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Geometry dash world free

geometry dash world free

It's an arcade game where your goal is to reach the end while avoiding and jumping over all of the geometric shape objects and obstacles that. Download Geometry Dash World (MOD, Unlimited Currency) free on android · Android + · Version: · Mb. Geometry Dash World is a free ad-supported expansion app of Geometry Dash developed and published by RobTop Games and released on December 21, for iOS. 1INK CC BITCOIN

But, what other features does this game offer aside from its simplistic gameplay and geometric shape objects? Great Music Helps Build Rhythm One of the main features of Geometry Dash World is its use of great music that can help you build a rhythm as you play the game. The music can serve as a way to help you jump better since the beat will usually align with the obstacles in the game.

The game offers a variety of different things for you to choose from. You need to unlock them by completing levels or purchasing them using in-game currencies. Why do you want to play it on PC? Well, it will be easier to control the game, and it will be more responsive than a touchscreen device. Please read this and fix these!

Thank you! If the items are only unlockable in geometry dash, why even display them? It doesn't make much sense to me. The ads have also gotten worse across games. I know I should have expected it, as it's free, but it really messes the flow of gameplay up. I and many others would appreciate if you would tone down the ads, so as to not show them during levels. On the other hand, it has very impressive levels. It was a very good idea to give player made levels a try, but one again, most of the useful options for player made levels are restricted to geometry dash.

Once again, why are the buttons even there if they're not available? The only player made levels you can get are from the featured, so it gives very little exposure to the smaller creators. Other than these complaints, it is an overall good sequel to the original game.

If not for these few issues, I would rate it 5 stars. If robtop is reading this, if you can, please fix these issues. It would make the game go a lot smoother for the players.

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