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Investing in plantain plantation in nigeria

investing in plantain plantation in nigeria

Plantain farming is the cultivation of plantain on a farm. It can be a very profitable farming venture in Nigeria. Become a partner: We've 2 plans that allow you to invest in owning either 1 acre or 1 hectare of your own plantain plantation based on your investment budget. The finding shows that plantain production is a very profitable enterprise and that for every one naira invested in plantain production, there is a return on. LIMITED SUPPLY OF BITCOINS FOR FREE

A well planned plantain plantation in a good location with good soil texture and well irrigated platform is a good source of plantain for market demands such as individual food supply, restaurant, Fast Food joints, plantain chips producers etc. The demand of this commodity is increasing by the day due to growing urbanization, population explosion and changing food consumption pattern among Nigerians for natural foods.

How can we set up and manage effectively a plantain plantation? Like every other businesses, you need to carry out feasibility study on this type of business in your area before investing and write a business plan on it. Before starting the business, you need to answer key questions satisfactorily.

How do I get land Plantain plantation requires large expanse of land. The land should be easily accessible and motor-able. Plantain sucker How can I get quality hybrid of plantain sucker with high yield and multiple harvest per year. Soil texture Is the soil texture of the land conducive for optimum plantain growth. Carry out soil test. Material input What is the cost of material inputs such as irrigation plan, insecticides, tools e. What training must they acquire. These retained nutrients create a perfect environment for your plantain.

Land and Soil Preparation The first step on your newly acquired land is clearing the ground for a proper setting for the plantain. If the land size is large, then a tractor is better employed for removing and stumping.

Stumping is the removal of stumps, tree roots, and some other obstacles from the farm. If you cannot get pristine land, you can make use of land after a fallowing period. Also, remove unwanted stones, but retain some dead plants to decay and add more organic matter.

An essential work on the farm after clearing is adding fertilizers to the soil in low richness. In addition, organic manures such as poultry droppings, cow droppings, and other compost forms may do the magic of increasing fertility. Buy Healthy Plantain Suckers Securing and preparing your land is one thing: getting the healthiest suckers for a start is another.

Plantain grows by vegetative reproduction through the use of its suckers that improves from the plantain corm. A few plantain species varieties—but the most common are water, maidenhead, and sword suckers. Of the three, the water sucker is the least recommended sucker due to its low yield.

A single plantain sucker can cost between 80 and N You can negotiate better for a lesser unit price if you are buying a large number of suckers. Hire laborers Earlier, we identified that you might need help with clearing the land and preparing the soil.

Besides, the next couple of activities may not be easy for an individual—for instance, the actual planting or subsequent weeding, application of fertilizers, and eventual harvesting. The labor cost is proof that plantain cultivation in Nigeria is inarguably the top business to make money. Remember also that mechanized farming enhances the speed and efficiency of work.

But if the project is still on a low scale or budget, you may engage farm laborers without complete mechanization. In any case, there is a need for careful monitoring of all these activities. Plant the Suckers Before planting your suckers, till the ground to further loosen the soil particles and mix the nutrients; wetting the soil can improve the moisture content present on the day of planting.

Afterward, the next activity is to start planting the suckers into the ground. Spacing between each planted sucker should be between 2 to 5 meters in both directions. As is wrongly presumed, plantain does not grow well in waterlogged farmlands. Due to its richness in starch, waterlogged areas reduce the nutrients available to the plantain crops.

Ideally, the best time to plant plantain suckers is at the beginning of the rainy season. This is because it will promote water availability in the soil for the plant to grow fast. But there is a vital secret to note at the end of this article.

Control the Weed Following consistent rainfall, weeds begin to show up after about two weeks following the planting of suckers. So, the next phase is to remove the weeds that compete with the plantain carefully. No matter how fertile the soil is, it would be best to have constant weeding, which farmers can do manually or apply herbicides. As the plant grows, a less dynamic approach is required for weeding since the plant can survive. You will also need to reduce the number of suckers at each stump, leaving only the healthiest and spear-shaped ones.

Apply Fertilizers The first source of fertilizers to the plantation is the dead plantain leaves on the ground. There is also a need to spray the plants with fertilizers to enhance soil fertility regularly. Furthermore, the application of fertilizers once a month is enough to keep the farm healthy and nutrient-rich. In other words, if you desire a high yield of growth for your crops, ensure you use the right fertilizer.

In addition to weeding, you can begin to apply the fertilizer in a circle of 4 to 8 feet radius. Harvest your Plantain A plantain farm matures in about 8 to 10 months after planting, depending on the age of the seedling or sucker. Interestingly, plantain farming adds more profit by reproducing by itself, and making money never stops. As the plant matures, a young plant sprouts from the bottom just near it to continue life. As the different season unfolds, you can continue to reap from your farm continually.

You may harvest your farm, whether ripe or unripe. Both ripe and unripe plantain have their uses, whether as processed or unprocessed food. Harvesting is done by cutting the trunk in a sliding form downwards and cutting off the bunch and a branch. Sell your Produce Plantain has a thriving market with steady demand from processing companies. The processed food from plantain includes plantain flour and other special delicacies. If your farming business is on a large scale, you can start to consider exporting packaged plantain overseas.

Averagely, many fresh plantains can sell for between 1, and N2, each, depending on the season. Therefore, the first harvest set will give you a profit margin of over N1, on each. However, that does not yet factor in other expenses during the planting season. Therefore, after deducting all your expenses, you should still have a profit margin of not less than N from each sucker in a single harvest. Reproduce As a plantain crop matures and starts to die, the corm at the bottom grows more.

You can decide to transfer the suckers to a nursery and raise them afresh or protect them right there until maturity. However, reserve only the healthy suckers that you identify and not just any sucker. After that, the cycle begins again, where you will raise a new set of plantains to expand your farm. On the other hand, you can start making money out of selling off healthy suckers from your plantain farming. Before we conclude, here is my special counsel: since you can reap for plantain continuously several times, plan to own the land.

If you have to rent the property, ensure you can have it legally for a long time to come for a secure investment.

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