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Syndaver labs investing

syndaver labs investing

SynDaver Labs is a Tampa, Florida-based startup that creates synthetic Investment Asking For, $3,, for 10% equity in SynDaver Labs. SynDaver is on track to make $10 million this year, he says, adding that the company has lined up investors who place an even higher valuation on the company. UPDATE*: Unfortunately the deal fell through but Syndaver is still moving forward with new hires! Read more through the Tampa Bay Business Journal. PROSHARES BTC ETF

The Tampa native said his wife suggested a year ago that he apply to get on Shark Tank. To grab the attention of producers, Sakezles sent one of his synthetic cadavers in a box via overnight mail to the show's Los Angeles office. SynDaver's "bodies" are composed of materials that mimic human tissue in a proprietary recipe that includes water, salt and fiber.

The realistic creations look like an abandoned autopsy subject with their innards exposed. The ploy worked — Sakezles got a call from the show the day his product arrived in L. He said his company still has ambitious plans to expand internationally as it searches for additional investors, and the show helped make people aware of his product.

An initial public offering of stock is planned for These things happen. The entrepreneur, Christopher, who sought outside resources to help his venture become a success, sought outside assistance to get it off the ground. Sakezles immediately discusses why SynDaver Labs is worth so much after surprising the market with that price tag.

The complex reproductions of the human body are made from salt, water, and fiber, which closely resemble our organic composition. These elements are used to build replicas. All the different tests, training, and studies conducted on medical products are designed to serve as a suitable replacement for live animals, human cadavers, and even real live patients. The Sharks demonstrate a fully artificial human body, which is vital for most medical treatments. The Sharks are impressed with this piece of technology.

The first people to rush out of their seats and continue investigating the SynDaver are Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. Upon touching the synthetic body, they discover that it is, in fact, damp since it is composed of roughly 80 percent water. The reason for this is that the synthetic body was created using water. Each cadaver contains all the muscles, bones, and organs characteristic of people, so it is accurate from an anatomical standpoint.

This corpse can be dissected and handled the same way a medical research group would with any other organic subject they might utilize. Herjavec is the first to inquire, inquiring about the price difference between a synthetic and an organic corpse, and he is the one who poses the issue. SynDavers cost approximately forty thousand dollars, but as Sakezles points out, this is money well spent because these are things that may be used more than once.

In addition, he shows off some of the functions of the model by making it open its eyes and move its arm, which is very surprising for the Sharks. They individually make their way back to their seats and begin conducting business conversations, clearly impressed by the scientific technology shown. Herjavec admits that everything he has seen thus far is fairly amazing and then inquires as to whether or not the company has already achieved any sales.

These total sales were accumulated over three years. They are the only firm that manufactures this kind of product, and they have 10 patents to ensure that it will continue to be the only company that does so. In addition, the business is lucrative. Barbara Corcoran. Because she was uncertain that he would be successful, she decided to forego the investment. Greiner explains that the issue with him is that he does not have enthusiasm for the business, which causes her to question whether or not he would be able to preserve her investment if she gave him her money.

Because of the unpredictability of the situation, she does not make any investments either. He thinks that he has the potential to become fairly successful and that all that is required of them is to clear a road to market and sales. However, Herjavec decides to present a proposal to the other party. He strongly desires to overtake Sakezles as the most passionate person working for the organization. Surprisingly, Sakezles declined the offer because Herjavec demanded a greater share of the equity than Sakezles was willing to deal with at this time.

Herjavec sought assistance from Mark Cuban but was unsuccessful after Cuban backed out of the deal. Sakezles and Herjavec attempted to reconcile the investment terms after the cameras stopped shooting, but ultimately, their relationship was unsuccessful since his position as CEO of the company would have been jeopardized.

He refused to give it up, so the agreement was called off, and no additional funds were invested in SynDaver. He intends to increase the number of staff from to within the next three years, and he sees only success for SynDaver Labs in the future.

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This model will allows an unparalleled intubation experience. This model contains highly realistic oral and upper airway anatomy and is by far the most realistic and elaborate canine model that has ever been constructed. This model will allow for an unparalleled intubation experience. SynDaver's Silicone Anatomy Model includes major skeletal, muscular and some of the cartilaginous structures present in typical human anatomy.

It is a full-sized, head-to-toe anatomical model. Item Number: SynDaver's Silicone Anatomy Model includes major skeletal, muscular and some of the cartilaginous structures present in typical human anatomy. SynDavers models are an extremely realistic synthetic representation of human anatomy. This education-grade synthetic human includes bones, joints, muscles, organs, and tendons that exist in human anatomy.

The major nervous system and vascular components are also included. The SynDaver Synthetic Human is world famous for accurately reproducing detailed human anatomy with highly realistic materials. Item Number: The SynDaver Mortuary Model includes many features from our line of synthetic humans with modifications to fit the needs of the field. SynDaver is aggressively pursuing means to reduce overall costs for the end-user by focusing our efforts on the aspects most relevant to training in the mortuary science field.

The SynDaver Musculoskeletal Model includes all of the major skeletal and muscular structures present in typical human anatomy. Item Number: The SynDaver Musculoskeletal Model is an ideal alternative to human cadavers in basic anatomy classes.

The investment of the SynDaver for the Quincy College at Plymouth Campus comes on the heels of a significant Plymouth Campus renovation where the campus expanded its campus footprint by 45, square feet including the build-out of state-of-the-art Nursing wing which includes a simulation laboratory space. Quincy College anticipates training staff on the SynDaver over the summer and expects students to be working with the SynDaver in the Fall of to support and augment their course work.

The SynDaver The SynDaver Surgical Model, procured by Quincy College is an education-grade synthetic human cadaver complete with all bones, joints, muscles, organs and tendons found in normal human anatomy. This model includes: Over muscle composites and bones Major nervous system and vascular components Complete and functional musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, endocrine and nervous systems The SynDaver Surgical Model is an ideal alternative to human cadavers often used to demonstrate critical skills of healthcare professions in basic anatomy classes.

The tissues are a better representation of live tissue than the dead tissue of a cadaver.

Syndaver labs investing making a better workplace

SynDaver Synthetic Patient syndaver labs investing


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