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Betting odds explained 5-11 clothing line

betting odds explained 5-11 clothing line

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Table 5. A prerequisite for the high-quality implementation of swimming courses is a swimming facility which complies with basic health, safety and pedagogical standards. The surveyed professionals were asked how frequently they encounter poor working conditions Figure 7. Figure 7. Frequency of encountering poor working conditions Figure 7 shows that the surveyed professionals most often deal with cold water — it was graded with 2.

The next two are excessive noise in the swimming pool 2. Only rarely do the professionals deal with a damaged area surrounding the pool 2. Figure 8. Demonstration of the frequency of problem-solving methods The surveyed professionals most often choose the problem solving methods they became acquainted with during additional trainings such as seminars and courses; these methods were assessed with 3.

Slightly fewer professionals use methods stemming from their own experience acquired during training sessions in clubs or sport societies 3. Professionals help themselves the least with the experience they have acquired in their home environment based on behavioural patterns in the family and the examples set by parents. This was assessed with 3. The study established that women prefer to teach the youngest children, especially those who are not yet accustomed to water or are unfamiliar with the swimming techniques, whereas men prefer to teach children who are already accustomed to water and can swim 25 metres or more using one of the swimming techniques.

Emotional learning takes place as long as there is an emotional link with the subject of learning; when the link is broken, children become weary and they turn their attention to other things and no longer accept information. The study shows that swimming professionals only occasionally use a didactic movement game in the actual teaching of swimming techniques.

This is of great concern because it shows that swimming professionals are not aware that children, even when they are already accustomed to water, are still children whose basic desire, need and right is to play and to enjoy playing. The results show that professionals with lower titles swimming instructors and who are female use didactic games in some swimming course activities considerably more than men.

Playfulness is the prerequisite for a game and should combine freedom, relaxedness and an absence of fear. The use of appropriate didactic tools adds to the quality of the exercise, while also making it more lively 8. The analysis of the results shows that in swimming schools the three most frequently used didactic tools included kickboards, floating noodles and pool dive toys.

In fact, these are very commonly used swimming aids and can be used to get a learner accustomed to water and to teach them the basics of the swimming technique. The abovementioned aids break the monotony of the exercise, enable the learner to gain some independence in the water and provide for diversity in the learning process, and so they are an important motivational tool for learners.

It is important that the aids are suitable made of safe materials , in vivid colours, of the appropriate size etc. Sometimes, the use of didactic tools for teaching non-swimmers was limited solely to a kickboard and balls or, in many cases, there were no tools at all 6, It is difficult to imagine any sport activity without appropriate tools.

An exercise becomes dull and is difficult to implement, especially with the youngest children. The availability of tools most often depends on financial resources; however, with a little resourcefulness one can make tools by themselves or borrow them. In all sport exercises specific rules and regulations apply that must be followed by those implementing activities and the learners.

Also in a pool or a swimming facility one must observe the rules and, most importantly, respect oneself and other people. The purpose of the signs set up around pools and swimming facilities is to inform swimmers about the water depth, prohibitions and types of danger The swimming professionals most often only employ the discussion method.

The surveyed professionals were asked how they impart new swimming contents to children. The demonstration method plays a particularly important role in the implementation of a physical education process for the youngest.

It allows children to obtain a clear idea of the movement they are expected to perform. The analysis of the answers to the abovementioned survey questions shows that the professionals are aware of the above, as personal demonstration in the water and personal demonstration on land were ranked first and second, respectively.

The professionals often use the explanation and discussion methods. Learning strategies are quite rarely used, namely, comparisons, metaphors and conceptions functioning as cognitive aids in the process of learning new contents and systematically supporting cognitive processes related to knowledge and the acquiring of new knowledge 1, Those who run swimming courses know too little about the learning strategies which help learners achieve the set goals faster and easier.

The swimming professionals almost never use picture material and video recordings. Children become more enthusiastic about learning to swim if information communication technology is used; it is easier to motivate them and attract their attention. As a group consists of children with different behavioural characteristics and peculiarities, many things can happen while teaching them to swim This fear is often unintentionally created by parents and the heads of swimming courses if they incessantly warn children about the dangers of water.

As expected, the second place was occupied by poorly developed motor abilities of children which represent a great problem of modern times. Namely, children spend most of their leisure time at home, watching TV or sitting in front of a computer. Fear and poor motor abilities are followed by stubbornness, audacity and disobedience.

All of the abovementioned problems are a consequence of the fast pace of living since these days parents do not spend enough time with their children. The latter learn many things from TV shows and computer games. The last three places among all problems were taken by a lack of persistence, apathy and aggressiveness. The prerequisite for the high-quality implementation of a swimming course is appropriate working conditions.

The swimming facility must meet basic health, safety and pedagogical standards 3. The surveyed professionals were asked how frequently they encounter poor working conditions and they ranked contact with cold water at the top of the problem list. Therefore, it is very important that children do not stand still during the swimming course but perform different motor tasks all the time. The surveyed professionals also reported that excessive noise in the swimming pool and insufficient space for exercise were quite annoying.

In second place is the method stemming from their own experience which was acquired during trainings in clubs or sport societies. The Slovenian theoretical design and practical implementation have thus approached the models of some of the most developed European countries such as Sweden and the Netherlands 7.

When teaching the youngest, one should be aware that children are not just a miniature copy of adults but are specific learners with their own needs, requirements and last but not least desires. One has to be familiar with the different paths to the goal that must be adjusted to children. Finally, it is very important that learning to swim becomes a pleasant and interesting experience for the child, that it awakens positive feelings in them so that they will continue to engage in recreational swimming later in life.

Children need and right is to play and to enjoy playing, so swimming teachers should more often use didactic flotation devices. This includes all monetary reimbursement, salary, stocks or shares in any company. Anderson, A. Coakley, J. Coates, E. Young children talking and drawing. International Journal of Early Years Education, 14 3 , — Dybinska, E. Self-assessment as a criterion of efficiency in learning and teaching swimming.

Human Movement, 8 1 , 39— Dobida, M. Jurak, G. Kapus, V. Kolar, E. Light, L. Light, R. Quest, 60 3 , — Nunnally, J. Psychometric theory 3rd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. Graduation thesis, Ljubljana: Faculty of Sport. Rajtmajer, D. Ljubljana: Faculty of Sport, Institute of Sport. Swanson, J.

Strengthening family capacity to provide young children everyday natural learning opportunities. Journal of Early Childhood Research. Radovljica: Didaktika. An analysis of how to solve conflicts of physical education classes.

Gymnica, 34 1 , 23— Keep an eye on it. Sean Sherk to : Edgar isn't my pick here, but if you believe he can pull it off, now is the time to bet. Sherk's line won't move too much. It's sticking around to , not a bad bet at all.

I'd stick with a Sherk bet right now. Roop is heading upward, so he's going to be a bigger favorite down the road. Regardless of those lines moving, if Roop's your pick, you better bet now. Phillipe Nover to : Nover's line seems to be maintaining at , so I'm a bit skeptical at this point in betting on it. Too much dough to throw down on such a lowly fight.

Bradley really isn't moving at all either, so if you know something we don't about Bradley, maybe it can work out. I'm staying away. Yoshiyuki Yoshida to : I'm definitely not betting on this one. Line is way too far apart, not moving whatsoever, and Yoshida is the obvious favorite skill-wise in this matchup. If it was down toward , it might not be such a hard bargain. Pat Barry to vs. The line could hit by the time the event comes around for Barry, so jump on Barry right now if that's your horse.

Nonetheless, it might be worth a play. I'd probably wait till the other books push their odds out first to get some more options. Drew McFedries vs. I imagine Pokam will see some action if he's an underdog, so it might be worth checking the books for when all the odds come out.

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