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Payday 2 hoxton breakout strategy forex

payday 2 hoxton breakout strategy forex

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Payday 2 hoxton breakout strategy forex robot forex 2008 full version


If you notice any product assigned to incorrect region on GG. All shops featured on GG. This will be either in the form of direct download or PC key - depending on the store of your choice. After you activate key on a corresponding platform, you will be able to download and play your game for free. If you don't know how to activate the key, check out the tutorials section on the bottom of the page.

Occasionally some stores might delay the purchase for manual review of your order. These checks are meant to prevent the store from frauds. If your order is selected for a manual review and you don't want to wait or provide additional information, you can always request order cancellation and get your money back.

Stores like Humble Bundle or Indie Gala frequently give away free Steam keys for promotional purposes. Hoxton will need to use all four monitors to get enough data, with each needing seconds to work. In addition, there is a switch box in the room that must be protected while Hoxton is hacking the servers. If law enforcers shut down the power, then the hacking process is interrupted until power is restored. Only one switch box is selected per run of the heist, and incoming law enforcers will focus on deactivating that.

When the power is restored, it may take up to 30 seconds for the hack to resume. For the 2nd, 3rd and 4th monitor, the crew has to do one of a series of actions, the selection of which changes for each playthrough: Head to the Director's office and hack his PC 30 second process and accept the "Security Clearance" pop-ups whenever Hoxton sends them.

Head to the IT department and bring Hoxton a server that had been removed for routine maintenance. The server is in one of the four small offices, all of which have security doors each require a 60 second drill, two C4 charges, or one upgraded ECM. Looking through the side windows can reveal which office is holding the server. Be careful once the door is breached, as there is a chance a scripted Cloaker will break through the ceiling vent to ambush anyone approaching the server. Download encryption keys from a security PC towards the building entrance on ground level or upstairs onto a hard drive.

Whilst the process is ongoing 80 second process , gas can be dispensed inside the small office, which will dissipate when the hack is almost complete. A local fusebox will be present inside, allowing law enforcers to cut its power if it is not guarded. Fetch Hoxton some files regarding his case from the archives in the basement level. After gathering evidence, which is in the blue boxes marked "Clown Case", each box must be scanned 30 seconds each until the traitor's DNA can be found.

After Hoxton finally finishes filling a server with data, he unlocks the office, and a player must carry the server to the escape vehicle. Once the server is picked up, an endless police assault will occur.

Reaching a secure door near the entrance requires a keycard, upgraded ECM, a 60 second drill, or blasting with 2 charges , the basement parking lot can be reached and, once the server is loaded into the the back of the SUV, the escape is available.

Strategy[] Closing blast doors is the most dubious way of spending keycards. No matter if you will close them, enemy still can and will use balconies or blast the ceiling. The only blast door that should be taken care of is the one facing two passages due to snipers being capable of taking heisters down. Still, this door shouldn't be touched at all if you don't have any blast doors against the server room. Despite popular belief, closing doors does NOT reduce law enforcer flow.

On the contrary, it does prevent them from taking conventional routes, forcing them to use the balconies or ceiling. Even though closing the doors does not reduce law enforcer flow, it helps to close some, if not all, so you can have a larger safe area since the enforcers cannot get through the closed doors.

Assuming you'll use every keycard to lock the blast doors into the main room, having a Ghost with the ECM Overdrive skill will highly improve your chances as their upgraded ECMs can quickly open keycard doors, or potentially saving them for later use. It is recommended that the crew open the medical bay or the armory with ECMs to restock and patch up in-between assault waves.

Likewise, a high level Technician can be very useful to have in the crew. The 6 Shaped Charges have a variety of uses, including breaching the doors of any random objective assigned to the players, cut off sky bridge access, trapping the power box to keep it running, or laying some in sensor mode by the entrance to mark incoming specials and snipers.

However, keycards should still be picked up, as C4 cannot breach the medbay, armoury, or third floor door. Be sure to use your keycards or ECMs as the situation demands. If you have multiple Masterminds with medical kits, you do not need to unlock the medical bay.

Likewise, if you have multiple Enforcers with ammo bags, you do not need to unlock the armory. If your team lacks efficient door opening skills or equipment like C4 or improved ECMs, consider saving a keycard to use on the final escape door, as the entry hall has limited cover and there is the chance law enforcers can spawn on both ends of the hall, trapping you in a pincer. At random intervals, law enforcers will breach up to 3 locations on the roof in the main operations center signaled by an explosion and all players' screens shaking and rappel down, allowing a constant stream of reinforcements using that route.

The server in the IT department can be behind one of up to four different doors. Don't waste your time drilling into every single one, instead look inside through the glass panes to see which one has the server, and focus on opening that. If you have trouble seeing through the windows, throwing a grenade into the hall or shooting the windows will shatter them, allowing you a clearer view inside.

No objectives or items of particular interest will be on the upper level of the building, but it does provide alternate routes which can be useful depending on the exact layout of the second floor. In addition, only a single keycard is needed to open the entire upper level; opening a single door leading to the upper floor opens them all.

There may also be a replacement keycard on the upper level, but it is not a guaranteed spawn. Be careful when moving out into the atrium, as this is the only mission where snipers can spawn inside the same building as you. They will usually spawn on the upper balconies or in the entry hall. Given the extremely short range, snipers will deal massive damage and can leave you very vulnerable should other law enforcers be capable of firing upon you.

It is practically guaranteed heisters can dominate one or both of the FBI Office Agents by the metal detector if approached and shouted at immediately, potentially due to them becoming alert as soon as the mission starts rather than starting alerted. Generally both can be taken hostage if two heisters immediately run up from the left and right sides and shout simultaneously without splitting their attention, lest this short window is missed. Others should take care not to blast them until it's clear the opportunity was missed or no one is attempting to take them hostage.

Keycards[] Keycards can spawn in the atrium, the director's office, on the desks of the forensics lab, the main operations office, on the upper level, and other various locations. Keys may spawn anywhere on the first floor. The more common places to check for them are behind one of the 3 security counters in the lobby, entrance hall and near the archive. They may also be found lying randomly on one of the many benches that hugs the back walls. If one is fortunate enough, a key may spawn right in the basket in front of the metal detector on the way in and can be grabbed almost immediately after masking up.

One of the rarer and more tricky potential spawn points for a keycard is the plant pot directly right of the building's entrance. Upon entering the lobby, one should look over to the area where the first floor's security office may be, and check the plant pot closest to them.

Keycards, C4 and ECMs can be used in several key locations: The Infirmary 2nd floor, in the hallway surrounding the main office can be opened, providing up to three medical cabinets each with three uses. They have the same functionality as a Doctor bag , meaning they also reset the bleedout counter. The Armory either the 1st or 2nd floor can likewise provide huge amounts of ammunition, along with 9 grenades. Any objective door that normally requires a drill or shaped charges to open.

Security Doors to the main operations office, limiting the number of entrances the police can take. Those doors can be opened and closed at will by team members by interacting with the door consoles. Stairwells only one needed which allow the crew access to the upper level, giving more ways to get around and elevated firing positions. Law enforcers will also use a series of sky bridges to gain access to the building. There are two bridges on the second floor and two more on the third, on opposing sides from each other.

C4 can be used in front of the gates 2 charges required per bridge to destroy the skybridge floor, preventing all enemy traffic in the walkway. However the roof remains accessible, allowing them to still attack you from above. Variations[] Day 1[] The armored car always travels four blocks to the parking lot, though the route it takes and obstacles it encounters can vary. If there is no obstacle in the place where it can spawn, the car will just stop and require to interact with it to continue.

The security room will be behind one of several "private" doors. Incorrect rooms will be empty save for a dustbin and locked door. The doors are random in number, and can spawn in several locations distributed among the 3 floors of the parking area.

A Black Bulldozer spawns in the correct security room on Very Hard and above.

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Hoxton Breakout Tips and Tricks! payday 2 hoxton breakout strategy forex

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