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Ethereum presale json

ethereum presale json

Ethereum coins in during a pre-sale offered by the Ethereum They claim a password was created but the very important JSON. A Washington D.C. family says they bought ETH during the Ethereum presale. That's worth $6 million and they can't access it. ethereum is not present, then that means Metamask is not installed. This results in a JSON object being returned, where address returned is an empty string, and. 3 BETTING LIGHT TOURNAMENTS USTA

As this user guide is targeted at non-technical users who will not want to separately install a Geth node, only these versions with the bundled node are covered in this guide. However, only Geth is covered here.

The approach taken in the design of Beta 7 means that what you see the first time you run the app will be very different depending on whether you are upgrading from a previous version, or you are doing a fresh installation.

If you are doing a first-time, fresh installation, continue with the next section. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of the Wallet App, or if you have ever run a standalone, standard installation of Geth, jump to this section. What is an Account? Accounts are a central component of the Ethereum protocol playing a role in every transaction and contract.

We will encounter Contract Accounts in Chapter 2. Accounts can function as wallets, though they can also be used to do things other than just hold ether. The disk space requirement will of course grow with time and the number just quoted is for an initial installation from scratch fast sync technology.

Select the version you require from the available options on this page. For this example, I select: Ethereum-Wallet-win You should then see this window: It is best to wait until the blockchain is fully synced before you do anything. Note that the text in blue are links, but refrain from clicking on them for now.

Watch the downloaded blocks indicator at the bottom right of the window. At some point, when the downloading is nearly complete about 1, blocks from the head of the chain , you will see no change in that indicator, appearing as if the process is stuck. In fact, it is not, and after allowing some time for processing of the blocks, you will see the following window indicating syncing is complete: Problems Downloading the Blockchain? If there is any suggestion that your node has really stopped syncing, for example, you see zero peers and the block number is not changing, try restarting the app.

In fact, if you encounter any unexpected behavior throughout the use of this app, the first remedy to try is restarting; and just keep your fingers crossed. Some Mac users may not be able to start the Ethereum node due to a know problem relating to a missing Geth dependency GMP. This issue is expected to be resolved in an update of Geth, though if you are adventurous, there are current solutions. You will see the following screen asking if you want to import your Presale Wallet file.

You will be able to use this feature at any time after you get comfortable with the app. In fact, you have to create an Account to proceed. Enter a strong password. You will not be able to access this Account, including any ether you send to it, without the password. This applies to all Accounts; you must know the password of the Account before you use it to receive ether. Click on NEXT. You will see the following screen.

You can easily access this feature at any time. You will see this screen: Note: The tutorials linked on this and the next couple of screens are more suitable for users who are already comfortable with the basic functionality of the wallet app. When you are ready to explore, you can find them at the Ethereum website. Note that every time you stop and restart the Wallet App, you will have to wait a little as your node downloads and processes the latest blocks and becomes fully synced again.

Important Note: There is a very important section on passwords, private keys and backup later in this chapter. Please be sure to read it before you start working with any ether. Since you have completed a fresh installation, skip the next section which is for users upgrading to Beta 7 from a previous version of the Wallet App. Upgrading From a Previous Version This section is intended for users upgrading from a previous version of the Wallet App.

To upgrade from a previous version: Note: In this example, I work through the installation of the Win 64Bit version. When you update the Wallet App by downloading a new version, the app will continue to use data from the older version. The directories holding your Account and other Wallet App data are not affected when you upgrade.

If you have just upgraded from Beta 6, you will find little that is different from that version except for the Presale Wallet import feature described here. Most Wallet App operations will fail if your node is not fully synced, that is, if your copy of the blockchain is not up-to-date with the network.

To check that your copy of the blockchain is up-to-date: Towards the top of the Accounts Overview screen you will see information relating to the sync status of your node. To check that all is well and that you have the latest block, compare this information with what you see in the Network Stats page. It can also mean the app in your mobile that manages your coins.

Frankly, it gets a little worse with Ethereum. If I mean a specific type of wallet, then I will refer to it by its specific name, like Presale Wallet or Wallet App, for instance. Changing the name of any Account is easy. The Specific Wallet page will display: Move the cursor over the Account name and you will see the Edit icon.

Click on the name and the text cursor will appear allowing you to edit the name. Click the Copy Address icon and paste the address into a document. Ethereum addresses are in hexadecimal format. They are made up of 40 characters hexadecimal digits.

It is generally safer to use the 0x prefix. Creating a Second Account You will need a second Account to follow the exercise later in this chapter. You created your first Account, Etherbase, during the installation process. Note: Regardless of whether you have any ether, work through the following steps. You will be shown how you can acquire some ether, if you need to, in a later section.

You will be asked to enter a password and then repeat that password. Notice that this second Account is named Account 2. Note: Some users have reported an issue where the Account does not create. Restarting the Wallet App should solve the problem. Your shiny new Ethereum addresses can be tracked in an Ethereum blockchain explorer like etherscan. Note: It is possible that your Block Explorer may not recognize an address until it is first funded with some ether from another Account.

Creating Accounts is free; a little rare generosity from the Ethereum protocol :. Most other operations will cost you ether, as you will soon discover. Each Identicon provides a unique pictorial representation of a unique address. Identicons are not included just for cosmetic reasons. If you are familiar with the identicons of the addresses you work with, then they can help flag an incorrect address entry; the identicon you see will just not match the one you expect.

Also, if you type or paste in an address that does not conform to the address format, say you miss out the last character, you will be given ample warning: Warning: To reduce the chances of entering an incorrect address, it is always best to copy and paste addresses. And check carefully! Ethereum addresses do not have a checksum like Bitcoin addresses. Private Key, Password, Backup Introduction Every Account like the one you just created, is defined by a pair of keys, a private key and an address or public key.

But where is this all-important data directory? Incidentally, it is a hidden directory by default. Use whatever method is appropriate for your OS to unhide or search for the contents of these hidden directories. You should see something like this: Inside the keystore subdirectory, you will find one keyfile for each of the Accounts you have created.

In other words, if you delete your keyfile and do not have access to a backup copy, any ether you have stored with that Account is lost forever. To backup your keyfiles Accounts : Copy either the individual keyfiles within the keystore subdirectory or copy the entire keystore folder. You can get directly to the keystore subdirectory by selecting the Backup menu in the Menu bar, and selecting Backup Accounts.

Copy into a USB stick, or whatever removable media you are most comfortable with and store it safely. If you are not going to be using an Account any time soon, that is, you are not going to be sending any transactions from that Account, you may want to backup its keyfile and then delete the keyfile from the keystore subdirectory in your computer. Make sure you have a good backup before deleting anything.

To restore your keyfiles: Copy the keyfiles back into the keystore subdirectory, where they were originally. It may be a good idea to test your backup and restore procedure with a small amount of ether first, before you send the mother load in. Importantly, this private key is always encrypted, and it is encrypted with the password you entered when you created the Account.

You will need this password to send transactions. Your wallet has now been generated. Save the address. You can keep it to yourself or share it with others. That way, others can transfer ETH to you. Save versions of the private key.

Do not share it with anyone else. Your private key is necessary when you want to access your Ether to send it! It is the recommended file to download and back up. Private Key unencrypted : This is the unencrypted text version of your private key, meaning no password is necessary. If someone were to find your unencrypted private key, they could access your wallet without a password.

For this reason, encrypted versions are typically recommended. Place your address, versions of the private key, and the PDF version of your paper wallet in a folder. Save this on your computer and a USB drive. Print the wallet if you have a printer. Otherwise, write down your private and address on a piece of paper.

Store this as a secure location, separate from your computer and the USB drive. Keep in mind, you must prevent loss of the keys and password due to loss or failure of you hard drive failure, or USB drive, or piece of paper. Click download zip in the upper right. Move zip to an airgapped computer. Unzip it and double-click index. Generate a wallet with a strong password. Save the password if you might not remember it forever. Check that the address you wrote down is the same. How do I verify I have access to my new wallet?

Navigate to the "View Wallet Info" page. Select your wallet file -or- your private key and unlock your wallet. If the wallet is encrypted, a text box will automatically appear. Enter the password. Click the "Unlock Wallet" button. Your wallet information should show up.

Find you account address, next to a colorful, circular icon. This icon visually represents your address. Be certain that the address is the address you have saved to your text document and is on your paper wallet. If you are planning on holding a large amount of ETH, we recommend that send a small amount of ETH from new wallet before depositting a large amount.

How do I send Ether from one wallet to another? If you plan to move a large amount of ether, you should test sending a small amount to your wallet first to ensure everything goes as planned. Navigate to the "Send Ether" page. Enter the address you would like to send to in the "To Address:" field. Enter the amount you would like to send.

You can also click the "Transfer total available balance" link if you would like the transfer the entire balance. See Question 6 below for more information. Click "Generate Transaction". A couple more fields will appear. This is your browser generating the transaction. Click the blue "Send Transaction" button below that. A pop-up will appear. Verify that the amount and the address you are sending to are correct. Then click "Yes, I am sure!

Make transaction. The transaction will be submitted. The TX ID will display. You can click that TX ID to see it on the blockchain. How do I run MyEtherWallet. You can run MyEtherWallet. You can generatea a wallet completely offline and send transactions from the "Offline Transaction" page. In case you are not familiar, you need to keep the entire folder in order to run the website, not just index.

Don't touch or move anything around in the folder. If you are storing a backup of the MyEtherWallet repo for the future, we recommend just storing the ZIP so you can be sure the folder contents stay intact. As we are constantly updating MyEtherWallet. To prevent this, you must "split" your original account into two accounts. Back up these new wallets and verify you can access them.

See 2a and 3 above. Check that only the. Send a. Check etherscan. Make sure the. Generate but do not send a. Copy the "Signed Transaction" field. Go to classicetherwallet. Check gastracker. If everything receives correctly and sends correctly then you are golden.

Moving forward, you can use the standard transactions for these new accounts without risk of replay attacks. Navigate to the "Send Token" page. Unlock your wallet. Select which token you would like to send. If you do not see the token listed: Click "Custom". Enter the address, name, and decimals of the token. These are provided by the developers of the token and are also needed when you "Add a Watch Token" to Mist.

Click "Save". You can now send that token as well as see it's balance in the sidebar. What happens if your site goes down? MyEtherWallet is not a web wallet.

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