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Betting life savings plan

betting life savings plan

Problem gambling affects thousands of If the problem gambler in your life is in denial and pulled out of an IRA or retirement account at work. Many parents saving for college say crypto is a part of their financial plan. Here's what to know about the risky investment and higher. But it depends of what's the value of your life savings. It could be to you it's your life's work but to a Highroller casino, it's just a drop in the ocean. ODDS ON TODAY`S GAMES

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He was single, had no kids and not much of a savings to worry about. He held auctions and went to car boot fairs to sell off everything that could fetch a price. Upon arrival, he had one more choice to make: whether to bet it all on red or black. With a rented tuxedo on his body and a curious crowd at his back, Ashely Revell approached the roulette table with a big stack of chips.

The dealer explained that he would need to declare his wager before the ball had made more than three revolutions around the roulette wheel. The ball slowed, took a few bounces and eventually settled in the slot that doubled his life savings: 7-Red. For every Ashley Revell, there are a dozen others who got in over their heads and really did lose it all. Those massive, shining casinos that light up the desert were not built on the backs of lucky players like Mr.

No matter how great a bet may look on paper, there is never a guarantee when it comes to gambling. For the most part, only the lucky players make the news and become legends. You never hear about the hundred poor saps before him or the hundred after who had to call home for a Greyhound ticket. This is most certainly not the type of play you should emulate no matter how lucky you may feel.

I always like to look at gambling as akin to a night out on the town. But generally, cooler minds prevail, and we stick to our regular betting patterns and tendencies. However, there are those gamblers who do indeed take the ultimate plunge, and Ashley Revell is one of them. Ignoring friends, family members and even casino personnel who tried to dissuade him from gambling his life savings on a single spin of the roulette wheel, a nervous and excited Mr.

Revell in early April of stood ready to make the bet of a lifetime. Wearing a rented tuxedo he had sold all of his clothing and standing in front of a roped off roulette table at the Las Vegas, Nevada Plaza Hotel and Casino, Ashley Revell assembled the chips which reflected the monetary value of everything he had owned up to that point in his life. The young man had sold his house, his vehicle and even every bit of significant piece of clothing he could manage to build up his single spin bankroll.

Telling friends he was ready for a new start, he then contacted an un-named casino in Las Vegas which said they would honor his bet. They pulled out after a few days, leaving Ashley wondering if this was a sign he should stop this foolishness. However, he eventually got the Plaza to accept his massive and unprecedented roulette wager, television crews and news reporters were contacted, and the big date was set up.

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