bruiser : Female martial artists are twin pig-tailed , big-eyed badasses. Cute Witch : Female mages are the epitome of this. Ortega is fighting a battle against a powerful monster, and seems to be holding his own, but finally runs out of MP for healing and dies. Neither the Hero nor their party considers joining the battle, providing the needed healing, or using one of their spells or items to bring him back to life after he dies.

Dangerous 16th Birthday : On your sixteenth birthday, the king officially sends you off on your father's quest. Nice present, eh? In the event Ortega defeats King Hydra due to cheating, he still dies from wounds suffered before the battle, and the hero fights a resurrected King Hydra.

If the hero is dead after the Zoma battle, the game automatically resurrects them once the party leaves Castle Charlock. Disappeared Dad : The prologue the hero's father, Ortega, fighting a dragon on the rim of a pit. They both fall in, and are never seen again.

Until you get to near the end of the game, where the dragon kills him, and then you finish it off for him. Disc-One Final Dungeon : Baramos' castle. Likely one of the first examples of this in role-playing games, and one of the most effective since you've already explored most of the known world up to that point. This would let you easily amass enough gold to buy the best equipment at the first two towns for all your characters, which made the beginning of the game a bit easiernote A bug on the NES port also gave the Hero their first page of spells if you filled up the character pool at the tavern, which, while it doesn't make the Hero overpowered, does provide an advantage for several levels.

Re-releases fixed this by having every registered character join the party with no equipment, but the King 'gives' you four full sets of equipment Disproportionate Retribution : When you enter Manoza, there will be a funeral in the town for someone that was executed for bad-mouthing the king. Or, to be more precise, the king's replacement. Only male recruits get access to an amusing Easter Egg involving the series' Fanservice Running Gag , though.

Dub Name Change : Most towns, but only very few people. Easter Egg : In the remakes, the hero has the ability to "memorize" NPC speeches and dialogues, which the player can play back again by using the hero's Recall spell. As the hero levels up, it gets upgraded versions of this spell, Remember and Recollect. If you use these upgraded spells without having memorized too many pieces of dialogue throughout the game up until that point, the hero will be able to remember a conversation they overheard between their parents when they were just a small child.

The swimsuits will give female characters a new sprite; there's a unique swimsuit for every class. Encounter Bait : In the remakes, Gadabouts can learn the Whistle ability, which instantly triggers a random encounter. Encounter Repellant : Thieves can learn the Padfoot skill, which lowers the chance of triggering a Random Encounter.

Unfortunately, it also raises the chance of being surprise-attacked when an encounter does trigger. The Fair Folk : Believing a human man has kidnapped her daughter and stolen her village's treasure, the Queen of Faeries places an eternal slumber curse upon the village of Norvik, despite them having nothing to do with her daughter's disappearance. Fanservice : In the remake, equipping a female character with any kind of bikini armor will replace her overworld sprite with a swimsuit-clad version of her original self.

Every class gets a different kind of bathing suit, ranging from bikinis, one pieces, school bathing suits floater ring included except for the female Jester, whose default overworld sprite is already wearing a one-piece. Instead, she gets a dominatrix costume, with leather whip and mask included. Fantasy Counterpart Culture : The world map is loosely based on that of the real world, with many cities corresponding to actual nations.

In addition to Japan analogue Jipang, there's Isis a desert kingdom, complete with pyramid, pretty clearly based on ancient Egypt , Romaria Rome , Skyfell Tower located in the area corresponding to France which was originally called the Tower of Champagne in the NES version, Portoga a seafaring trading kingdom based on medieval Portugal , Asham Baghdad , Baharata ancient India , the northern island of "Greenlad", Edina named after Edinburgh but based on England , and the village of Persistence nomads based on various native American tribes.

The continent that the hero grows up on is the only entirely fictional landmass in the game world; it looks sort of like Antarctica if it was shrunk a bit and moved between Australia and South America. Fighter, Mage, Thief : The original game introduced Martial Artists and Monks -strong hitters with high defense and low speed-, as well as Priests, Mages and Sages -physically fragile wielders of powerful magic-; and the SNES remake introduced Thieves -low defense, fantastic speed and evasion-, completing the class triangle.

The latter is exclusive to the Hero. Both Ortega and Pimiko can be brought back to life through wishes, either directly or indirectly. Fragile Speedster : Martial artists and thieves have great speed, but low defensive stats. Franchise Codifier : The game was not only the Trope Codifier for the Eastern RPG genre, but also solidified the direction combat in the series would take.

Dragon Quest I was a simple game where you controlled one Magic Knight fighting against one monster at the time while Dragon Quest II experimented with the idea of multiple combatants, with the party leader being a Magically Inept Fighter with the other party members being a Magic Knight and a Squishy Wizard , who are both capable of offensive and support magic. Dragon Quest III solidified the combat roles of characters by introducing a Job System , having classes or rather Vocations with the main character being the Magic Knight "Hero" class along with providing iconic vocations such as the strong but slow Warrior, support magic focused Priest, attack magic specialist Mage and fast but fragile Martial Artist.

Even entries of Dragon Quest without the Job System have characters fulfil roles based on the established vocations. Game-Favored Gender : Males and females have no statistical based differences , but female characters have more exclusive armors, accessories, and personalities to pick from.

Ghost Town : Theddon is one such example, both figuratively and literally, as it was destroyed in a demon-led assault on the town due to its unfortunately close proximity to Baramos' Lair. No one is left alive by the time of the start of the story-line, but you can interact and do business with the ghosts of the former residents at nighttime.

Glass Cannon : Martial artists are impressively strong even without a big weapon set, and boast a naturally high Critical rate. However, while they have decent HP, and high agility which increases their defense , their armor choices are rather lacking. God Save Us from the Queen! The faerie queen is a vengeful witch fond of Disproportionate Retribution.

And later on, you discover Jipang's leader, Pimiko, is actually Orochi. Good Morning, Crono : At the very beginning, the Hero's Mother wakes up the Hero on their sixteenth birthday to go meet the king and take up Ortega's quest. Getting enough of them gives you access to Bonus Dungeons. Getting all of them makes the Grandragon fall asleep.

Wait, what? The latter had an explanation, although it took a significant amount of work to discover it. The access to Gaia's Pit -and the Dark World- is also encircled by a toxic purple swamp. Guide Dang It! However, this is only the earliest opportunity for them to learn the spell.

When a character learns a spell is based on their intelligence, and not their level; unfortunately the manual neglects to mention this! Healing Hands : The main reason for bringing Priests along, though The Hero also gains considerable talent in this area, with the expensive Omniheal spell as one of the final spells the Hero learns. Heroic Mime : Once again, our hero. Hidden Elf Village : The queen of the faerie village was offended after her daughter ran off, and put a nearby village to sleep.

Even after she discovers that her daughter committed suicide, she makes you do the gruntwork for removing the curse and still doesn't like humans. Holding Out for a Hero : After Ortega's death, it feels like the whole world basically just waited for his heir to come of age. Certainly everyone in your hometown did. Honest Axe : There's a pond you can visit that your character will drop their weapon into.

A water spirit then appears and offers you a really powerful weapon, which if you accept, you don't get, because it isn't yours. However if you say it isn't yours and then say that the original weapon you dropped is yours You get your original weapon back, and that's it. Human Sacrifice : Jipang is terrorized by Orochi , who demands a regular sacrifice of young maidens.

Upon confronting the beast, you learn that Jipang's leader, Pimiko, is actually Orochi, explaining her attitude. I Am Who? Iconic Outfit : All of the classes, but particularly the hero's. If they aren't exact in games, they'll at least resemble them. They're mentioned in Dragon Quest IX , as equipment used by an ancient [class] of old. Which kind of stings if you played III when it first came out. In the remix, the best abacus is one of the best weapons in the game!

Sleeping at an inn would always take you to morning, and there were also spells and items that would change it from day to night or back. The original note Made in [1] was actually stolen and destroyed by Zoma, but it took him three years to do it. Even if he slept, that's a lot of effort for one of the series' strongest villains, especially when the sword wasn't even new like the copy you eventually get.

This may also explain why the sword is so much weaker in Dragon Quest I. Any villains left hiding away, and possibly Dragonlord himself, have been trying to break it, but could only weaken it. They eventually gave up and just buried it in some obscure spot in Dragonlord's castle. The same would apply to the armor and gear you hand down to your descendants, but since those were never damaged, one could guess they're just old.

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