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Battle nations wiki demolisher betting

battle nations wiki demolisher betting

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Aldis designed the Demolisher to be able to destroy any 'Mech, which was what appealed to the customers. The initial run was well-received, with hundreds of Demolishers being bought by 'Mech-deficient planets. The relatively short range of the guns means that maneuverable units with long-range weaponry can confound the Demolisher. It utilizes 10 tons of armor for protection, and the internal combustion engine allows for a cruising speed The tank also lacks any form of secondary weapons, which may be detrimental when the massive cannons run dry.

Some crews are known to remove armor and install small defensive weapons if the situation requires. For defense against close range attacks it mounts a pair of medium lasers. Mounted coaxially with these huge autocannon are a pair of Medium Pulse Lasers. Despite the negative critical bonus, it is still extremely effective against infantry since many infantry units the Demolisher will face do not have resistances against crushing attacks, and in fact some are vulnerable to such attacks.

The second attack, the 10 Ton Drop, is a precise explosive attack which deals some splash damage to surrounding units. Due to the explosive nature of the attack, it is quite devastating to unarmored or lightly armored vehicles, and is capable of dealing considerable damage to vehicle such as Heavy Tanks. Due to its much longer range, it is considerably more versatile than the Demolish attack since it is more effective behind the protection of tanks than the Demolish attack.

The third attack, Earthquake, is a large crushing area attack which deals guaranteed critical damage against defenses, such as Sandbags, unmanned turrets, Portable Walls and various defensive structures on player bases or against PvE enemies. However, it can only attack these units, and because of that, its potential damage is often unrealized. Overall, it is an excellent support unit.

Its attacks are devastating, but caution must be taken due to its relatively low durability and long repair time.

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