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Claudiu cazacu xtb forex

claudiu cazacu xtb forex

În acest context, Claudiu Cazacu, consulting strategist în cadrul XTB să UE reglementat care Vă permite să tranzacționați Forex, Crypto și CFD. să fie. The comeback was spectacular: from a low of 16 USD/barrel, Brent went over 46 USD/barrel (recently its level was around 41) and WTI from USD. Contract based research work on economic matters. July - November XTB Romania, Bucharest, Romania. Chief Strategist. Managing the research department. BARCLAYS BANK UK FOREX BROKERS

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In Poland, the WIG20 stock market index is 7. It is also worth pointing out to the Bucharest Stock Exchange vibrant recovery. The local market was sustained by announcements and expectations for dividends with attractive returns, interest in energy stocks which hold a significant share in the index capitalization, and recovery of bank shares, with higher interest rates outlining favorable expectations for profitability.

The trend was mainly similar to the one in Europe, with hopes of a peace truce and hopes of moderation of energy, oil and gas prices being key factors in the recovery. However, the perspectives remain uncertain, and the risk of new episodes of volatility is high. It is not far from halfway between the highs of March 8 and the lows of March And energy is several times more expensive in Europe production prices than last year.

Even at current levels, prices are holding back economic activity, with drops expected temporarily and unevenly for the European industrial sector. In the event of additional sanctions blocking the supply of natural gas, oil or both to the EU, the additional pressure to increase prices could mean an unbearable burden for the economy. Stock market investors could, thus, suddenly change their prospects. Although interest rates are still well below inflation, their trend is upward.

Central banks in Eastern Europe have already taken steps in this direction. The European Central Bank is considering a timetable for monetary tightening, and recent signs in the US even show that a 0. However, US stock markets returned to the upward swing on Tuesday, despite rising interest rates on government bonds that foreshadow a more restrictive environment.

In Romania, the 3 months key interest rate reached a multi-year peak of 4. But what awaits us in the coming months? It is clear that, globally, the real economy has suffered profound distortions in the way it operates, and highly oil-consuming sectors, especially air transportation, are far behind previous levels. Curbing activity in many urban centers and limiting discretionary mobility is still a relevant factor.

Read more about read more On the other side, the recovery of the Chinese economy essential for the balance of the energy market surprised favorably: the data showed a recovery in private consumption, which rose in August compared to , for the first time after months of deep decline, while the imports of oil and derivated products reached record levels in the first 7 months.

In addition, international freight volumes are few percent away from the January-February levels. In the very short term, the evolution of Hurricane Sally should be watched as it closed certain refining capacities in the southern part of the USA. In the next period, the market is looking to rebalance.

After using previously traded quantities, during low prices, and downward pressures may occur, especially if the general enthusiasm of investors, which also brought the stock markets to record levels, moderates. In the medium and long term, overcoming the pandemic-induced slowdown and cancelling or postponing investments this year could boost prices.

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Finance Talks cu Claudiu Cazacu și Milan Prușan - XTB Romania claudiu cazacu xtb forex

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