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In his post parade speech, Nik tried to reassure Turkey, which last week announced it would increase her troop presence on the island, that she had nothing to fear. We were obliged to strengthen our armed forces but the Greek Cypriot side still desired the peaceful settlement of the Cyprob. He urged the House not to consent to the extension of the Hermes contract as operator of the airports because hundreds of millions were at stake and there were many unanswered questions regarding this move.

The charge that the government had broken the law was repeated by his spokesman after the meeting just in case the public had missed what his boss had said at the meeting. This is the next step of the self-glorification process. It is no longer enough for Odysseas to market his incorruptibility, he now has to offer the public examples of allegedly corrupt state officials to prove his moral superiority.

He is no longer just auditor-general, his crusade against corruption obliges him to also give himself the title of public prosecutor. The government could also pull out of negotiations with Hermes regarding the airline incentives scheme that was up for renewal, sending the tourism industry into panic. Meanwhile, Odysseas refused to give up. On Wednesday he appeared on a radio show offering moral guidance — state officials cannot promote the arguments of private companies he decreed.

Someone, after all, could interpret this as a case of corruption, which the new public prosecutor cannot allow to stand. He also wondered how this person enjoyed so much support. He was not charitable towards the other main candidates either, having declared he supported the candidacy of Constantinos Christofides. The keynote speakers and presenters shared with the audience their experiences and views on the progress of the economy, as well as examples from other European countries.

The lively panel discussions with the party leaders, CEOs of the banks and economists kept the interest of the participants at high levels till the end of the congress. Congress chairman was Mr Theo Parperis, immediate past president of the Institute. Present at the ceremonial part of the event were also ministers and other officials of the government, officials from other business organisations and bodies as well as many members of the Institute.

The President of the Institute Mr Ioannis Charilaou in his speech referred to the Institute proposals presented to the government in order to achieve growth and the soonest and the least painful exit from the crisis. The Council recognised his long contribution to the profession and the Institute, his tireless contribution to the economy of the country, as well as his character, ethos and social activity. One of our topics of concern was the matter of client or pool accounts and the manner in which the Central Bank had instructed for these to be handled.

This issue, together with issue regarding the execution of director declaration requested by certain financial institutions when applying for bank accounts, was reviewed extensively and brought to the attention of the General Manager stressing the need for an enhanced understanding by the banking sector of the way in which our sector operates.

Both areas are being closely monitored by our Committee. The following seminars have been organized during this period: 1. The seminar was held on the 27th of March in Nicosia. Paris S. The circumstances under which a valuation of the yacht would need to be furnished to the VAT Office were also discussed.

A number of meetings were held with the authorities with the aim of achieving the simplification of the rules initially introduced by the VAT Office. International Tax and Current Tax Developments The purpose of the seminar was to educate and inform the members regarding the recent changes of the International Tax Law and the upcoming developments on the changes in the Cyprus Tax law. The seminars were held on the 3rd and 10th of May in Nicosia and 5th of May in Lemesos.

Akis D. Kolokotronis Chairman Accounting Standards Committee During the second quarter of the Accounting Standards Committee has carried out the following activities: The Committee continued its scheduled monthly meetings as well as several sub-committee meetings in the intervening periods. The Committee has been monitoring the developments following the Eurogroup decision of 25 March on Cyprus and has continued its discussion on financial reporting issues arising from these events.

The Committee will continue to monitor developments in respect of financial reporting matters arising from these issues and will consider the preparation of additional guidance when necessary. The Committee issued and distributed to all members of ICPAC the third edition of the manual which includes a summary of the key provisions for the main legislation concerning Payroll and Pensions in the public and wider public sector and Social Insurance, introduced in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding with Troika.

The Committee, in co-operation with the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance, organized a presentation in March. The Committee continued its efforts for the issue of guidelines, by the Ministry of Finance, regarding the application of the recent legislation governing Budget preparation in the Central Government and the Wider Public Sector. The Committee studied several other new legislation issued recently. In particular: 1. The Committee examined, commented and attended discussion meetings for all the tax bills which the Government has prepared on the basis of the relevant paragraphs of the updated MOU which refer to: a.

Strengthening the powers of tax authorities to ensure payment of outstanding tax obligations, including providing authority to garnish assets or prohibiting the alienation or use of assets, including property and bank accounts, by the taxpayer. The garnishing of bank accounts will not require prior court approval, but will require permission from the Attorney General and will allow for a short appeal period for the taxpayer during which the relevant amount remains frozen.

Attributing personal responsibility for payment of company taxes to those, who - in the case of non-listed companies - truly and effectively control a company and to the responsible manager for fraudulent filing of company taxes. Harmonising the legislation among tax types so that not paying withholding taxes is a criminal offence d.

Enacting the necessary legislation to establish self-assessment for all income taxpayers by changing from a pre-assessment verification of income tax returns to post assessment audits selected on the basis of risk. The Commitee has provided technical support in relation to: a. The examination by the European Commission of the tax ruling practice in Cyprus. The Commitee has submitted to the Ministry of Finance our recommendations in relation to the amendment of the current legislation for the oil and gas industry within our EEZ.

The Commitee is pursuing the list of matters for immediate discussion with the Tax Authorities. Members of the committee have continued their involvement with DTT negotiations. Panicos Kaouris Chairman Limassol-Paphos coordination committee During the period from 1 April to 30 June the Limassol-Paphos coordination committee has carried out the following activities: 1. On the 2nd of April the committee organized a bowling event at Galactica entertainment center.

The seminar was held at Charoupomiloi Lanitis in Limassol 3. The seminar was held at Charoupomiloi Lanitis in Limassol 4. On the 11st of June the committee organized a charity night at Kitchen Bar with 80s music theme. The event was successful with more than persons attending. Demetris A.

The Committee is monitoring ongoing developments in auditing standards, legislation and pronouncements with an aim to issue and of technical guidance, as required. The Committee is monitoring and evaluating the audit implications of the current financial crisis in Cyprus and in coordination with the Accounting Standards Committee, is considering what additional guidance should be issued to our members.

Central Bank, with a view to issue new guidance to auditors in relation to the upcoming Funds legislations and the fact that CySec wil undertake the oversight of Funds from the Central Bank. George E Georgiou Chairman 3. The Committee is in the process of issuing illustrations of audit engagement letters for audits of other entities than a company, including those of Provident Funds, Branches, Partnerships and Sole Traders. In this process the Committee will also update the current illustration of audit engagement letter for Companies.

The Committee members are reviewing the results of the survey with the intention to release meaningful results to the members and others within the next few months. Case against M. The level of unemployment rests at very high and dangerous levels, liquidity is limited, funding by the banking institutions became much more difficult to be obtained, government spending in various projects has been slashed and, generally, economic and trading activity is suffering.

It is also important to know that the micro entities constitute the largest proportion of this figure. Hence the significance of the SMEs in the Cyprus economy is vital. They represent the vast majority of the employers and contribute equally to the gross domestic product.

The repercussions of a potential further shrinking of the SMEs will not be merely financial but mainly social. The government needs to come up with innovative ways to support SMEs and attribute to them the attention they deserve. Such national strategy could contemplate the government procedures for doing business, the funding of SMEs, promotion and benefits offered to them, etc. In addition to the above, the government could consolidate under one roof all EU programmes and EU subsidies, so that all civilians and companies may obtain all relevant information from a central point of contact, without having to viciously wonder around the public service to detect such programmes and opportunities.

Due to lack of resources and specialised knowledge, many SMEs need guidance and assistance when they draft their business plans. Hence, a very good idea would be for the government, via the specific unit created at the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, to provide free consultation to SMEs when preparing their business plans and budgets in order to assist them to assess their real financing needs and prospects.

Partners to this government initiative could very well be professionals of various fields, such as ICPAC. The details of such proposal obviously cannot be cited here, but could be agreed upon in due course. At this stage it is imperative to agree the principles.

This is a measure that has been suggested to the relevant Minister. Finally, in order to enable business to share costs and risks, the government could announce incentives to encourage the merger of SMEs into a bid larger entities, so that they could achieve better viability and sustainability prospects. This has to change, if we would like to push our economy forward. We have to be frank and fair with ourselves to admit that the available room for many large businesses in Cyprus is not so big.

Hence, emphasis on the actual motor of the Cyprus economy should be gallantly given, keeping thus this motor well running. It is not only about independence in mind. And we eliminated a rule-exception—intended to be used only in rare situations—that could have been perceived to provide opportunities for misuse, misinterpretation, or abuse.

Schilder during his recent speech in Cameroon in May — there is significant use of the clarified ISAs across six continents. The proposals include new guidance on considerations relevant to disclosures—from when the auditor plans the audit and assesses the risks of material misstatement, to when the auditor evaluates misstatements and forms an opinion on the financial statements.

Arnold Schilder. Many financial institutions and other entities manage risks, such as interest rate risk, dynamically on a portfolio basis rather than on an individual contract basis. Dynamic risk management is a continuous process because the risks that such entities face evolve over time, as does their approach to managing those risks.

However, the existing accounting requirements of IAS 39 Financial Instruments are generally considered to be difficult to apply when accounting for such transactions. That project is in the final stages of completion. However, the IASB decided to treat as a separate project the macro hedging component of these reforms in order to elicit views from a broader range of constituents. Its main objectives are to increase awareness of the issues that the IASB will be considering in the coming two to three years, to encourage research professionals to undertake targeted research projects and to contribute to the IASB moving to more evidence-based standard-setting.

IFRS 11 addresses the accounting for interests in joint ventures and joint operations. The amendments published today add new guidance on how to account for the acquisition of an interest in a joint operation that constitutes a business. The amendments specify the appropriate accounting treatment for such acquisitions.

The TRG will also provide stakeholders with an opportunity to learn about the new Standard from others involved with implementation. The TRG will not issue guidance. Members of the TRG include financial statement preparers, auditors and users representing a wide spectrum of industries, geographical locations and public and private companies and organisations. The boards expect that the TRG will meet twice in and four times in The first meeting is scheduled for 18 July Any stakeholder can submit a potential implementation issue for discussion at TRG meetings.

The report prepared by the local experts, following a survey commissioned by ACCA, sets out the findings from the research and presents various options for the Government, the Cypriot Bankers and other financial providers, the entrepreneurs and the policy makers, for the financing of SMEs in Cyprus. The study, highlights various unexplored opportunities for financing SMEs and identifies the institutions and organisations that may be able to help.

The findings and organisations extracted from the study have been presented by Dr, Alexandros Michaelides and Mr. Marc Gold in his presentation. The presentation of Mr. My day job is as one of the senior partners at Silver Levene, a London based accountancy practice dealing with over 6, SMEs in a number of different sectors.

I am passionate about the vital role SMEs have in almost every economy around the globe. They account in most countries for the majority of employment, and, output. Most countries owe much of their dynamism to small businesses with the potential for growth.

Nearly every large company has originated from an SME. This brings me to the matter at hand. Some European politicians say that the recovery in Cyprus has exceeded expectations — but look behind the macro figures, and a very different image emerges.

In the medium-term, the economy here cannot recover any faster than SMEs can keep up with. Strip out those applications where an existing facility was simply renewed, and, I suspect the numbers would be truly shocking. As bad as the credit rationing of SMEs is, it is only the beginning of the problem. International experience teaches us, that, following financial crises, a large share of the small business population tends to disengage from the banking sector — they lose faith in the industry, and, try to limit their need for external finance.

The result is subdued investment, even among those businesses that have the capacity to grow, and, the mind-sets created during such traumatic periods, can stay with entrepreneurs, long after the banking sector has got its house in order. Both figures are extraordinarily low by EU standards, and, they may fall further before they rise again. The banking sector, too, risks disengaging from smaller clients; not by choice perhaps, but, as a result of the economics of lending.

Even those SMEs that are still engaged, now need only small amounts. The longer this vicious cycle is allowed to go on, the worse, and, more permanent the damage. You can probably guess, at where I am going with this argument. Without decisive interventions, from government and others, to rebuild the market for SME financing, and, without support from those professions that are still widely engaged with SMEs, it could take a generation, for banks and financial regulators, to regain the trust and custom, of small business owners in Cyprus.

ACCA is trying to do the same thing at the institutional level — placing our own extensive network of members, partners and stakeholders at the disposal of policymakers. After all, financial information, is the main building block of access to finance — accountants know this, but, it is good when others acknowledge the fact. Clearly, banks are not the only ones with a role to play in releasing liquidity to SMEs. A final recommendation, which Talos have stressed, is perhaps better pursued in the long term, is the development of a bank-led system for reconciling overdue payment obligations.

And it is worth exploring further. In conclusion - this report, is an impressive piece of work, and, brings together an incredible pool of expertise from Cyprus, Europe and beyond. The very existence of this report, is evidence that, despite its many unique circumstances, Cyprus is not alone, in the challenges it faces, and, does not have to go it alone when exploring solutions, either.

More importantly, I look forward to visiting again and seeing our recommendations implemented with your assistance. Ladies and gentlemen — thank you. All rights reserved. Printed in Cyprus. KPMG operates in countries with more than Visit our website at: www. Some of them are the following: What policies will the EU pursue over the next five years?

Is the European Union in a position to face the challenges that threaten its position as a global player including its competitiveness, energy security, demographics, border security and migration flows? Will the institutional and economic arrangements for dealing with the current and possible future crises be successfully put in place? The answers of course depend on the balance of power in the new European Parliament and the choice of a President to lead the next European Commission, both of which were determined by the European election results that took place in May A clear position on these important issues and a sober discussion among political parties and candidates would enable voters to understand what was at stake in these elections and why they should bother to cast their vote at the ballot.

Instead, once more, we witnessed an introverted Cyprus-centred campaign. Candidates were discussing what happened in the past and who was responsible instead of what lies ahead and what should be done. This could boost EU competitiveness and create jobs, but has also given rise to concerns about personal data protection and the protection of European cultural products. The Syrian crisis has brought migrant flows once more at the top of the agenda of the EU.

Law makers must adopt a common migration policy that would allow the Union to handle migrant flows in the future. Will the staff and resources of the EU border management agency Frontex be strengthened? Or will the EU for the next five years focus on legal migration and integration instead? The answers depend on the new Parliament and the new Commission, but what is certain is that migration issues will remain a key concern.

EU-wide targets for cutting CO2 emissions, switching to renewables and promoting energy efficiency will also be high on the agenda as MEPs negotiate the next package of measures to combat climate change and reducing energyrelated pollution in The new Parliament will need to help shape a response to the dangerous Ukraine-Russia crisis that would end the bloodshed.

MEPs will be asked to take decisions on GMOs, cloning, novel foods and other health and safety issues as well as revamping product safety rules. These are crucial issues and challenges for all citizens of the EU including those of Cyprus, but which cannot be met by Cyprus alone. Dealing with them in the EU context is one of the benefits of EU membership. However the political process needs to engage with them. Another chance lost! We learn what you want to do and we help you create the value you are looking for.

Value that is based on the knowledge that our more than local professionals draw from All rights reserved Economy How much is my pension For most Cypriots, social security payments will be the only source of income during retirement. Social security payments in Cyprus are proportional to the contributions made by the insured individuals during their working life. A total of The Social Security Fund pays beneficiaries during their retirement.

The Fund pays also for disability pension, unemployment benefits, sickness allowance etc. For each insured individual, contributions to the social security cannot exceed a certain level each year. Each year the maximum income is adjusted for the cost of living. The pension that someone may receive is a based on the number of units he accumulates during his working life. In Cyprus, social security pension is divided between basic pension and proportional pension.

Basic pension can be obtained by gaining one unit every year. The rest of the units are allocated to the proportional pension. The basic pension is adjusted each year based on the cost of living. When someone becomes 65, he is eligible to receive his pension, basic and proportional. For example, if someone worked for a total of 30 years and accumulated units, he will have 90 units for the calculation of proportional pension. That amount varies from year to year depending on cost of living adjustments.

For each individual, the amount of social security pension will be higher if he has dependents. It is worth noting that a small percentage of the retirees will be getting the maximum pension. Therefore, it is important for all of us to begin saving today, in order to ensure that we will have supplementary income during our retirement, because once we retire it is very difficult to go back to work.

Our choices are limited and actually we have only two options available. First option is to carry on with the blaming game and change absolutely nothing, and consequently remain at the same position in the future. Second option is to learn from our mistakes and eliminate all the intrinsic pathologies of our economic disaster.

Today, just over a year later, the successful implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding MOU and the positive reviews of the Troika on the course of the Cyprus program resulted to improved creditworthiness of the economy. In , a year with one of the worst unemployment record in the history of Cyprus, the government took the decision to remove a major distortion in retail trading by extending the operating hours of retail stores across the island.

The abovementioned examples of the credit rating upgrade and the extension of retail shops operating hours are just two examples which prove that when there is political will, courage and determination to shake off the burdens that keep us stuck to the bottom, we can achieve a lot. Now we must focus our efforts on addressing the three biggest challenges, namely restoring market liquidity, tackling unemployment through growth and consolidating the economic and institutional framework to ensure future growth.

Consolidation of the Banking System We can restore liquidity in the banking system through a comprehensive policy that promotes the recovery of financial institutions and attracts new capital. Political parties must finally stop intervening in internal matters of banks and take steps to prevent collusion.

Decision-making in the Bank of Cyprus should be left to the top management. Also, it should be made clear that under no circumstances bank loans will be written off. Attracting Foreign Investments Cyprus can offer many benefits and advantages to both Cypriot and foreign investors, such as the strategic position, political stability, good infrastructure, high standards of professional services favourable tax environment and excellent workforce.

Extraversion and efforts to attract foreign capital, either directly or through business missions should continue. However, no matter how attractive our country may be as a destination for investments, it could be equally repulsive for its bureaucracy and unclear procedures.

Unemployment Dealing with unemployment is not an easy task. Unemployment rate in was Plans to strengthen employment by the government are moving in the right direction and this major social issue can be addressed effectively only through economic growth. With an economy shrinking by 5. One of our many suggestions is the assignment of new government projects to the private sector through the BOT method.

Adopting such practice, not only will create new job positions in the private sector, but will also accelerate time consuming procedures and save valuable resources. Investment in research and innovation, can immediately be applied successfully by developing a new National Framework for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Furthermore the sectors of renewable energy, shipping, energy-saving technologies, medical and other forms of specialised tourism must be supported.

We would like to see a comprehensive policy that supports start-up companies and provides them with incentives. State aid does not always mean direct financial support, especially in these difficult times. It may include lifting bureaucratic barriers, introducing tax incentives, establishing appropriate co-financed programs, and even building a comprehensive and productive framework to encourage the development of entrepreneurial activity.

Memorandum - Financial Restructuring There is a need to accelerate reform of the public sector and to proceed with the implementation of the MOU without deviations. Fiscal consolidation must continue as well as reforms in the public sec- Whatever has happened in the previous year cannot be amended, but we certainly can make decisions and take actions to improve the days to come.

Savings can take effect in several ways including increased productivity, implementation of an effective e-government system and privatization program of semi-government organizations. Why did we have to wait for 15 years and enter a Memorandum program before we moved in the right direction? Why did we have to wait for 15 years before implementing this social good? Before implementing the GHS, we are certain that the President of the Republic will seriously take into account the views of the major stakeholders in the private sector, such as insurance companies and private hospitals, to avoid any hiccups and ensure its viability.

Otherwise, the GHS is doomed to fail, depriving society of quality health care. Such a case will only lead to an even bigger hole in the public finances. We genuinely hope that the implementation of the system is completed on time, based on the roadmap that was announced by the Ministry of Health.

The privatization process must also proceed rapidly, not because the Memorandum or the Troika tell us so, nor because OEB says so, but because it really would benefit our economy. How can we talk about growth or exports when our businesses have to face the reduced turnover, high interest rates, while at the same time are forced to pay the most expensive electrical power in Europe or even the world?

How much longer can businesses last under such conditions? One point I would like to emphasize and make clear is that privatization should proceed only through proper planning that takes into account the specificities of each organization by ensuring the presence of healthy competition, thus avoiding the creation of private monopolies.

If we replace the state monopoly with a private monopoly we simply put ourselves in a worse position than today. We must proceed carefully, but without delay. If we managed to build a prosperous society through the ashes and devastation of the war in , then we certain can overcome this crisis for which we also have our share of responsibility. We are hardworking, proud and stubborn people, and we can achieve a lot if we dare to take the right steps foward.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, this very useful tool for our economy, has unjustifiably been delayed in its implementation. By Nondas Cl. However firstly it should be noted that Mutual Funds will act as an important stimulant for our economy, since through them, major projects could be financed, new job opportunities for a large number of professionals could be created, and also, as has been noted in other emerging markets, is a useful guidance for guiding small investors for their investments.

The Cyprus Stock Exchange has recently accepted, in March , the first applications for the listing of sixteen non — negotiated Collective Investment Funds. More specifically two Mutual Funds of the single type schemes and fourteen of the umbrella type schemes were listed on the CSE. At this point, it should be noted that the provision of this new option by the Cyprus Stock Exchange and the ability to list Mutual Funds on the CSE, is the result of efforts which began in , with the aim of introducing this beneficial sector in Cyprus.

Given this opportunity, I have to express our appreciation to the Ministry of Finance and its relevant services, as well as to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, for the promotion of the whole matter. The Collective Investment Schemes provide a wide range of advantages that make them one of the most effective investment tools.

One or more joint beneficiaries can be appointed. Assets of the funds are held by a third party, the custodian, on behalf of the fund. The Cyprus Stock Exchange, with other Relevant Authorities and market participants, intends to promote a relevant campaign within , both in Cyprus and abroad.

This Conference, aims to cover various aspects in this area and to provide an opportunity for relevant stakeholders and market participants, to be fully informed with regards to the developments of the Mutual Funds industry in Cyprus. What happened indeed with this subject matter? The Five-Year Development Plan, , envisaged the revision and modernization of old organization and operating methods, abolishment of old work practices and bureaucracies and infusion of an entrepreneurial spirit in the administration for increased efficiency and productivity.

Ever since, a war was proclaimed against bureaucracy, whether this was due to the civil servants themselves or the system itself. The potentialities of electronic government have not been fully exploited and the cost of bureaucracy for the Government has tremendously increased. Looking today at the situation I have reached the painful conclusion that things not only have not improved but in many ways have deteriorated. The underlying philosophy of the endeavors in these matters included on the one hand the creation and maintenance of a content public service and on the other the demand for full dedication, exemplary zeal and businesslike results on behalf of the civil servants in carrying out their duties.

We supported the need for ensuring a respectable standard of living for all civil servants as well as satisfactory work conditions for dispatching their duties and requested from all full, free from self interest, impartial and efficient dedication to their mission. No one could invoke then personal or family reasons or alibi to justify any irregularity or misconduct.

One particular issue that was bothering us was the lack of coordination and direct communication between Departments that were involved in some cases referred to them by the citizens. When more than one Department had to decide on a certain case the whole matter was left in the Hellenic Calends, i. This problem was indicated to me by an unknown to me cocitizen after a television interview of mine the previous night when, among other things, I praised the achievements of the civil service regarding the reactivation of the economy after the invasion.

With a circular to all Ministries we suggested then the simplification of the relevant procedure: when a certain Department receives an application by any citizen, instead of one, to open more files on the case and dispatch them to interested Departments so that the time of study by all to concur. If there was a need for a visit on the spot this could be done jointly to save time and money.

Finally, representatives of the Departments should meet at fixed dates to decide together on the applications that had already been studied. The suggestion was accepted and applied successfully for many years. The above experience was applied also to another very important case, i. At the beginning the situation was even worse than what I described above regarding the fate of the applications of Cypriot citizens to Government Departments.

What was happening it resembled third world practices! We asked the Central Bank to which such applications were submitted at the time to forward them itself to the relevant Services, which were represented on a permanent Committee under its chairmanship. The Committee was then convened regularly and considered all applications that have been examined, whereas various issues concerning other pending applications were cleared during the meetings.

Much later the system was introduced officially in the case of applications for the registration of foreign companies. I hope and wish the system to be reintroduced and be maintained in all the above and other cases. It is really the only basis for increased efficiency, combating bureaucracy and modernization of the Civil Service. It is well known that our banks, especially the two largest, have received assistance to achieve recapitalization and they have also used internal methods to strengthen their capital base.

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The Council convened four times and considered various matters that were of significant interest to ICPAC, the profession and the economy in general.

Pissarides shop nicosia betting Yet, it remains vulnerable. The Journal of Technology Transfer, 42 5— Abstract This paper examines the role of local resources physical, human, immaterial, social and community, and financial in shaping firm innovation and path development in rural areas. And it is worth exploring further. Principles of Economics 8th Edition, published in A clear position on these important issues and a sober discussion among political parties and candidates would enable voters to understand what was at stake in these elections and why they should bother to cast their vote at the ballot. It is not only about independence in mind.
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Pissarides shop nicosia betting Cyprus Economic Policy Review, 10 23— Also, it should be made clear that under no circumstances bank loans will be written off. The Committee continued its efforts for the issue of guidelines, by the Ministry of Finance, regarding the application of the recent legislation governing Budget preparation in the Central Government and the Wider Public Sector. The technospecies as a unifying concept. Its main objectives are to increase awareness of the pissarides shop nicosia betting that the IASB will be considering in the coming two to three years, to encourage research professionals to undertake targeted research projects and to contribute to the IASB moving to forex teapa evidence-based standard-setting. Cavallo, A. Lyon: Presses Universitaires de Lyon.
Pissarides shop nicosia betting Espace et temps dans le concept de milieu innovateur. Attributing personal responsibility for payment of company taxes to those, who - in the case of non-listed companies - truly and effectively control a company and to the responsible manager for fraudulent filing of company taxes. Organizational hybrids as biological hybrids: Insights for research on the relationship between social enterprise and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The repercussions of a potential further shrinking of the SMEs will not be merely financial but mainly social. In this regard, Petrov concludes that social and community resources take on a central function for firm innovation in rural regions — pissarides shop nicosia betting that innovators actively involve communities and their diverse resources e. While the rest of the economy was booming, a deteriorating tourist infrastructure meant that Cyprus was offering declining quality at an increasing price.
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Enforex university The authors address the interrelationship between labor, human development, and social well-being in the Middle East and North Africa region -- an interaction that is viewed against the backdrop of a globalization process that is a crucial shaping factor in national and international relations alike. The Committee continued its efforts for the issue of guidelines, by the Ministry of Betting pissarides shop nicosia, regarding the application of the recent legislation governing Budget preparation in the Central Government and the Wider Public Sector. The paper finishes with concluding remarks and reflections regarding policy implications. In addition to the above, the government could consolidate under one roof all EU programmes and EU subsidies, so that all civilians and companies may obtain all relevant information from a central point of contact, without having to viciously wonder around the public service to detect such programmes and opportunities. The less risky operations continued to a bank known to all today as Nordea, where the government held a significant stake at the time. Although the Cypriot side has tried unsuccessfully over the years to renegotiate and conclude a new treaty with the United States, such pissarides shop nicosia betting have not produced any tangible results since the US was not immensely interested in reaching a new agreement nor did the political will existed for pushing forward with a new treaty.
Bitcoin debate topic Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy. It is impossible to predict just what will trigger such a cataclysmic financial collapse — the pressure may take years or even decades to build up. We asked the Central Bank to which such applications were submitted at the time to forward them itself to the relevant Services, which were represented on a permanent Committee under its chairmanship. Poles of competitiveness Eurofound [Restructuring Support Instruments]. Strategic Management Journal, 39 8— Boyer, R.
Pissarides shop nicosia betting The family character of the enterprise is not only present but also is reinforced in betting crisis conditions. I bet this is what he says every year. Shop final result would have been the increase of production and the drop in unemployment. Also, it should be made clear that under no circumstances bank loans will be written off. Harmonising the nicosia among tax types so that not paying withholding taxes is a criminal offence d. Paris: PUF. Present at the ceremonial part of the event were also ministers and other officials of the government, officials from other business organisations and bodies as well as many members of the Institute.
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There is also a Bet9ja com booking code at the top, and just below it, there is an access icon to the client support service. By analogy with the old bet9ja com, under the general sections at the top of the main site, there are small blocks where you can get answers to frequently asked questions, find out how to create your account or withdraw money, read betting manuals, view the results of past matches and familiarize themselves with statistics.

As for the website and mobile app of this web-based bookmaker, it offers a mobile app for betting for users of Android-powered devices. Alternatively, you can use the mobile version of the site, with a full set of functionality similar to the official platform. Registration at the Bet9ja Online Betting Site To become an official member of Bet9ja and enjoy the bookmakers bet range, you will need to open an account, for which you will have to specify a valid email address and confirm it via the link sent to this address.

At the Bet9ja shop, betting options are somewhat diverse, as the provider tries to take into account the interests of all visitors, so its line has variants for bidding on events from the world of music, politics, and television. Among many Nigerian online gambling resources, you will find such offers only at this betting office.

However, the line is mostly represented by football games. This section contains all major European and international football leagues and competitions. Every day, the Bet9ja Nigeria shop betting website provides its clients with up to 1, football matches, taking place around the world in dozens of various leagues, including lower divisions.

Another thing remaining unchanged after the renovation of the old Bet9ja shop is the comprehensive coverage of basketball events, with the main focus on NBA matches. There are fifteen different contests in hockey, mostly from Europe, but the focus is again on the American NHL. As for the scope and depth of the Bet9ja booking bet line, individual sports are presented in great detail.

So, here every interested punter can bet on outcomes, odds, totals, the exact score, the way the time ends, quarter, period, etc. There are also many offers with combined bets and much more. One more vital thing to remember about this sports betting provider is that every registered member of the resource can count on receiving a particular percentage of stake per selection, depending on the events they are bidding on.

To figure out what rate you will get, use the Bet9ja commission calculator offered by the platform. The number of sports markets available daily may not be impressive, but it is acceptable. The primary attention is paid to such sports as football, basketball, and tennis. The pages dedicated to these sports allow you to quickly get acquainted with the current markets in real-time, while the coefficients are regularly updated depending on changes that occur during the match.

Besides a variety of Bet9ja com booking codes, the platform also offers a vast number of virtual events to make bets on — football, tennis, horse racing, dog racing. The presented rates are almost identical in value to the pre-match line. In live bets, the odds keep changing until the last minutes of the match.

Currently, the betting shop Bet9ja com Nigeria does not offer its customers any game broadcasting options, but the Bet9ja match center allows you to stay up to date with the events taking place due to the graphical display. Besides, the provider endows players with the possibility to enjoy live dealer games.

At the same time, any bettor can learn some useful statistics and find a simple guide on how to place a bet in the designated betting section. Bet9ja Coefficients Exemplary TOP Bets on Bet9ja After analyzing the line offered by the Bet9ja shop bet com, it is easy to conclude that, in general, the coefficients provided by the bookmaker are at a decent level. Therefore, if you are looking for a host of profitable bets on football, especially in European leagues, then consider yourself lucky.

In Bet9ja, there are excellent rates for football matches, with minimum odds of 3. If you want to know how to win Bet9ja league, pay attention to such sports as hockey and rugby, where the proposed coefficients often look very tempting. At the same time, the maximum amount of this greeting gift is up to , Nairas pounds, dollars, etc. To become eligible for it, just make the first deposit. Also, this betting office regularly conducts various Bet9ja VIP promotions for returning customers, which are available regularly.

Bet9ja Payment Methods Every registered bettor can deposit funds using the Bet9ja payment method, which is more suitable for them. However, there is only one option for withdrawing money — the bank transfer method. If you are asked to provide any Personal Data, you have the right to request more details regarding its use and whether the provision of your personal data is mandatory or not as well as the possible consequences in case you do not provide them.

Information we collect Newsletter We only collect your chosen e-mail address if and when you subscribe to our newsletter by filling in our online or offline form. The e-mail addresses collected are only used for our Newsletter which is disseminated electronically to all our subscribers, approximately once a month. E-shop Users For users that register on our website if any , we also store the personal information they provide in their user profile. All users can see, edit, or delete their personal information at any time except they cannot change their username.

Website administrators can also see and edit that information. What rights you have over your data If you have an account on this site, or have left comments, you can request to receive an exported file of the personal data we hold about you, including any data you have provided to us.

You can also request that we erase any personal data we hold about you.

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