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4 os ethereal great hauberk

4 os ethereal great hauberk

bookmakerfootball.website › PC › Role-Playing › Action RPG. Great Hauberk, , 56 ; Boneweave, , 47 ; Balrog Skin, , 57 ; Archon Plate, , Great Hauberk, Defense 50 Durability Str Req: Item Level: Clvl Req: 56, Light Armor No Stamina Drain No Speed Loss Max Sockets: Hell: 4*. RWF INVESTING FUNDS

Rest of points are going into cold mastery. I finally made a fortitude yesterday for my merc. I had found an ethereal great Hauberk and got 4 sockets when using the cube recipe. Only have problems he had are against certain mobs that deal fire damage. Well it seems like your sorc is built for mfing and not really a general PvM character.

Are you going to just be running Meph, because if so, your merc wouldn't need to have top notch gear, just enough to manage Meph until your blizzard tears him to shreads. You have a couple of options here I've never built a blizz sorc before so if someone could back me up it would be appreciated. Wep: If mana isn't a problem I might recommend infinity, it won't break cold immunes, but it will make killing meph or baal if your with party, because you won't be able to solo baal runs a hell of a lot easier.

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Great Awakening


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Diablo 2 - Ethereal 4os Thresher Drop - Holy Grail (Single Player / Plugy)

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