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Investing in silver reddit videos

investing in silver reddit videos

We are the Reddit Community of r/WallStreetSilver. bookmakerfootball.website WSS Twitter's profile picture. Why the workings of the silver market and its history were stacked against the Reddit traders. See More Videos. New York CNN Business —. The silver market is the latest flashpoint in the Reddit mania that took over Wall Street last. BERNICES PLACE ELIZABETH

Why silver? Since Thursday, the "poor man's gold" had surged by around 20 per cent, after posts on Reddit led small investors to buy silver mining stocks and exchange-traded funds ETF backed by physical silver bars, in a GameStop-style squeeze. Overnight, it dropped 8. In recent weeks, the renegade traders have pumped up the share price of struggling bricks and mortar video game company GameStop to hurt big investment firms who were trying to profit from short-selling the stock.

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Now, some are saying on blog posts they want to hurt the big banks which, they say, have been controlling and manipulating the price of silver for years. It's clear some big investment firms have short positions in silver. What's not clear is how big these positions are, and whether they are at risk of being "squeezed".

Some on the reddit forum are saying "let's execute a silver squeeze". Others are saying: "NO! It's a scam! Supplied: Reddit Regardless, people are talking about it online. What should I do with it? Is it better to use my savings to buy a house?

Or should I invest it in the stock market? I'm getting married. Is it a good idea to share a bank account with my spouse? Some users share detailed breakdowns of their monthly spending, then ask the others where they see room for improvement. The wisdom of the crowd While it comes with its own set of risks, Christine Laudenbach says getting financial advice from strangers online can also be helpful.

And this exchange of experiences, I believe, is sometimes even better than going to a consultant," she says. If I go to one person, they might give me a bad tip. Here, however, I automatically get a very wide range of advice. That might be what promotes the anonymity of these groups. These people are so candid there because they don't know with whom else they should discuss it.

The source of the sudden growth is unclear, though it coincides with Bitcoin's ride to record highs. Numbers climbed even higher once the GameStop short squeeze began. People just rotate each months, where new people come and the people that came 6 months ago parrot what people told them.

I think that many of the people that move in these forums know that they're playing with fire. It becomes dangerous when there is someone involved who doesn't realize that.

Investing in silver reddit videos ratu betting


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Investing in silver reddit videos vadilal forex advisory

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