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Making a better workplace

making a better workplace

1. Rethink Design: · 2. Colour and Lighting: · 3. Nurture a great Company Culture: · 4. Promote Wellness in the workplace: · 5. Leverage Technology. Create a workplace that empowers your people with the #1 occupancy analytics platform. Improve communication with employees. FUNDAMENTALIST DEFINITION INVESTOPEDIA FOREX

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Move to Flex Schedules Since the pandemic, flex schedules and remote work are becoming commonplace around the world. During the lockdown, employers experienced the benefits of having happier and more content employees. Now that so many workplaces have experienced remote working and see the benefits for their workers and themselves, they are less likely to see their remote workers as slacking or trying to avoid their tasks. In many cases, companies experience higher productivity when using remote workers or flex schedules.

Whether your flex schedule involves employees taking one day a week to work at home, allowing them to choose when and where to work each day, or simply setting an amount of time that you would prefer each person to come in the office and letting them choose when that time will be, flex schedules are likely to result in higher productivity and happier workers. Enforce Minimum Time Off Studies have shown the benefits of time off and vacations and we now know that employees who feel they can take time off when they are ill or need a break are more likely to be creative, have fewer mental health problems, and even live longer.

One way for companies to encourage workers to take a break when they need one is by providing ample paid time off and enforcing vacation time use. While this is a scary business model for companies to consider, those who have implemented it have discovered that workers actually want to work and will not continually take off more time than they should.

Of course, limitless time off usually comes with some stipulations including that the time must be approved by managers just as all PTO usually is. When adopting this model, managers must make sure that there are stipulations for denying PTO so that it does not become harder and harder for employees to take time off.

Allow Employees to Bring Pets to Work If you have an office where outside visitors are limited or workers have individual offices, consider allowing employees to bring their pets to work. Of course, there would have to be stipulations for this, such as only bringing well-trained pets that the managers have met and approved, or only certain types of pets.

If any pets begin causing problems managers would have the option to ask the employee not to bring that pet back in. In large offices with many employees, this might not be a viable option as too many pets in one place could cause a problem, but for small offices with only a few workers this could be a good way to encourage creativity and increase mental health as well as a good way to get employees to take their breaks outside.

On this day, the office would provide lunch for all of the workers by ordering in a catered meal or other food option such as delivered pizza or take-out food. In a small office, employees could potentially order certain kinds of food but in a larger office that would not be practical.

These mini-office parties could be a fun way to encourage social interaction, working together, and taking a break from work during lunch. Of course, attending these takeout days should not be mandatory but could be a good way to show support for your workers. Create an Outdoor Workspace or Eating Area If you have access to an outdoor area consider creating a small eating area or workspace where employees can get away from the office for a few hours on nice days.

Many people feel smothered or stifled when they spend hours in the same room or office, and having the chance to work outside could boost creativity for these workers. Give clear direction No one likes feeling uncertain or directionless, especially on the job. Good communication is the key to a successful workforce. Explain expectations to employees. Have clear job descriptions, safety procedures, a chain of command and company policies.

Provide more than adequate training. Provide inspiration; set goals Whether you offer a group reward for a certain number of accident-free days, award an employee-of-the-month plaque, sponsor sales contests with prizes, or organize some other incentive program, these types of tactics can be fun and effective. If you want to see results, set goals for people and reward them when those goals are met.

Be flexible Work-life balance is crucial to a happy workforce. Be generous with time off and understanding about scheduling whenever possible. Actively encourage employees to take vacations too. Well-rested employees are happy employees. Maybe there are just some employees who you get along with better because you have similar outside interests. Any hint of favoritism can lead to long-lasting resentment or defection.

If a particular employee went above and beyond for a customer, give credit where credit is due. An employee who has a beef with management can also spread negativity through a company like the plague. Nip it in the bud. Listen to all sides, try to get the facts, and settle things fairly.

If necessary, bring in a neutral party for mediation to resolve the issue. If your company could improve in any or all of these areas, take steps to implement changes.

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Employees who are happy are more motivated, productive, and creative—and will often go the extra mile, not because they have to, but because they want to.

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Making a better workplace Once you start prioritizing wellness, some minor changes in the workplace can reap much more significant benefit. Executives should be able to admit that even they will make mistakes. A statistic article source powerful as that one needs to be front of mind for managers and leaders. The Swag team will pack everything in gorgeous colorful boxes and ship them to you to hand out at your leisure. In the case that an employee feels he or she is being harassed, bullied or mistreated by co-workers, your office should feel like a making a better workplace. As successful entrepreneurial businesses grow, they often come to believe that new, complicated processes will undermine their culture.
Sell namecoins for bitcoins But even then, companies grumble about losing their investment when people decamp for more-promising opportunities. In study after study, workers consistently report that meetings are their biggest productivity killer. If your company could improve in any or all of these areas, take steps to implement changes. Taking some time off can help refresh and recharge employees, so they return feeling ready to take on whatever challenges the workplace throws their way. Despite the changes that new technologies and new generations bring, the underlying forces of shareholder capitalism and unexamined bureaucracy remain powerful.
Making a better workplace Some feel an obligation to put a positive spin on even the most negative situations out of a best-foot-forward sense of loyalty to the organization. Be Flexible Give employees some flexibility when it comes to schedules and work hours. For example, if your company is focused on health and wellness, you could host a yoga class or a healthy cooking demonstration. What are the initiatives taken by your organization to promote wellness? If you are starting the process of changing your culture, your value statement should represent your vision for what you believe your company should represent.
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