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Bracketron dash mount

bracketron dash mount

The Bracketron Mi-T Grip is (both metaphorically and literally) a solid smartphone mount for users who prefer dashboard placement. They all may. Bracketron XTreme Grip XL Smart Phone Dash Mount An ideal hands-free solution to quickly, easily and securely mount a wide range of smartphones or. Buy Bracketron OneClick Dash Mount BT with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Newegg shopping upgraded ™. FREE BOOKS ON FOREX TRADING FOR BEGINNERS

On the other hand, with only one articulation point and a short arm, the Grip is quite stable, exhibiting none of the shakiness and vibration that longer, more flexible mounts do. However, the Mi-T Grip perhaps performs best when it's not stuck to your windshield. The suction cup at the base of the Mi-T Grip is made of tacky, semiadhesive material that sticks to most solid surfaces under its own power.

This stickiness combined with the suction generated by locking the Mi-T Grip's suction cup in place resulted in a remarkably tenacious grip on whatever surface I mounted it on. This strong grip is a boon for keeping a smartphone secured and stable while driving, but it can also make the mount a tad difficult but not impossible to remove between trips.

Additionally, the tacky material has a tendency to pick up lint and dirt when stored or transported without a cover, so the Mi-T Grip is probably best left semipermanently in place in your vehicle between trips, rather than repeatedly placed and removed like a conventional suction cup mount.

The suction cup is made of a tacky, semiadhesive material. I particularly enjoy the dashboard-mounting capability, because it allows me to mount the phone low and near the radio controls, where it can be easily reached for destination input or changing songs while the windshield remains unobstructed.

The suction cup holds on to glass as well as most dashboard materials. However, after an entire weekend with it attached to the soft dashboard of the Volvo C30, I noticed a slight circular indentation where the Mi-T Grip attached. This indentation disappeared a day after I removed the Grip, but users may want to take care to periodically check the condition of the material beneath the suction cup.

Your phone is held in place with a spring-loaded, C-shaped claw. The interior of the claw is covered in ribbed rubber to increase grip and protect your phone's finish. The claw has a few degrees of tilt articulation and can be freely rotated, thanks to its ball-joint connection to the mounting arm. The assembly can also be locked in place by tightening a ring on its back panel.

The phone is held in place by a spring-loaded claw. I found this to be tricky to do one-handed. However, after a few days of use, wedging the phone in and popping it out became second nature. Key Features Universal holder with flexib Bracketron H2O Smartphone Cup Holder Mount Provided by third party: The H2O Smartphone Cup Holder Mount easily installs into your front or rear seat cup holders providing a stable, secure and easily accessible mounting solution for your smartphone or other portable mobile device.

Bracketron TekGrip Power Dock for Select Provided by third party: The TekGrip Power Dock is the ideal hands-free solution to quickly, easily and securely mount and power your smartphone or other mobile devices in your car. The mount features "one-click" arm expansion and convenient portrait or landscape viewing when you're on the go. Key Features PowerGrip arms securely hold the mount Included with this mount is a thin strip of metal that helps your smartphone or GPS adhere to the powerful magnets inside the mount.

It has adhesive for sticking to the back of your device, or can simply be inserted between your device and its protective case.

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Bracketron OneClick Dash \u0026 Window Mount Installation BT1 997 2


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Bracketron MagnetXT Dash Mount: BT1-924-2 and CD Slot \u0026 Vent Mount: BT1-984-2

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