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shumuk forex kampala serena

List of Top Companies in Kampala and their Contacts, Addresses, Emails - Page Serena Hotel - Kampala Shumuk Forex Bureau Ltd. LICENSED FOREX BUREAU OUTLETS AS OF AUGUST NO. NAME OF FOREX BUREAU. LOCATION. 1 ABC. Plot No. Ggaba Road, Kasanga, Kampala. 2 ABG. Kampala. Psalms Uganda International Ltd. Entebbe road Najjanankumbi Kampala. Guild Frank Forex Bureau Shumuk house, Kampala. TOP SPORTS BETTING ONLINE SITES

Foreign filmmakers are encouraged to hire local South African talent on their production. We missed seeing our local dressing, aerial view of Lake Victoria and scenes of Entebbe. Most of these scenes would turn into tourism spots. Meanwhile, Egyptian Media Production City established an infrastructure consisting of 64 studios and has the potential to shoot both indoors and outdoors. As per the progress of movie industry across the world, it is estimated that it will reach around 49 billion US dollars this year.

Destination perception Film tourism is a type of tourism which provides a link with the location of a film during or after the shooting. The film tourist is attracted by the first-hand experience of the locality captured on the silver screen. It is all about the power of film and how it has turned the shooting locations into top tourist destinations. Uganda is a location for a few best-selling films.

The film shot in Uganda tells the fictional story of Nicholas Carrigan, a young Scottish doctor, who travels to Uganda and becomes the personal physician of President Idi Amin. There was the Silent Army, Escape from Uganda, and the famous Black Panther has been shot demonstrates an increase in tourism visits over the following years. Private efforts In a bid to position Uganda as a top film destination, the government is advised to capitalise on films made in Uganda, and partner with notable movie stars to promote Uganda as an exceptional destination of choice.

Hollywood representative in Uganda Fanny Martinez is working around the clock to bring Hollywood celebrities for the Back to the Source tour. Just like local film makers, she advocates for policy change on film production. Film industry showcasing Uganda to the World. The film was released in the United States on 27 September , followed by a 12 January release in the United Kingdom. U I Owe You. People hand over their Shillings and receive a promise from government to pay them back.

T-bill or T-bond auctions are referred to as the Primary Market because it is the first time the securities are being traded. Landlords, too, will have to fold their hands as rent shall be estimated by the minister of Finance through a statutory instrument. On the same occasion, Mr Museveni said the Police Force is itself infested with criminals, charging police boss Kale Kayihura to clean it up.

Before that day, Mr Museveni had on numerous occasions decried the existence of corruption in government ministries, departments and agencies, mainly blaming civil servants over the vice. Daily Monitor reported that the President was full of rage as he briefed Cabinet about what he has told the country that the ministry of Finance is full of thieves.

The tax body says that such tendencies promote unfair business competition and could result into legitimate businesses crumbling. During an engagement between URA, the traders in Kampala and clearing agents, Dickson Kateshumba the Commissioner for Customs at URA said that traders connive with unprofessional clearing agents to declare less value for the goods they import.

In some cases, he added, the clearing agents are imposters that are taking advantage of unsuspecting businessmen. Speaking at the official launch of the two projects at his residence in Kololo Hank Jan Bakker, the ambassador of the Netherlands highlighted that the two projects will follow the agricultural value chain right from inception, by providing access to quality seed to mainly rural farmers and to end chain of providing market linkages for the farmers to the consumers of their produce.

The ambassador added that this will particularly be achieved through the promotion of quality declared seed QDS which is high quality seed produced professionally by farmer group for sale within their farming communities and facilitating smallholder farmers to operate in a more market-driven manner by producing what they can sell profitably.

Once completed in , the project will contribute to improving the living standards of the 1. Between them, the three entities share Shs The supplementary budget was tabled in line with Section 25 of the Public Finance Management Act , which compels the Ministry of Finance to table before Parliament, for approval, any additional resources over and above what was approved by Parliament. On the platform, according to Fabian kasi, the UBA chairman, banks will be able to use one agent in a given location, to benefit from cost reduction and centralized monitoring.

The agents will also be displayed on our different digital platforms. Eclectics is a Kenyan based and owned organization operating in 23 African countries providing financial solutions to support banks, micro finance institutions. He said the tech platform will also increase their points of presence while enabling them to upgrade their technology collectively at a reduced and affordable cost. Speaking after jetting into the country ahead of the 12th annual national internal audit conference, Witzany said internal auditors will play a crucial role if the country is to reduce on graft.

Corruption is still one of the biggest development challenges facing Uganda. In other words, government loans money from its citizens and pays back with interest after a specified time. Forthwith, all the 24 registered commercial banks will now be eligible to open Central Securities Depository CSD accounts at Bank of Uganda for their clients, issue and accept bid submission forms on their behalf.

Only 6 primary dealers commercial banks had access to the CSD. What percentage of the gold you refine comes from Uganda? What is its value? African Gold Refinery AGR will only be able to make a detailed analysis of its market supply by the end of this calendar year — Fortunately, our supply is from licensed traders hence the source can always be ascertained going backwards.

We are assessing their acceptance and checking procedures. He says despite the need to give preference to local suppliers the procuring entities should mind about the quality of the products so as to get value for money on top having successful procurement. It defines micro-insurance as a mechanism to protect poor people against risk accident, illness, death in the family, natural disasters, and so on in exchange for insurance premium payments tailored to their needs, income, and level of risk.

According to the FinScope Survey, the most prevalent risks across all income levels are the risk of illness and death of a family member or relative. Five in every 10 adults face the risk of illness while two in every 10 adults face the risk of death of a family member or relative. This implies that debt is an imperative factor in leveraging economic activity across the globe particularly where economic return is foreseeable.

However, in the global debt composition, there are a few bad oranges in the basket. Turning back to Uganda, government is the largest borrower from the domestic market, with an outstanding stock of Shs Commercial banks have increased their investment in government securities at an annual rate of 19 per cent compared to growth in commercial bank credit of 13 per cent, commercial banks held 43 per cent of the total government securities.

QNET is a direct sales company specialising in health and wellness products. He added that the scrapped or reduced taxes will be reflected in the budget because government wants to increase the number of tourists that come to Uganda annually from the 1. The principal assets being acquired are two logistics terminals, in Mombasa, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, as well as a retail network of more than a hundred service stations.

As elsewhere in Africa, each station will become a community hub known for its closeness to all customers and meeting mobility and transportation needs. The highly professional, skilled and engaged teams at both companies will ensure the transaction is a success. Agent banking is where a licensed financial institution engages an agent to provide special financial services on their behalf. Under the partnership, Electics will design, develop, deploy and operate the inter-operable shared platform that connects all 25 member banks to the agent network across the country.

Electics International serves more than banks across 23 countries in Africa and focuses on provision of affordable IT solutions. While flagging off recruits to the United Arab Emirates UAE yesterday in Kampala, Ms Kadaga warned that companies that engage in fraudulent activities shall be blacklisted and their proprietors and managers prosecuted.

The two programmes set to run for the next five years, are targeting the entire value chain in the agriculture sector right from seed distribution to linking farmers to the private sector buyers of the produce. Financial results released indicate that the after-tax profit rose to Shsb from Shsb due to a rise in income from three main sources.

In a year the banking sector was expected to struggle due to high lending rates and lower than expected growth, Stanbic Bank Uganda was still able to generate more income. Mike Ogor, an Economist and Godfrey Turyabahika, a Commissioner, were picked by a team of security officials. Museveni has previously threatened stern action against officials soliciting bribes from potential foreign investors. He said this has demoralized businessmen who have shown interest in investing their money in the country thus hurting Foreign Direct Investments.

Kale Kayihura. Banji often wondered if the bank needed all the staff. In fact, he was always pointing out how idle most of them were during the day. Banji would never think of doing away with these idle staff, even as the bank struggled to meet its payroll. Mpewo who had just enrolled in an Executive MBA programme happened to have a different opinion though. The rest of staff should be outsourced. Since introduction of mobile money in Uganda by Bank of Uganda BoU in , there has been financial inclusion with millions of people acquiring mobile money accounts.

Players in the sector argue that as the usage of mobile phones continues to flourish in the developing world. Alpha Capital Partners Stephen Kaboyo noted that the Uganda Shilling held steady against the Dollar last week as demand and supply remained balanced due to the absence of strong corporate demand. In the fixed income market, a three year bond fetched a coupon of It sets everybody on the agony train. The demise of AIGP Felix Kaweesi in a mafia-style shooting will forever remain etched in the minds of all peace loving, security conscious and exemplary citizens.

It underpins the horror of the indescribable face of a terror wave bedevilling the entire globe. None of these acts is isolated from another; right from the wanton bombings in mid-Arab countries, shootings in Paris, San Bernadino and so on.

All killers are the same and they are stoppable! In an interview with Daily Monitor, Mr Miguel Azevedo, the head of investment Banking for Africa at Citigroup, said the countries should focus on issues that boost East Africa as a trading bloc because a single currency may be hard to attain. These things are harder to get. Just look at Europe.

We have been working on the single currency for decades. Announcing the guidelines to the media in Kampala, Finance Minister Hon Matia Kasaija said these are intended to among others support locally manufactured products; knowledge transfer; and human capital development. Under the guidelines for instance procurement for road works whose estimated cost is UGX 45 Billion and below; and other public works whose estimated cost is UGX 10 billion and below shall be made locally.

In results published, the after-tax profit of dfcu was Shs According to the financial statements, income from government securities grew by 66 per cent to Shs Government securities offered higher yields as banks slowed down in lending to the private sector. During the Budget reading government instituted a levy on fish exports as a non-tax revenue from fishing vessels and other licence and permit sources. This money has so far accumulated to more than Shs20 billion and is lying idle.

During the program, Dr Kwesiga, had a constructive discussion with VIA college, the institution behind the success of the Danish fashion and design industry, about revitalizing the Uganda textiles industry where he called for a partnership in establishing a comprehensive facility that adds value to cotton and that demonstrates the manufacture of textiles using locally grown cotton.

Speaking at the launch of the action plan for BUBU, the Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde said the 40 per cent shelf space will go a long way in increasing the visibility of locally made goods on the market. Members of Parliament MPs passed amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering Act that require disclosures to be made when transactions of Shsm and above are being made. More importantly, the amendments also strengthen how Uganda can counter terrorism financing.

The amendments were in line with proposals made by FATF. ChimpReports understands that Museveni and his guest will discuss the security crisis in South Sudan and the refugee problem affecting the region. Uganda is host to over one million refugees, with the vast majority from war-torn South Sudan.

She told the business community that they have to foot their bills to attend the fairs because they were going to look for business opportunity. She said in the fairs Ugandans can find business partners. This was during a function held at the residence of the German ambassador in Kololo, Kampala. At the function, presentations were made to Uganda's business community on how and why they can participate in trade fairs in Germany. Civil society members argued that a trade agreement such as EPA has implications on the industrialisation of the country and the region, given its onerous provisions, among them; extensive liberalisation, contradictions in the liberalisation schedules and weak multilateral and bilateral safeguards.

They also said such deals constrain the use of export taxes, triggers the rendezvous clause which brings in negotiations of new issues like investment, intellectual property, procurement, and competition, thereby constraining policy space that Least Developed Countries had fought hard to retain at world trade level. While addressing motorists from southwestern sub-region in Mbarara, Mr Friday said prices of goods and services in the country are determined by forces of demand and supply but not government.

The economy was fully liberalised and there are so many companies so prices are determined by forces of demand and supply. The Republic of Rwanda and Burundi joined the Customs Union in and started applying its instruments in July However, the Treaty establishing the EAC provides that a Custom Union shall be the first stage in the process of economic integration.

This is basically because even before the signing of the treaty, there were strong partnerships already between Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The Custom Union has allowed East Africa to operate as a free trade area where partner states have reduced or eliminated taxes on goods originating from within the community and have a Common External Tariff CET on goods imported from other countries. It was incorporated and became a limited liability company. UDB is majorly focused on aligning itself with the National Development Plan because it is a national bank.

Its emphasis is to throw a lot of weight on the sectors that spur development in the country so it is only imperative that it aligns itself with the National Development Plan. There are key sectors that have been identified by the National Development Plan that will be in position to spur development. The bank has been in discussions with the shareholder, represented by the minister of Finance. That means that the Shsb is to be raised by the shareholder through various ways. There are opportunities in food production including availing arable land, provision of inputs, provision of farming advisory services and financing of agricultural production.

After the misfortune of the drought, I am pretty sure the uptake of irrigation equipment is going to increase significantly. The drought and subsequent livestock and crop failures also increased the need for financing because many farmers do not have savings to finance their own production costs. He had a point. The economy has indeed been growing.

The projection — revised downwards — indicates that the economy will grow at 4. This growth is considered low due to the middle-class ambitions of the country. Speaking at the launch of the Instant Interbank Transfer system in Kampala, Mr Kamal Budhabhatti, the Craft Silicon chief executive officer, said there was need to leverage on new technology in order to promote conventional banking that is both convenient and less costly to customers. It has been a journey of growth for the local sports betting industry over the last couple of years.

This will be the second time in three years that Uganda is hosting the event. Meanwhile, Yudi Soetjiptadi, the project director of Hong Kong-based Eventus International, the event organisers, says the African continent is projected to become the largest market opportunity for the global gaming industry, hence the need to align it to the rest of the world. KACITA spokesperson, Isa Ssekitto told New Vision that many traders are at risk of losing their property over bad debts resulting from the poor performing state of the economy.

The spokesperson of Ministry of Finance, Jim Mugunga explained that Ugandans are living in increasingly challenging economic times because of the shrinking of the global economy. If countries like South Sudan and Kenya buy less from us due to the decreased spending power among other factors, this is bound to impact us economically. In a separate meeting with the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee after the opening of the forum, Rugunda said the decision to take the forum to Africa would be further testimony to the deepening business ties between the two regions.

Rugunda also told the forum that in Uganda, the Indian community is playing a 'significant role in the economy. Economic analyst Simon Peter Nsereko, noted that rise in inflation is not a surprise due to the long dry spell. He added that Uganda's inflation is not worrying because it is within the medium term target. Nsereko explained that price increase is worrying because it affects low income earners since they cannot afford the food. He explained that to the consumers, it means that he has to change their consumption habits and basket of goods because their income can purchase less commodities.

Dr Rugunda said: "We are here to attract serious investors who can process and add value to our products to enable us create the much needed jobs for our people and boost our export earnings through producing for the export market. The conclave will be opened by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee.

The forum has become a prestigious event for Indian and African governments and industry to meet and explore new avenues of partnerships. The annual gathering enables the Indian and African leadership to take stock of the progress of the partnership. The Prime Minister's delegation includes business people and manufacturers, private sector foundation, as well as officials from ministry of trade, investment and Uganda Investment Authority.

It carries a shilling and dollar denomination. The principals as is the case with government accounts may only draw on it with parliamentary approval, but these approvals run within the gamut of hundreds of appropriating lines in the budget that they are subject to mischief.

In the case of the Petroleum Fund, it has now come to light that the revenues collected so far are highly drawn.

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shumuk forex kampala serena

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Ugandan Shilling to Yuan. Ugandan Shilling to Euros. Ugandan Shilling to Hong Kong Dollars. Ugandan Shilling to Rupees. Ugandan Shilling to Yen. Ugandan Shilling to New Zealand Dollars. Ugandan Shilling to South African Rands. Ugandan Shilling to Swiss Francs. Ugandan Shilling to Lira. Ugandan Shilling to Dollars.

Ugandan Shilling to Dirhams. Hungarian Forint. Kazakhstan Tenge. Macedonian Denar. Barbadian Dollar. Bolivian Boliviano. Cayman Islands Dollar. Costa Rica Colon. East Caribbean Dollar. El Salvador Colon. Guatemala Quetzal. Honduras Lempira. Neth Antilles Guilder. Panamanian Balboa. Paraguayan Guarani. Peruvian Nuevo Sol. The secret of Sibley was simple: he used the tactics of the "Western Union".

Most service points of Western Union work in the time convenient for customers throughout the week and throughout the year. Western Union offers one of the easiest ways for families and friends to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world. One of the common kinds of money transfer is a transfer via the international system of Western Union. In Western Union left the telephone business after losing a lawsuit against Alexander Graham Bell - the patent holder on the phone. Open up Settings the configuration guide.

It can be additional references Articles the use of. Try it for. After that trial best to check a session, open with Quick Connect decide whether to. In the same year, an application to operate Kabale University as a centre of higher learning was submitted to the Ministry of Education and Sports MoES. The Main Campus sits on 50 acres of land. KIU has its main campus at Kansanga, a location in Makindye Division in the south-eastern part of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city.

The campus is approximately 7 kilometres 4. KIU's second campus is located in Ishaka in Bushenyi District, approximately kilometres mi , by road, south-west of Kampala. Kampala University is a fountain of knowledge, which produces holistic and all round graduates who become vanguards of change in the community. This philosophy is founded on a society, which needs graduates who are competitive in the job market, academically, morally and socially.

It is the University's belief, firm hope and desire that Uganda as a nation, the East and Central Africa Region, and indeed the whole world become transformed into a developed common society economically, culturally and academically which should act as a vehicle of development in all areas and at all levels. Anyone with parental responsibility will lose it when an adoption order is made.

The same is what happens when the young, parents less infl uential, are exposed with little guidance to the dangers of the modern world. Therefore Kayiwa International University aware of the numerous perversions of integrity of the modern world lays emphasis on safeguarding the university seeking adult in a milieu of ethics, high quality academic expertness and skills that will make them dignifi ed, marketable and worthful employers or employees anywhere on the globe.

Kyambogo University KYU was established with the main aim of promoting and advancing knowledge and development of skills in Science, Technology and Education and such other fields having regards for quality, equity, progress and transformation of society. The vision come from the missionaries of the New Testament Churches of Christ who saw the need to have a greater influence through education so that communities can be improved for Christ.

LIU was granted a letter of interim authority by the Uganda National Council for Higher education to begin operating in In Mbale , after vigorous inspections and interviews, a provisional license was granted, which authorizes LIU to admit students and issue degrees.

The process of acquiring the Charter is in progress. All degrees have been accredited by the NCHE and we look forward to the future expansion as God provides. LivingStone International University is seeking to transform Africa through quality Christ-centered Higher education and the LIU vision is taking shape rapidly with much work to be done.

Already 56 acres of land have been acquired in a key location.. Makerere University, Kampala is Uganda's largest and oldest institution of higher learning, first established as a technical school in Today, Makerere University is composed of nine colleges and one school offering programmes for about 36, undergraduates and 4, postgraduate.

MUBS provides business and management education at the certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Mbarara University commenced student intake and instruction in It is one of the eight public universities and degree-awarding institutions in the country.

Four technology-science based degree programmes for developing hands-on skills and competences in order to address gaps in vocational and science education, community health and information and telecommunications were developed. The main campus is in the city of Masaka, approximately kilometres 84 mi , by road, southwest of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city. The third campus is in the town of Mubende, approximately kilometres 95 mi , by road, west of Kampala.

Also, all courses offered in the university were accredited by the same body. It was established in as part of a group of schools and colleges that originally grew from a kindergarten established in The university is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in applied business education. The university is not affiliated with any particular religious organization, but it accommodates several religious associations, which allow the students to fellowship along religious beliefs and to devote adequate time to God.

Lawrence University occupies the premise of one of the five St. Lawrence University was launched by the President of the Republic of Uganda. As a private university in East Africa, St. Augustine International University SAIU is committed to providing quality education grounded in a culture of developing hands-on skills for job creation and job markets.

With a strong ambition and desire to address the various challenges that have afflicted the higher education sector in the region and the poor quality graduates that have flocked the East African job market, SAIU is guided by its dictum, "Moral Rearmament and Wealth Creation. Our state of the art laboratory equipment, well stocked library and communication facilities facilitate and promote quality education and research among students and enhance continuing academic development of staff as well.

Is a Chartered University based in Nairobi. We started in as the first multi-racial, multi-religious advamced level sixth form College offering Science and arts subjects. At Team University we offer courses which are highly competitive and prestigious bench marked to international standards.

This gives our students a password to confront the challenges of the world of work as job creators but not job seekers. Uganda Christian University UCU is an authentic Christian institution established by the Church of Uganda in in response to a call for quality university education with a Christian perspective. Uganda Christian University replaced the historic Bishop Tucker Theological College which trained clergy and educators during its year history from In , UCU became the first private university to be chartered or accredited by the government of Uganda.

UMU consists of seven faculties, one institute, four centers, five departments, and two schools. As of January , total student enrollment exceeded 5, Of these, about 1, students were residential, while nearly 3, students were enrolled in UMU's distance learning programs. The number of staff members was over UTAMU seeks and creates opportunities in technology and management sciences through innovative research, partnerships, students and alumni engagement.

It is the only university in Uganda that has successfully infused the teaching and learning processes with appropriate information and communications technologies. In accordance with human and Christian values, the objectives of the University shall be:- To provide accessible, affordable and practical university education to diverse, eligible candidates. To promote and nurture general university studies with demand-oriented specialisations. To promote the pursuit of relevant basic and applied research, aiming at producing graduates for sustainable and societal development.

To promote proper use and management of the environment. To educate persons of integrity concerned about promoting the common good. To promote and use cultural values in university education. To enhance the various services rendered by the Archdiocese of Mbarara.

Shumuk Forex Kampala Shumuk forex bureau address phone number email website reviews contact location. Shumuk forex bureau kampala uganda. Shumuk forex bureau rates kampala uganda descript! We are one of the oldest forex bureaus in the uganda licensed by the bank of uganda.

Shumuk forex bureau another branch of shumuk group the forex operates two branches both strategically located in the heart of the city offering buying and selling of the widest foreign currency. We are serving the nation for the past 25 years as market leaders in our area of business.

Shumuk forex bureau business profile on yellowug shumuk forex bureau address phone number email website reviews contact location. Uganda forex bureaux exchange rates uganda shilling to dollar pound euro currency converter best rates kampala today while on your visit or travel to uganda it is necessary to have your money changed to the local currency to ease money transactions.

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