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Insiders sports betting

insiders sports betting

Gambling Insider is the essential business-to-business publication for the igaming industry. Read by gambling professionals around the world in print and. State after state is introducing sports wagering legislation and regulations to either prohibit operators from allowing people with inside. DFI Bets by Daily Fantasy Insider provides well-researched picks from expert analysts. ANALYSIS GOLD FOREX JAVAPARSER

Yet, perhaps nobody could have guessed that a player would have wagered on his own transfer! Yet, a lot of this information was brought to the forefront after player Joey Barton admitted that he had placed bets equating to thousands of pounds on football matches. This was claimed to be very typical of football players. A common idea behind insider betting is that it would be very easy for someone working at an online sportsbook to place wagers and win.

Obviously, working so close to the sports betting scene, this would certainly prove to be an advantage. That is banned outright by the sports betting companies themselves. Does this really mean that those sports betting employees have an advantage, though? Different platforms work in different ways and tend to feature varying odds, albeit as competitive as possible.

There are many online tipping services available, which are utilised by a number of sports bettors. Can these really be considered as insider betting, though? Or are they just much more of a scam service? These give you hints and tips about which horses are the best ones to back in upcoming races or which football teams are the better ones to back in fixtures.

However — and this is a big however — there are those higher end horse racing tipping services, which do utilise insider knowledge. Yet, they also charge quite the large sums of money for their users to be a member of their community. You will need to hand over some money to receive inside information on events for high end bets in most cases. Because the tipsters are pretty much connected and involved with everything happening in the stables, the races and so on.

Is Courtsiding Insider Betting? Courtsiding is a process by where someone attends a live sporting event and is able to get information and bet on an outcome before a bookmaker does. It is common in tennis, hence the name. Taking the example of tennis someone can sit in a stand ready to bet on the outcome of the next point, they may then see the ball go out of play before it is called by the umpire. The stats bookies use to manage their markets depends on the recorded official calls by the umpire but often it takes an umpire a few seconds between a result and a call.

If someone can bet on this quickly they can make a lot of money. We talk about courtsiding in detail on a dedicated page but the question here is this insider betting or is this simply clever abuse of the system? Well, it is not illegal as such but it is highly frowned upon e.

It could be considered under the 'criminality and malfunction' classification by the UKGC but then it would be hard to prove that in court. Courtsiding therefore is a process of utilising information but gains from it are more to do with abusing technical factors such as the time between a result and an official result. Sports Vulnerable To Insider Betting Pretty much every sport and event available can be liable to insider information and therefore insider betting.

Still, there are some sports where insider betting is more common than in others: Large Team Sports e. Solo Sports e. Tennis - At the other end of the spectrum solo sports. Here the fact there is just one player means any information given can have a much bigger impact on a result. Horse Racing - You can't exactly ask a horse how it is feeling but you can get a lot of information from trainers and jockeys, which we know for a fact is used by professional bettors.

With so many people involved in training and racing a horse it is difficult to imagine insider betting does not happen on a daily basis. The difficult question in this area is whether that constitutes restricted information or if it is just good research?

Low Paid Sports - At the end of the day most inside information is going to cost money and money is going to have more sway with someone earning a matter of a few thousand from a sport like a low level tennis player vs a Premier League footballer. Therefore a lot of bets using insider info tend to be on low level events, the bookies know this and they have lower payout limits for these as a result. Amateur Sports - It is actually quite difficult to bet on amateur sports simply because bookies cannot be confident in these markets.

Professional sports people will have a code of conduct that they must adhere to or risk being banned, this is often not the case for amateur sports, which naturally makes them more liable to interference and insider information. Betting On Individuals - It is hard to get insider information that would have a massive impact on a football match but it is possible to get information relating to a player, for example, whether they may be transferred as we discussed before.

In general betting on things to happen to individuals is more at risk of inside information than other markets. Often punters will bet on things to happen to people who are not professional sports people, such as a celebrity to get married or the name of their next child, etc.

In This Section. Aaron Harvey Aaron. Harvey playerspublishing. Ariel Greenberg Ariel. Greenberg playerspublishing. Aderele gamblinginsider. Waite gamblinginsider. Ho gamblinginsider. Ford gamblinginsider. Reproduction without permission is forbidden. Every care is taken in compiling the contents of Gambling Insider but we assume no responsibility for the effects arising therefrom.

The views expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher. We have always strived to broaden the iGaming audience by developing cross-play games that provide our partners with an additional audience from other entertainment verticals.

Uniting these two audiences for us is both a product and business-related experiment. Sports bettors are a very intriguing and hyper-perspective audience, as they have the same psychological gambling background as iGamers.

This means they may be drawn to casino games with familiar functionality. With this in mind, we developed a suite of cross-channel products that provide two audiences with what they want: a football event and the opportunity to bet on it. That sounds extremely promising ahead of the next World Cup, which will draw millions of bettors and football enthusiasts watching and searching for betting opportunities.

We rely on data-driven marketing to show the Can you tell us more about how betting quickest path to sports bettors. Compared to features work in online casino games and the B2B sector, the B2C audience requires an what it takes to include one in a title? Like Choosing a canvas for such a difficult-to consumers from any other industry, gamblers -create and familiar game, we settled heed influencers and tune in to trends they follow. Here, no one is types of digital content creators who have a dependent on a particular sports events schedule.

Players can get a portion of wagering excitement Based on research and analysis, social media has at any time from the comfort of their own shown to be one of the most effective mediums. Paid campaigns tailored to deliver the right In usage, the game is also easy to understand message and image of our product pay off with a and play. Of course, the process depends on the surge of interest in it. A perfect formula does exist.

Or, in other cases, they can play the role unlocked it for our cross-selling products, which of sports analysts and bet on a national football are cut out for spreading the word about using a team winning — like it is in original sports betting. Online casinos and sportsbooks will benefit greatly from the global attention of the football event. In an interview that covers a range of topics in regard to the NFL and other US sports in general, Hall gets across the ideas that Kambi are pursuing, as well as giving his own opinion on which teams will stand out during the season.

Are you excited for the new NFL season? Who are the favourites this season among bettors? For the new season, what kind of betting statistics are you seeing state by state? Do most back their home team or who they think will win, regardless of affiliation or loyalty? The Eagles definitely feel good about their off-season and their chances.

The Steelers have a seven-and-a-half win line, and Mike Tomlin — their head coach — has never had a losing season, so they feel they can cover that. When we first opened there, we took a lot of bets on the Giants and the Jets from people who lived in that state and followed those teams; then you kind of saw it reverseonce they had some bad fortune in their teams and it quickly turned against them.

Obviously, Massachusetts gave the go-ahead to sports betting recently; is that a new market for you now? Well, sportsbooks lost a fair bit of money to Tom Brady without betting being legal in Massachusetts, so it may have made it even worse. But, over the long run, we feel it evens out. Do you find it difficult when a new state opens up and introduces its own set of bespoke regulations? Whenever you launch in a new state, the competition you face must be huge? Overall our big ones are the major US sports, alongside soccer and tennis.

Currently, that would be my pick. I like the 49ers and, despite the uncertainty over the quarterback, the rest of the team is so strong. So give me the 49ers vs the Ravens in the Super Bowl. In the ultra-competitive UK market, two brands do this exceptionally well. While a series of sportsbook suppliers, many of which grace the pages of this publication, are not to be underestimated for their UK-based products, there are certain market leaders that truly produce the gold standard.

Naturally, these brands have major financial backing. They can therefore afford to go big on welcome offers, bonuses and free bets. Yet it is the simpler things these two operators do that the rest of the market should aspire to. A huge part of standing out, meanwhile, involves retention — something the industry at large has been accused of focusing too little on, instead devoting large portions of its resources to new customer acquisitions Admittedly, homepage layout and content banners are nothing groundbreaking.

All major operators utilise them and have big teams operating them behind the scenes. The best operators have these covered. And, in the age of personalisation — an area the industry is admittedly well documented to still be behind on — whole new markets are created by users themselves.

The same applies for football, tennis and other sports. When it comes down to it, certain brands just do CRM better than others. With so much brand hopping in sports betting, loyalty is hard to come by full stop. Another is a retention tool that offers a free bet at the end of each week, only if a certain deposit value has been met the previous week perhaps with some added but minimal odds restrictions.

Both of these cases give players a reason to keep coming back and — unlike many other industries — do not leave new customers with an unfair advantage. Big brands do have an advantage here in terms of cash reserves and liquidity, but ultimately a good offer will always be more attractive to a player than something that feels like it was cobbled together at the last minute.

How can an offer like that appeal to the casual bettor, let alone the battle-hardened veteran, when there are much better offers already on the market? CRM systems can, again, be third-party or in-house, but how effectively they are used is up to the operators and the teams they hire to run them. If players are kept in the loop and engaged, they will always come back for more.

But if you stop to think for a second, you realise just how easy it is to fall short in these key areas. Indeed, they are the gold standard setters — but anyone looking to challenge them need not look any further than these key factors. Mikael Hansson founded Enteractive in to help iGaming operators reactivate churned players that proved unresponsive to standard CRM practices. The company has seen exponential growth in the market due to its innovative approach to reactivation: a unique platform dedicated to highly personalised one-to-one interaction directly with lapsed players.

The team now consists of talented individuals across two office locations in Malta and Romania, with an office in Miami set to launch in the fall. Most CRM practices these days can be just as impersonal. COM one-sided approach. Providing a human-led solution to this problem, Enteractive delivers results with reactivation services that reach out to players on their own terms to make them feel heard, valued and cared for.

They offer native-speaking agents for each market where a client operates, and they understand the unique cultural differences between players in different localities. This is how the firm turns this segment of seemingly lost traffic into a revitalised revenue stream.

In , the firm is expanding its services to new markets. With recent wagering legislation in 20 states across the US, gambling brands are signing up thousands of new players during important sporting events like the Super Bowl and March Madness, but losing a large proportion of them due to a poor approach to loyalty and customer service standards.

COM favourable towards them. Last year, we launched a report called the Optimum Betting Market Study, which looked at what you need to do to create an optimum framework for sports betting. Moving away from North America for a moment, what are the main development trends elsewhere?

So we will work with a number of trade associations we have agreements with. So we have built relationships with trade associations, not just in Europe but also in North America. For example, in Ontario, we have a relationship with the Canadian Gaming Association.

It actually ranks jurisdictions. It looks at a number of different things from an integrity perspective. So, for example, what are the optimum foundations to create a betting market? These are the pillars of creating a viable sports What about Asia? And then, when we took these Asia is a lot more challenging. We obviously pillars and looked at 20 different jurisdictions, look at Asia to see the developments there we wanted to see where they all rank. Those and we are in contact with the Asian Racing jurisdictions included quite a few in Europe, Federation, which is one of the arms that is really Australia, India, a couple in LatAm and then fighting against illegal operators in Asia.

But right also North America. Top of the list came the now, I would say our focus is really on North UK. BetKing came bottom of our list. They joined look at any other Asian countries; but maybe in a very recently, at the end of May. We conduct a pretty intensive due diligence of all the operators to make sure they are credible, A lot of commentators in the UK say can fit into the values of the association and that the black market threat is a red herring, they respect the code of conduct.

Why do you think this is? But the bottom markets? You can stop Africa is definitely developing and emerging. We will come back to Asia. And we on the web, find somebody in a non-regulated have already got some of our members linked environment and place bets with them. That is really key. When we looked at Canada, we looked at it as a whole country and it came second to bottom in the study. And that is evidenced by the number of operators wanting to get licensed in Ontario.

The UK is a very mature market. The UK is actually a model for a lot of other jurisdictions. When a number of US states began to open up their markets, they were speaking with the Gambling Commission and taking notes from them. That makes it very, very challenging. However, if you take a state like New Jersey, they actually came sixth in our ranking and Nevada came fourth.

So they were ahead of Spain, Italy, France and a number of other European jurisdictions. One of the things the US market has done is take the issue of betting integrity very seriously. There are probably a lot of historical reasons as to why that is, for example the White Sox game that was fixed back in , so they put integrity front and centre. But, again, the challenge is on a state-by-state level, where each has different requirements. As an integrity body, we also have to be licensed in a number of jurisdictions.

In fact, on 9 February, we announced our launch in the US and that basically meant we had to have a licence. Your recent integrity reports have flagged tennis quite frequently. What are you doing on this front? But we cover a certain segment of the market and that is private regulated operators. Lastly, what are your wider-reaching plans moving forward? From stand-alone setup to turnkey solutions, BetConstruct offers its partners an unparalleled opportunity to succeed.

The developing US market needs providers who can follow all the rules and requirements to protect both players and operators, as well as dare to be different while offering unique and creative sets of products. Taking into consideration the needs and priorities of local operators and their players, BetConstruct distinguishes three major profiles for the USA region — tribes, casinos and lottery — delivering comprehensive software packages with dedicated trading, risk management, dedicated support, land-based operation set up and marketing services.

Custom packages and requests are available too. With any offering BetConstruct will contribute to the success of any business, be it online operation, land-based or both. The products appeal to a vast array of players, creating new opportunities for operators to grow their revenue across approximately 35 jurisdictions worldwide that Inspired operates in. Virtual sports provide an exciting new revenue stream for gaming providers that can be easily integrated into existing sportsbooks, website or retail venues.

In general, virtual sports are visually fantastic and easy to play for novice and experienced sports bettors alike. It features all the amazing qualities of the V-Play Soccer 3 games: unparalleled graphics, animations and life-like player models that deliver an unbeatable and unforgettable player experience. With more than 50, machines installed, Inspired is an integral part of the gaming world. The products deliver a winning combination of innovative technology, hardware and content, with a product portfolio that offers player-proven features, high-performing multi-games, visually stunning graphics, and G2S and server-based compliant games to please customers and players.

Inspired offers a diverse portfolio of HTML5 games, built by its three prestigious, in-house development studios: Inspired; Bell-Fruit Games and Astra; producing vibrant graphics and 3D animations, mixed with high-quality gameplay for both online and mobile players.

Games include branded content, well-known omnichannel slots, casino titles, iLottery, leading table and number games, scratchcards and a suite of unique virtual games. When sports tournaments were postponed, many sportsbooks adopted esports as a filler product for traditional sports. Being similar to their real-life counterparts, sports simulations such as FIFA and NBA2K proved to be excellent substitutes, not least because of the low barrier to entry for football and basketball fans.

Other esports, such as League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2, have grown in demand among sportsbooks as well, with the pandemic-induced growth acting as an eye-opener for their potential. We see more and more betting operators asking how they can get into esports. If we look at the market, we can segment operators into three groups.

They know esports and take huge market share from competitors. Two things. The product is tailor-made for esports — live streams, statistics and a lot of live betting content. And they know how to communicate with the esports generation. The second group has integrated esports but nothing on top of that. So in the last five years, we have seen movements in these segments towards embracing esports betting.

But it goes without saying that accessibility, growth of games published and advances in technology have driven massive growth in audience sizes in recent years. The esports part of this industry is an elite segment of it and the growth of tournaments and leagues has increased interest as the mass public begins to see it and understand it. If we reflect on the Riot Games League of Legends World final in Paris in December , this experienced an environment of passion, noise and positive energy while two teams of five played against each other in the virtual world destroying their characters and dragons.

A big point on esports is it has rapidly established itself as a major hobby of billions of people. It was also one of the first occasions that allowed traditional sports and esports bettors to share the same platform, granting the opportunity to experience both worlds. The second was Covid, which brought a lot of attention to esports and eleagues that stepped in to fill the big void of a traditional sports offering.

This gained a lot of attention and new consumers. Of course, there will be challenges, especially when it comes to KYC and country-specific regulations when crypto, betting and esports forge a strong partnership; but I see a bright future ahead of us. This, alongside bet offers more specifically tailored to the esports audience and an improved supply of player props, are the coming trends that will continue fuelling growth. Those are games being played on smartphones — you can do that everywhere.

The rise of such esports games goes hand in hand with the rising popularity of titles like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and Clash Royale, who seem to be the front-runners in that field. That also sheds some light on another interesting development from the past couple of years. Mobile esports has allowed other countries and regions, that before had little to no connection to esports — which struggled to set up the infrastructure necessary to hold larger scale esports tournaments — to be a part of the global phenomenon that is esports in general.

There is one catch, though: all mobile titles are very regional. We already mentioned Free Fire in Latin America. Learn and understand the players, the games, the language and the environment. Trends to look out for? The language and ecosystem are fast-moving and opinionated. This is where growth in game variations comes across. A good understanding of the metaverse is becoming a prerequisite… learn and understand it in context.

We have started to embed our knowledge with key additions to our team, new partners and marketing agency expertise. In my mind, gaming companies will put a lot of emphasis on making the data around esports available in a structured and easy-to-consume way. This will be key to helping the whole ecosystem prosper and enable teams, players and all companies acting in this awesome space to take their game to the next level.

The only concern of mine is the risk of having an overly fragmented esports data market, which would again slow down the whole space. Those will remain at the top of the esports industry. As for other games and genres, it remains to be seen how willing game developers and publishers, as well as existing sporting organisations, are to develop and push new leagues and tournaments to the esports scene. As of now, there is no blueprint on how exactly an esports title can be created.

And the way they are structured is different as well. Is the open competition of CS:GO the way forward? Is it the closed structure managed by the publisher, as in the case of League of Legends? Maybe those can both co-exist. Whichever games in esports will be the most popular in five years, what we can expect is for the entire industry to diversify even further and for even more titles to be of relevance until then.

There are likely to be winners in betting, specifically the ones that respect the industry, the publishers and their players. These will be those currently focused on smart UX and use of language. Horseracing and gambling sit side by side and provide supportive insights of knowledge to the player. The same will evolve in esports, with the form of individuals informing predictions and teaching the players wanting to bet to fully appreciate what it is they are betting on.

Bet offers need to reflect the consumption habits and community patterns of esports fans. When they do, we might very well see another inflection point in the growth of esports betting. Look at the age groups and look at what they watch, how they spend their time. Ten years ago, the average tennis fan was years-old.

He is 50 years old. But the potential for esports betting to overcome traditional sports betting is real. I can speak from my own experience. When I was younger, I could be considered a football fan. But once I started to watch League of Legends, football was just boring.

I will not be sitting here for an hour and a half to watch a game. The fast-paced action and complexity that esports offer is like nothing else on the market. If esports continues to develop a competitive structure and integrity, it is a force to be reckoned with. No other discipline is showcasing such fast evolution. While it sounds like a lot, one has to remember that esports is a bundle of several games.

Betting on singular esports is still significantly below traditional sports and it will probably take time until League of Legends or CS:GO become as large on their own as hockey or cricket in a sportsbook. With that said, I think it definitely will happen. Andrea McGeachin, Neosurf CCO The experience enjoyed by being at major outdoor events will ensure that traditional sports betting continues, but esports will take some market share.

The quantum will depend upon the evolution of the gamer numbers themselves and the quality of the elite esports events. Sponsorships and professional training are already as intense as seen in traditional sports. So it is inevitable that the seriousness of the competition will drive mass interest. The strategic developments among service provision will also be a major influence on the share of the market across traditional sports and esports. Welcome to GiG Gaming Innovation Group GiG is a leading platform and sportsbook provider built on passion for crafting nimble and agile technology, reinforced by a wealth of knowledge and personalised services for online and land-based operators with digital aspirations, worldwide.

We power the iGaming and sports betting industry with a full end-to-end solution and service offering from our iGaming platform to our agnostic sportsbook, leading media agency, realtime data platform, omnichannel solution and tailored managed services.

Operators are able to localise their content and adapt to their target market, delivering a premium user experience through customisation. The capability of personalising features allows for our partners to focus on expanding their brands and maximising their profitability. Our sportsbook is available through our award-winning platform that is at the core of what we do, built to provide a top-class customer experience and user journey. Fueled to deliver in regulated markets, our platform is integrated with the leading payment providers and is configurable with the major content providers.

The flexibility of our platform allows us to ensure rapid time to market, providing a vital advantage in highly competitive markets. In this booming industry, increasingly rigorous regulation is playing an ever-more critical role in maturing markets. Our dedication to both the operator and the regulator helps leverage the value we can offer both existing and prospective partners.

At GiG, we are here to guide you and ensure you are fully informed on the requirements for a speedy and successful launch in new markets. There is a lot to consider. That is why we have a global dedicated team of experts with a great deal of experience in building iGaming solutions that comply with regulatory requirements. At GiG, we are now pioneering the multiplatform era for businesses looking to expand their online presence.

Navigating the myriad of regulatory requirements needed to access desired markets is becoming more and more complicated. There are a few aspects operators looking to expand into new, profitable markets, need to consider to attain a competitive edge. Through utilising a multi-platform strategy its inherent agility provides considerable rapid time to market and market access, with easier integrations with third parties and defeating bottlenecks through shortening delivery time.

Through providing a multi-platform strategy we are revolutionising the industry, streamlining and maximising your business. As a B2B company, we have been focused on supporting our clients as they address the opportunities being presented with more states legalising, the Canadian market opening and betting becoming mainstream entertainment.

As a result, it has been a priority to support our customers during such a dynamic period of time. What will the company be showcasing at G2E Las Vegas? COM regardless of size or maturity in the market. This is alongside our vast and unmatched portfolio of AV streaming content, and best-in -class ad:s marketing service, which helps clients effectively and efficiently engage with sports fans and bettors.

What makes Sportradar stand out from its rivals? Simply, our size, relationships and position in the sports industry are what make us stand out. Sportradar is the backbone of the sports ecosystem in the US, providing critical data infrastructure and content to the betting and media industries.

As the sports, betting and media industries converge, we are the company enabling leagues to expand and form direct relationships with their fan bases. We are enabling media companies to develop compelling, deep narratives on sporting events and players, and betting operators to reach and engage fans in a rapidly transforming landscape. Critically, we fuel the US sports betting industry as the number one provider of sports data, and in many cases as the sole provider to operators who manage nearly every legal sports bet placed by the US.

Finally, via our Integrity service, we monitor the data to detect critical patterns that show everything from potential match-fixing to problem gambling. Massive secular tailwinds are driving the growth of the industry and as a company positioned at the centre of this ecosystem, we will continue to focus on developing innovative products, and delivering high-value solutions that solve customer problems and help them grow their businesses. With three losses from its three group matches in that tournament all those years ago , it may not have been the greatest time on the pitch for Canada, but it was still a fantastic achievement for a country whose roots are certainly not in soccer.

The current group of players have, however, ensured that the country is back in the big time, and that the previous feeling of elation has returned. It has now had another bite of the cherry in Qatar, with tricky tests against Belgium, Croatia and Morocco awaiting it in Group F. And that elation can undoubtedly be translated to the Canadian gambling industry, where sports betting has truly taken off, much like it has south of the border in the US.

Ontario marked the first time a Canadian provincial government welcomed third-party online operators into the fold when it launched its new iGaming market on 4 April Moreover, there are more than 30 online sportsbooks and betting sites that have applied to operate in Ontario. Three days later, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Major League Baseball announced a new partnership between the two organisations, which was shortly followed by a partnership between the National Basketball Association and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.

But perhaps the most significant moment of the month was witnessed when theScore Bet announced it will exit the US sports betting market with its theScore Bet app and focus on Canada. Just about every sport is attracting attention in some form or another. To this end, Gambling Insider spoke with Canada-based FansUnite President Darius Eghdami, to assess the current situation in Canada, and gauge operator and customer excitement ahead of the World Cup.

Importantly, it will be the most-populated World Cup in history, with 48 teams and 80 matches. However, the World Cup in Qatar is very much first up on the agenda for FansUnite, a sports and entertainment company that focuses on technology for regulated online gaming. All eyes will be on sports and gaming, and as a public company, that always helps to bring new eyeballs to FansUnite.

That, of course, means a disruption to the regular playing seasons of many sports, not just soccer. The company is currently gearing up for the September launch of the new campaign. The likes of talented striker Jonathan David will be leading the line, with superstar Alphonso Davies undoubtedly the one the world will be watching in Qatar — if their eyes can keep up with his lightning pace. But for the FansUnite President, the team is much more than Davies himself, and may just have what it takes to turn a few heads in November.

That would be a huge win for Canada. Creating a legal framework that stimulates competition should be one of the main goals of the Brazilian Government. In that sense, foreign investment and companies coming to Brazil to explore the gaming market contribute to a better development of the sector.

This is something of paramount importance considering that many gaming activities are currently illegal and hold back developmentof the necessary expertise for national companies. On the other hand, legal gaming activities such as lotteries are underperforming considering international benchmarks, and havea lot of space to grow. Is Aposta Hub looking into expanding in the LatAm market?

As a company focused on the affiliate market, Aposta Hub is focusing on the development of sports betting, especially in Brazil. The Brazilian sports betting industry has grown exponentially in the last 12 months, but it is still far from its maximum potential. Our expectations lie in the upcoming regulation by the Federal Government of sports betting and the likely approval of the Gaming Act by the Federal Congress.

Regarding the LatAm market, Aposta Hub aims to be the largest online betting portal in Latin America; consolidating itself first in the Brazilian market and then expanding to countries with high potential such as Colombia, Mexico and Chile. Our goal is to help both players and companies with our legal expertise and industry knowledge. What are your expectations of the future for the sports betting market in Brazil?

Online sports betting became legal in Brazil in but is still pending regulation from the Federal Government, on how this activity will be licensed and explored. Obviously, the regulation of sports betting will have an enormous impact on gambling companies and those planning to participate in this market. The Federal Decree drafts of sports betting intend to establish an open market that will allow all serious companies to invest in Brazil.

However, the decree is not defined yet. At the same time, sports betting is being developed by state lotteries since it is considered a kind of lottery in Brazil. The Government has launched public bidding to authorise one operator to explore a state lottery, which includes sports betting in its territory.

However, the bidding is suspended and it is most likely to be revised after federal regulation. The product compliance required from the operators also varies from each state. In most cases, it has been mandatory to obtain international certifications that assure the safety and quality of products. Operators also need to have a compliance program to guarantee that regulations are observed. What other obligations currently exist in relation to gambling in Brazil?

Well, the Brazilian Congress is discussing the Gaming Act, which can legalise casinos, bingo halls and other gaming activities. It also encompasses online gaming but only to authorise it, delegating its regulations to an executive decree. It does not address foreign companies specifically; these, again, will be further detailed in executive acts. The Law Bill is expected to be voted on at the end of the year, after the elections for President and Federal Congress.

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The only downside is the season has to conclude for you to cash out on your winnings so keep that in mind. Justin Herbert: The young Chargers quarterback is already making a name for himself in the league as a top level talent. Last season he was only 1 of 2 quarterbacks to post over 5, passing yards, was 3rd overall for touchdowns thrown and 2nd overall in completions.

Not bad for young talent with plenty of room to keep advancing. This coming season he will have his star wide receivers returning in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams along with pass catching running back Austin Ekeler. Last season the Chargers only finished which does not help his MVP chances. If the Chargers come out hot expect that number to go down fast, now might be a good buy in on Herbert for MVP.

Last season Brady was the league leader in both passing yards and touchdowns thrown. He also has an elite battle tested team with him ready to make another run at the Super Bowl. An elite quarterback with statistics and wins to back him up are always a prime mix for an MVP. Last season Allen finished in the top 10 for both passing yards and touchdowns thrown, but compared to the first 2 people on the list does not jump out statistically.

However, he has one of the best teams in the league around him in a division they should win which sets up for a successful season. Already this seems like incredible value after leading his team to a Super Bowl the year prior. Betting on Sports! What it "Really" Takes to Bet for a Living! Corey "I've read your sports investing guide probably ten times and it is very informative and exciting" John "I just finished reading your ebook and am really pleased with the content it had to offer and it really opened up my eyes to the potential of sports betting" Greg "Just wanted to let you know I sat down and read your ebook all the way through this time.

And, again, it's excellent! I have found the e-book very indispensable for my success in been an informed sports trader.

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