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Vsa volume spread analysis forex gbp

vsa volume spread analysis forex gbp

Forex Glossary - learn Forex market acronyms and terminology. VSA (Volume Spread Analysis): A chart analysis method that focuses on the trading volume. I am starting this thread to post my trade journal, I trade using a method called VSA(Volume spread Analysis), with support/resistance and pivots. Volume spread analysis is one of the most important concepts of technical analysis. It tells you who is buying and who is selling at any. FOREX DAY TRADING PATTERNS PROBABILITIES

Fran S. Academy, try to help novice, and not so novice, traders the best ways to trade in this Forex jungle. Many novice traders put their focus on entries, thinking that to be profitable, you need to be right. Tharp proposed a random entry system as an example to show that trade management is more important than entries. The stop-loss setting is a key part of trade management, so, let's have a look at how to optimize them. This is the start of the mark-up period or phase.

During this phase, there is still low volume — equal or lower than what we have seen during the accumulation phase. The market travels during this phase, but on low volume — this is a crucial part of the VSA strategy. Also during this phase strong hands will start selling.

Those that bought 1. Also, this part can be interpreted as new accumulation as well, judging by the low volume. Distribution Phase Then, the mark-up continues until at one point in time when we see a change in behavior given by an unusual spike higher in volume. This is where the distribution phase begins.

How do we know where it started? It started with the rise in the volume, in August and it continued all the way until November now. How do we know that? We know that because this is a high volume and then declines without the market going anywhere. We may say, at this point in time, that distribution is about to end, and the market will start the mark-down phase. How do we know that this is the start of the mark-down phase and not another accumulation followed by another break higher?

Well, we do not know that at this point, to be honest.

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The basic idea is that the public can only make money from the markets if we understand what the professional traders are doing. And professional traders are not small players. They play big. Hence, they leave their footprints in volume data. When the professionals are active, the market shows high trading volume. Conversely, when the market volume is low, the professionals might be holding their horses. It follows that in order to get a sense of what the big guys are up to, looking at just price action is not enough.

We need to look at price together with volume. Does VSA work in all markets? VSA focuses on price and volume and seeks to find the actions of professional traders. Hence, as long as a market has a group of professionals and offers reliable price and volume data, the trading premise of VSA holds.

Almost all financial markets stocks, futures, forex seem to fit the bill. However, in the spot forex market, volume is a tricky concept. You will not get actual traded volume. You get tick volume which measures the times the price ticks up or down. If you intend to use VSA methods for trading spot forex, you need to decide if your source of tick volume is a reliable proxy for actual volume.

The asset is accumulating volume for an upcoming movement. The price is in a flat that can last quite long. Major market players accumulate positions expecting a price impulse. The longer this stage takes, the wider the price will swing. The volume traded is not high, because no one is resisting buyers. The end of the phase could by indicated by smaller up candles with very low volume. This is where the distribution phase begins. At the distribution stage, traders close their positions opened at the accumulation stage and take the profit.

This stage can become another accumulation phase, and the cycle will repeat itself. Mark down is the most dramatic market phase full of panic. For Mark down are typical wide short candles. The end of the Mark down phase can be noticed through price patterns such as Stopping Volume. Stopping Volume refers to a dramatic increase in volume that stops the market from falling further.

While you might not find frequent signals, they are highly reliable indicators that will strengthen your market analysis. The downward market is determined by bullish candles. There are two basic VSA concepts that are easy to understand to help understand: 1. No demand on up bar If the market rises with contracting spread and volume, the market is not showing demand. Without demand, it is not likely to continue rising. No selling pressure on down bar If the market falls with decreasing spread and volume, the market is not interested in selling.

Thus, it is not likely that the market will continue to fall.

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VOLUME SPREAD ANALYSIS (VSA) PART 1 INTRODUCTION vsa volume spread analysis forex gbp


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Predict “The NEXT Candle” Using VSA - Price Action \u0026 Volume Spread Analysis Trading Course

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