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5431 elizabeth place rolling meadows il school

5431 elizabeth place rolling meadows il school

Allina Health Hospice & Palliative Care (Homestead House Hospice). Nw 26Th St Rolling Meadows, IL Old Eagle School RD Ste Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia Faculty: Marshall University School of Medicine (Adjunct clinical faculty) Danville, IL Mr. Coggin taught public school for four years prior to his business experience. Schaapman IRA 10, Rolling Meadows Trail Fayetteville. WINNERS BETTING FIXTURE

Loans granted on ike security of Policies which have ac- quired a surrender value. I Agents wanted where the Company is not represented. All documents in the former name are equally valid with those in the new name. By order of the Board, J. Office Hours-Ten to Four. Saturday—Ten to Two. Money received on Deposit for tix months and upwards. Amongst others, no Fees of any kind deducted from advances unless desired. Low repayment subscriptions.

Arrangements can be made by which interest only may be paid on amount borrowed for a fixed period. This Society presents a safe and profitable medium for investing large or small sums. All Liberals are requested to examine the Lists, to secure the correct insertion of their names, places of abode, and qualifications, and in case of omission or error, to apply at once at the above Office for Forms of Claims, which, with ail information, may be had free of charge.

Liberal Lodgers must make new claims. As the List now being made will most probably be the one on which the next Election will take place, it is of the utmost importance that all Liberals should now be registered. Plans, Specifications, terms of Contract, and forms of Tenders and Schedules, may be inspected at the offices of Mr. James, Architect and Surveyor, Cardiff. The Board does not pledge itself to accept the lowest or any tender. The Court House, Pontypridd, July 24th, Glazebrook and Co.

The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. These Villas are the first of a large number to be erected of the same class. Post-office Chambers, Church-street, Cardiff. See handbills. Paddington Terminus. By Order. Cardiff, 29th July, Cardiff, 28th July, Dated this 31st day of July, Admission—First Class, Is.

Doors open at Half-past Six, to commence at Seven. Satur- day, half an hour earlier. For particulars see small bills. See prospectus. Agent for the Company—Mr. Right Hon. Charles H. Philip Pleyilell Bouverie, Esq. Burrell, Esq. Worlehouse Currie, Esq. Frederick H. Norman, Esq. Ellward DCllt, Esq. Harvey Morton Farquhar, Esq. Brice Hugh Pearee, Esq. Walter Randolph Farquhar,Esq. Charles Richard Pole, Esq. Henry Rich. Henry G. George Slater-Booth, Esq. James M. Hogif, M. Oswald A.

Smith, Esq. Henry Francis S. Lefevre; Esq, Henry II. TosnUinsoa, Esq. The security offeied by this Society is undoubted; a copy of the Revenue Account and Balance Sheet may be obtained on application. Assurances effected now participate in Eighty per cent. At the last division of profits the cash bonuses appro- priated to assurances effected since Midsummer, , averaged 27 per cent. Jones Aberayron. Hollier Abergavenny Mr. Rees Brecon Mr. Evans, Clerk of the Pea' e Office. Price Briton Ferry Mr.

Old Bridgend Mr. Gladdish Cardigan Mr. Evans Carmarthen. White Chepstow Mr. Coles Crickhowell Mr. Lewis Cowbridge. Atkins Llandovery Mr. Evans Llanelly Mr. Broom Poutardawe Mr. David Smith Mumbles, near Swansea. Mr, J Orrin Swansea. Merry Fishguard Mr. Quilter Knighton Mr. Collis Lampeter. Thomas Llandaff Mr. John Howe Merthyr. Price Narberth. Thomas Lewis Neath Mr. David Glass Mr. Old Pembroke Dock Mr. Francis Trewent Pontypool. Greenway Tenby Mr. John Phelps Usk Mr.

John Edwards 1Joiicoj. BIRD, G. FAGE, C. HILL, E. Percy B. Fielding, C. Crawshay, Esq. Livsey, wilL play a choice selection of music during the show. Subscribers' Tickets may be obtained till the 19th August from the Honorary Secretary. Admission at 1. All Entries must be made by the 18th August.

The Show will close at seven p. For Particulars, apply D. A Procession, to which the Members of kindred Societies are respectfully invited to take part, will be formed in the Cardiff Arms Park, at 12 noon. Commuiiicatuais requested to be made to the Secretary, Mr.

Loyns, Eisjeddi'od-street, Cardiff. John the Baptist," with Mr. Charles Halle's. Band of Eighty Instruments and Great Organ. Entries will close on the 8th. Welsh St. Donatts, Cowbridge. Subscriptions already acknowledged. Beddoes, Canton 1 l 0 Parishioner, per Rev. Howell Mr. Jones, Cardiff Mr. Samuel Shepton, contractor 0 10 6 Further subscriptions will be thankfully received by the Churchwardens, Messrs.

Woods and West, or by the Vicar. Eastern District. John's Green, Colchester. Hulrne, Manchester. Western District 33, George street, Devonport. Tenders must be made upJn the proper Forms which may be obtained on application to the Control Officers at the several Barracks, between the hours of Ten and Four each day Sundays excepted. Applicants for Forms of Tender must xurnish the Control Officer with every information as to their names, places of abode, and means of executing a Contract.

Good Family Tea 2s. Wiltshire Rams and Bacon of the best quality. Devonshire Butter received once a week. Finest Cheddar, Gloucester, and American Cheese. French and Italian Warehouseman. All goods of the best quality and for ready money. Orders by post will receive prompt attention.

No refunds are given on costumes. Costume measurements will be done during your class time. If you have questions regarding dress code or other inquiries, please contact Debbie Rochau at , x or by email at dance rmparks. Private Lessons Contact Andrea Defrancesco at , x or email her at adefrancesco rmparks. Class will consist of barre work, across the floor and center work combinations. No heeled tap shoes please. Singles as well as couples are welcome, but partners are not guaranteed.

Please wear leather-soled shoes for easier movement. Both participants must sign the waiver on the registration form. Wood St. Bring a copy of your special first dance song to class. This class is great a opportunity for male students to build athletic endurance, balance and coordination. This class allows male students to feel comfortable while building technique, creativity and confidence.

This is not a recital class. Recital fee includes a recital t-shirt. Costume measurements will be done during class time. Rolling Meadows Dance Company Company members take one intensive class a week consisting of tap, jazz and ballet curriculum. During the June recital, company members will participate in one dance for each style as well as a whole production number. Auditions for new company members will be held the end of August, If you are interested in being a company member or have questions about dance attire or shoe sizing, please contact Debbie Rochau at , x or by email at dance rmparks.

Location Com. TechStars classes are project-based, hands-on and designed to make learning fun. This is a great program that introduces your child to some basic computer skills, and the world of robotics and programming. Children work in teams. Code Time pm Day Tue. Children will have a great time working on activities designed around creativity, exploring, investigating and problem solving in a fun group environment!

While building these fun and interactive models, they will learn about levers, pulleys, gears, wheels and axles. Junior FUN-gineering, Ages Rolling Meadows Community Center Young engineers will build working models of simple machines such as a crane, rolling vehicle and a merry-go-round.

Students will work in teams on activities designed around creativity, exploring, investigating and problem solving in a fun group environment. Learn fundamentals of computer networking through this unique Minecraft experience that also allows you and your friends to work in multi-player mode as you mine, craft and build together to survive.

Working with a partner, use your skills to explore all the secrets the world has to offer, including a mysterious castle filled with challenges. No matter whether you are new to Minecraft or already love the program, this program is for YOU! Hair must be secured up and away from the face.

No jewelry is to be worn on the body. No jeans, over-sized sweatshirts or t-shirts should be worn. If you have questions regarding dress code or other inquires for the instructors, please email the instructors. Shoes can be ordered through the Park District by contacting Debbie Rochau at , x or by email at dance rmparks. Code Day Date Mon. Enjoy a day of games and indoor rides. Code Day Date Tue. Code Day Date Fri. Register early, space is limited. Trips are a co-op with Salt Creek Park District.

Lunch is not included. Ages: Time: Drop-off is from am. Pickup is from pm. Afterwards, we will be watching a movie on our blow up screen at the Park District. Code Day Date Thu. In the afternoon we will be playing gym activities and board games at Salt Creek Sports Center. Explore science, art and other exciting interactive exhibits. Code Day Date Wed. We will also be playing activities in the Community Center Gym.

Please bring a bathing suit and towel. In the afternoon will be watching a movie at the restaurant. Movie: TBA in February. Enjoy some pizza. Free pizza for the first 50 participants. Wear green and receive one free item from the concession stand. Future dates to be announced at a later date. Fee includes lift ticket, ski rental and lesson. Please bring your own lunch. Additional waiver required. Experience all the view of the city 1,ft up in the air.

Lunch, tickets and transportation are included in the fee. Join us as we take a trip to Starved Rock. It will be a full day of Eagle watching, hiking and seeing the beauty of the outdoors. The key is finding a monologue that is right for you. Work with an acting coach to find and construct a piece that highlights your strengths as an actor and performer. Memorize and present an minute performance piece to an audience at the end of the session and fine-tune another minute monologue to use in future auditions.

The final presentation of this class will be at the Community Center on March 7. Please bring money for lunch. Fee includes transportation and boat ticket. Lunch will be at the Rock and Roll McDonalds after the boat tour. Our instructor will help you develop a comic strip of your own. Wood Street, Room 2A. Code Time pm Day Wed. Four weeks are spent on drawing and four weeks on painting. Code Time pm Day Fri. Course work will be determined by the students and guided by Mr. O addressing what they learn and materials they want to use: colored pencil, charcoal, water-colors, pastels and acrylics.

Amaze your family and friends. Tricks are easy to learn and perform. All materials are provided. Young magicians can take the class over and over again as new tricks are taught each session. Want to make people laugh? Find your comedic side in this class by telling jokes, playing improv games and learning classic comedy routines.

We may even write our own. We will also work on acting techniques such as voice production and finding the right physicality for each piece. Laugh out loud while you have a great time improving your overall confidence and performance skills. Wood Street. To purchase tickets, visit CuttingHall. Additional ticketing fees may apply.

Paleontologist - Exploration, Ages Rolling Meadows Community Center Ever wondered what it would be like to hold the dinosaur bones seen in museums, or make a discovery like a Paleontologist? This class covers all the elements of being in a full production: singing, dancing, staging and memorizing lines. And Me! But wait Help arrives when a cast full of hilarious threesomes comes to the rescue!

Students will be asked to provide simple costumes and props for the production. Show run-time is approximately 25 minutes. In each class we will focus on acting, movement, theater games and scene study from the play, Tangled Tales. All of the work done in class will culminate in a final presentation complete with costumes, sets and lights.

The fireworks fly when they try to pick the most twisted classic. But Ms. Wizard freezes her to steal it herself. Lots of action and funny dialogue. Many great roles for a large cast of performers. Rapids Swim Team Info: This program focuses on the self improvement and skill development of the individual swimmer, while building a strong, competitive team.

Children ages who are able to swim 25 yards of front crawl using rhythmic breathing, are welcome to join. League meets take place on Wednesday nights. Transportation will not be provided to the meets. This program is designed to help participants improve swimming skills and techniques within a format similar to more intense year-long programs.

Registration for the swim team will begin April 13th. Parent meeting will be held on May 6th at pm at the Community Center. Our traveling choirs have performed all around the U. Louis Cathedral. Meet us on our Winter Welcome Nights. This class leads directly to Do Re Mi for 6 and 7 year olds. Parents and friends are invited to join the final class on March 5. The director will decide when that move is best for each singer.

Additional surcharge will apply for spring concert tickets purchased online. Detectives and Spies, Ages , Ages New! Rolling Meadows Community Center Become a master of disguises and learn from our Rolling Meadows Police Officers about finger printing, secret codes, tracking and hidden messages in this class. Invite your friends to be a secret agent with you! Each child will receive a goodie bag, drink and a snack. Parent must attend program.

Stay tuned for more details on our Detectives and Spies program in our Summer Catalog. British Royalty, Ages New! Rolling Meadows Community Center Join us for a one-day class where your child will dress up in their favorite prince and princess outfits.

They will learn to use magic words, how to compliment others and how to receive compliments. Learn about respecting others, hat etiquette, common courtesies and more! Your child will eat like a royal by sipping on caffeine free tea, eating fruits and vegetables and desserts. This class helps children take that big step towards independance. With encouragement from skilled instructors, the participants face physical challenges which give them stronger bodies and sharper minds as well as a clearer understanding of their abilities.

Child needs to be potty trained. We know it is even more essential that their physical challenges be monitored for safety and that their attempts are rewarded. Failed attempts are seen as learning experiences. These classes are pre-1st grade and participants should be age 5 by September 1. There are no make-ups for gymnastics. Classes on this page are held at the Nelson Sports Complex. Code Inst. There are 2 levels of tumbling classes offered; beginner 1 and intermediate 2.

For safety reasons all students new to the tumbling programs should enroll for the beginner level unless the tumbler can perform a back handspring unassisted. Tumbling 1 skill goals include handstands, round offs and flip flops. Tumbling 2 skill goals include back flips and layouts, layouts with twists, alternates and bounders.

HS Code Inst. The 3 level program is designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement oriented program of progressive skills. Children will also receive instruction in the Olympic gymnastics events. Due to the popularity of our gymnastics program, it is recommended to register for each session you are interested in as soon as registration begins.

Please check with your instructor if you are uncertain on the correct level for your gymnast. Gymnasts will get a letter at class if they qualify. Gymnastics attire: Students participate barefoot. No jewelry of any kind is allowed in the gym. Hair must be tied back and away from the face. Girls- a leotard is recommended with or without fitted shorts or capri pants.

Boys- a t -shirt or tank top with shorts without buttons, buckles or zippers For more information on Gymnastics contact Al Hopfer at gymnastics rmparks. Managers are instructed to make the experience as much fun as possible for all participants and to insure a safe environment at all games. Developing skills and baseball knowledge should be introduced, but the ideals of sportsmanship and fair play are to be emphasized.

We have three goals in T-Ball; safety, fun and fundamentals. Volunteer coaches are needed to run this program. If parents are interested please contact Mike Azzaretto at , x Code Time am Days Sat. The season will kick off the last week of April. Register by team only.

Code Day Sun. Cash prizes to the winners of each division. More information to come in the summer catalog! Girls softball leagues are combined with Palatine Youth Softball. Girls Softball Girls will play games along with learning softball fundamentals. This program provides a fun and safe atmosphere to learn the game of softball.

For more information regarding the league and registration please contact Mike Azzaretto at x or mazzaretto rmparks. Flag Football League Coming Soon! Football is coming back to Rolling Meadows! A cooperative flag football league will be starting next Fall with the Hoffman Estates Park District. This league will run from late July to November. Keep an eye out in the Summer brochure for more information!

It carries a long standing tradition of over 50 years. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere to teach our youth the fundamentals of baseball. Our league includes boys and girls, ages 7 through Practices and play begin in April and run through July. We strive to teach sportsmanship and fair play at all levels from basics to advanced fundamentals. Come join us for our first annual Capture the Flag Tournament! Teams will consist of six players.

Please register as a team only. If you are an individual looking for a team, please contact Mike Azzaretto at mazzaretto rmparks. Code Day Sat. The tournament will be singles format. If you have any questions please contact Mike Azzaretto at , x Softball Leagues New! The season will kick off the last week of May and go through July. Divisions may combine depending on enrollment. Code Day Thu.

Equipment is age appropriate. Socialization, teamwork, participation, key motor skill development, good sportsmanship and having fun will be a part of each program. Bring a water bottle to class. Call Mike Azzaretto at , x for more information on all of our athletic programs. Try a step-by-step approach to learning baseball.

Drills for defense, hitting, base running and throwing will be taught. Outfield, infield, pitching and catching segments will all be included. These clinics provide a comprehensive baseball experience for boys and girls regardless if they are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player. Each participant is required to bring a glove and water bottle.

Code Time pm pm Day Wed. Fencing class offers students the basic understanding of attack and defense. Students will learn moves and strategies that create a solid foundation for developing their fencing skills. All equipment is provided. Continue to improve your fencing skills through practice of footwork, drilling and bouts.

The first hole is by the parking lot at North Salk Park and players continue toward the Nelson Sports Complex across the creek to the sled hill, up along the bike path to the library and back across the creek. Disc Golf tee boxes and targets are identified just like a golf course.

No reservations necessary. Using safe and developmentally appropriate equipment, core components of t-ball are taught through a series of fun games and activities designed to reinforce fundamental skills and incorporate game situations. Remember to bring your glove and a water bottle each day. Archery Camp, Ages Join this camp to learn and master the sport of archery in a safe environment.

Exciting drills and fun games will be implemented in this camp. Participants also will learn about archery history and equipment, archery characters in the movies and comics, Olympic archery and archery folk heroes. Please bring a water bottle. Recurve bows, blunt tipped arrows and targets will be provided during camp. Open Gym Basketball Must sign in at Front Counter This is a free, drop in open gym time to play basketball with friends. Games will be played each week and coaches will form teams each week.

Participants will get equal playing time during games. On the last day, participants will showcase what they have learned in the SportsKids Basketball Tournament. Kids will dip into sports such as basketball, t-ball, soccer and floor hockey. Each class will incorporate age-appropriate drills and games, within a structured coaching environment.

This class will give kids a taste of what it is like to play sports, increase their confidence and keep them active. Code Time pm pm pm Day Thu Thu. Children will learn basic ball handling, passing, shooting and defensive skills. Teamwork and sportsmanship will be emphasized through drills and games in a supervised and safe environment. Bring your child over right after school for a fun time playing all kinds of sports including, but not limited to, basketball, floor hockey and soccer!

We will provide the fun, nurturing environment and sports equipment needed to guide your tot through an introduction to organized sports movement. Blunt tipped arrows, bows, and targets are provided. Both technique and games will be a part of this class. Code Time am Day Sat. Lil Dribblers,Ages An introduction to basketball, this class offers simple drills to teach players the rules of the game, ball handling, passing and defense.

Equipment will be size appropriate to help the success of every participant. We will concentrate on the fundamentals of game play. Remember to bring a glove to each class. Basic soccer skills such as running, kicking, passing and game play will be covered. Games will be used to incorporate the skills taught during class in a fun and safe environment. Emphasis will be on the basic skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting.

Age appropriate drills, games and equipment will be used to help boys and girls learn. Adults will enjoy playing alongside and assisting their youngsters as they get their first taste of soccer. Commitment to Academics Achievement - honoring every athlete that demonstrates scholastic fitness. RMYC understands developmental youth cheer. Experienced coaches at every level teaching cheer, sportsmanship, and safety, including full participation; all in effort to foster success on and off the mat.

The season begins in late July, with competitions starting in September and continuing through November. The objective of the IRCA is to support its member agencies by promoting cheerleading through standardized rules and regulations.

Visit our website for more information www. We practice at Rolling Meadows H. Starting the last week of October, Tuesdays and Thursdays pm and Saturdays ampm. The season runs until early March. We will pick up additional practice days TBD as the season progresses. The fee includes use of a singlet, two shirts and entrance fees at tournaments for the month of February. Our email is pitbullwrestling live. The contact phone number is Come to practice and check us out.

Summer Camp Summer Camp Information pg. The curriculum is fun and will keep your child engaged with nonstop action. Class concentrates on developing coordination, balance, focus, respect and discipline of TKD training. Kids TKDwill affect your child in powerful ways, providing benefits that will last a lifetime. The program focuses on improving basic motor skills, as well as challenging the student by adding more traditional martial arts training and increasing the level of intensity.

The program consists of a balanced cardiovascular workout, including punching, kicking and blocking skills while using self control and the TKD tradition. Junior TKD will develop their focus, teamwork skills, control, balance, memory, discipline, coordination, confidence and self-esteem. They will learn to channel their energy in positive ways. Adult TKDwill improve flexibility, balance, strength, endurance and over-all health, while reducing stress and increasing confidence and selfesteem.

Children will develop agility, strength and coordination skills through fun and creative activities. Registration remains open as long as space is available. Registration is in person and can only be done at the Community Center. To register a child for Preschool, Tot Time or PreKindergarten, parents need to bring a birth certificate or passport. Proof of immunization is required at the start of class.

All four year old pre-schoolers must be four by September 1. Three year old pre-schoolers must be three on or before their start date. Pre-K must be five by March 4, All children need to be toilet trained. If there are any questions or to set up a tour, please contact the Early Childhood Recreation Supervisor, Karrie Miletic at , x or kmiletic rmparks. Auto Withdrawal We offer automatic withdrawal to enable parents to make smaller payments on a schedule by using a credit card and signing an auto withdrawal form.

Preschool RM Park District Early Childhood Time am-noon am-noon am-noon am-noon am-noon am-noon am-noon am-noon am-noon Tot Time, Ages Tot time is a great choice for children just beginning a preschool experience or for parents who need more flexibility in scheduling. In this class your child will be involved in a variety of arts and crafts as well as gym and story time, providing opportunities for free play and structured activities.

Participants must be toilet trained. In addition, proof of immunization will be required at the start of school in September All four year olds must be four by September 1, PreKindergarten This Monday through Friday class offers all the readiness activities needed for your older four year old child who is ready for more challenges or for those who miss the September cutoff for kindergarten. Note: Children must be five by March 4, to qualify for this program.

Participants need to bring lunch. Registration is taken at the Community Center Recreation Office. Please register at least one day in advance. A minimum of 3 is required for class to run. This class will offer play time, finger plays, story time and simple art activities. Diapers will not be changed during class time so make sure your child is in a clean diaper when they arrive for class.

This is a great way to get your child ready for preschool. Join your new friends and old buddies for lunch and an afternoon playtime. Bring a lunch, do a craft, have some gym time, some free play and end the day with a story. Classes will be Mondays through Fridays from pm. Meet at the Community Center. Register for one or more days, in advance, at the Registration Desk. Gradual weaning will occur after the first couple of weeks. The goal is to have complete separation by the middle of the session.

Class time includes introduction to the preschool setting with playtime, stories, crafts and music and movement. Parents will be required to stay in close proximity in case of a diaper change. Parent gradual separation class. In this class children will participate in songs, stories, craft, movement and snack time. Diapers will not be changed so parents must stay in close proximity, if their child is not potty trained. Children will engage in large motor play through tunnels, balls, parachute play and slides.

A perfect blend for quality time with your baby. Children will exercise their developing motor skills as we move to the sounds of music and experiment with rhythm and volume through playing with instruments and props. Come and make new friends and give your little ones the opportunity to have fun with one another.

In this class we will have playtime where we can meet new friends. Participants work together on a craft and learn new songs. This is a great class for your child to get comfortable in a school setting. Each week will be a different adventure for you and your child. This is a great way to get out and burn off some creative energy together.

Within each adventure you will make a craft, have story time, enjoy a snack and do some creative movement around the theme for the class. Sign-up for one or both! A parent needs to be present for each class. Classes will be held in the Preschool Sunny Meadows Playroom. Holiday Kids Day Out is a special program that allows your child to spend a day or days during Spring Break participating at the Community Center from 10 am-2 pm. Children will do crafts, play games and hear stories.

This program is only available to children currently enrolled in the RMPD preschool, Tot Time or prekindergarten programs. If spots are available, children from outside our program may register. Each child needs to bring a lunch. Register for one or more days in advance at the Community Center Registration Desk. Ask for Holiday Kids Day Out. This a great intro to preschool class.

The Zumbini program is where the science of child development meets the magic of Zumba. This class features cool Zumba music packed with world rhythms and catchy, kid-friendly tunes created just for this program. Price includes one parent and one child. Our Early Childhood programming will follow District 15 closing procedures for inclement weather.

For specific program and event cancellations, visit rmparks. Mondays, pm Put on your imagination caps on and join us for a reading safari. Each week we will focus on a book and build letter and phonics skills. A perfect class to hitch on to am preschool or Gr. Your child should bring a lunch and drink to each class. Mondays, pm Join us for this new class where books will come to life through cooking. Children will learn basic cooking terms and table manners as well.

Please inform the teacher of any allergies prior to class. Tuesdays, pm Keep your kindergartner at the top of their class. Drop off at preschool Room 1 after their kindergarten day- we will eat lunch together and then get the brain juices flowing. This class is taught by a certified teacher, who works in conjunction with the Illinois Learning Standards. You child should bring a lunch and drink to each class. Lunch first, brain power boost after. Preschool Dance Lunch Bunch, Ages Mondays, noon-1 pm, without parent Bring a lunch, hitch on to our preschool program and do a little dance in our dance studio.

Send your child to preschool with a sack lunch and their dance attire. Preschoolers will eat first from pm, then pm will learn technique and fun dances. Attire: leotard, pink tights under their school clothes plus bring pink ballet and tap shoes. Please send your child with a drink and lunch each class. Children will get a kick out of what goes on behind the scenes. Fridays, am-noon Your child will explore the Alphabet through books, crafts, songs and other hands on activities plus some playtime too.

Grab your friends and your imaginations and explore. Your child should bring a lunch and drink each class. The children will eat the last 15 minutes of class. We will start off with donut holes and discuss art, do a craft and build in a little playtime too. Activities include drawing, sand art, still life, 3-D paper art and more. Tuesdays, am This program is similar to Kids Day Out, but in the morning.

The class will meet in the Tot Activity Room where the children will enjoy a combination of hands on fun with crafts and playdough plus plenty of play time with friend. Please bring a peanut free snack to each class. Using a personal trainer is a great way for people who want an excellent workout and learn new techniques.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Tim Carter at , x or tcarter rmparks. Admittance by membership pass only. Junior High students may be included in a family membership but must attend a one-time orientation. This can be done sitting and in a wheelchair. Learn how to use lightweight, maraca-like Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and tone all the target zones, including arms, abs and thighs. Zumba Toning is the perfect way to sculpt your body naturally while having a total blast.

This class incorporates functional, traditional and pilates based exercises. Stability Ball required. Working with a personal trainer is an excellent way to get in shape. To schedule an appointment call , x or tcarter rmparks. Each class will consist of an efficient and challenging workout.

This class you can see fast results. Participants will strength train using weights, elastic tubing and other equipment. Learn technique and correct form. Do you want to do something that will impact your future health in a positive way? Yoga is for everyone, come try our class. Bring your own yoga mat. If so, then come and join the Salt Creek Fit Club. All fitness levels are accepted and encouraged to come and try it out.

We do it all. Price includes 1 parent and 1 child. Chair yoga allows you to enjoy the benefits of yoga, increased flexibility, balance, strength, overall health and relaxation, without having to sit on the floor. These exercises are gentle and can be done by almost anyone. Optional standing poses using the chair for balance and stability will be offered. Yoga is exercise, but without pressure, without competition and without judgment.

You will learn to listen to your body and let your body be your guide. Sessions are held on days off of school and holiday weeks. New skaters and current Hockey Tot skaters only please! Instructors will be present to assist new skaters.

NOTE: G. T dates may be cancelled for low enrollment. In order to ensure that there is goalie equipment for all participants, you must pre-register one week in advance by calling , x or by emailing Patti at wmregistration rmparks. This format allows the beginner skater to have more success while enjoying the first experience in a game setting.

Scoring is not kept to decrease the competitiveness of the games and keep the emphasis on learning and having fun. During games, positions are not followed, allowing for a free flowing game that is easier for kids to enjoy and better for their skill development. All games and teams are divided by talent level and not by age. Full equipment required for Pre-Mites. Equipment needed: Helmet with face mask, elbow pads, shin guards, hockey gloves, hockey skates and stick.

Rental equipment bags available. Inquire at West Meadows. Hockey Tot Transition Class is the perfect thing. Join a class at the mid-way point at a pro-rated fee. Check class days and times under the Hockey Tot section. Starts the week of February 2 for Winter session. Starts the week of April 13 for Spring session. First time skaters will learn: the proper way to fall, marching while standing and moving, swizzles, push and glide and two foot glide.

Basic hockey activities such as playing with pucks and shooting will be incorporated into the end of each class, when skaters are balanced and confident enough to do so. No experience is needed. Skates, helmets and sticks are available for use in class at the ice arena.

Classes are 30 minutes. Class covers all the basic skating techniques used in the game of hockey, along with an introduction to puck-handling, passing and shooting, all in a fun and educational atmosphere. This class is intended to give kids the basic intro to the sport of ice hockey so they may continue their education of the game for years to come.

Classes are 45 minutes. Our program is designed to give all kids a fair and equal opportunity to play ice hockey. This will be accomplished by placing an emphasis on learning individual skills, team concepts, sportsmanship and fun without the pressures of winning. Players will be divided into 2 teams each day.

All sessions are no-check with a minimum age of 18 years. All sessions at the West Meadows Ice Arena. Time: am Mon. The league is designed to provide participants with a fun, competitive atmosphere. Registration is taken on a team or an individual basis. Each team is guaranteed 20 games including at least one playoff game.

Days and times of games are on a random schedule. The season will consist of pre-season games, regular season games and playoffs. All skaters must be evaluated in their age appropriate category. Squirt-Bantam levels attend evaluations depending on their registration number odd or even.

Your registration number will be e-mailed to you once we have processed your registration. Goalies should attend all evaluation ice times for their age category. Freestyle Practice Ice In addition to the full schedule of group classes, the Ice Arena also provides daily freestyle ice sessions for practice and private lessons. This is the time when skaters can work individually on their jumps, spins and other maneuvers, rehearse competitive programs or work with their private coaches.

These sessions typically begin at 6 am each weekday, ending some days at 6 pm. These ice slots may be paid for with Hourly or Half Hour Punch cards which gives a discounted amount per slot or on a walk on basis if space is available.

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5431 elizabeth place rolling meadows il school forex india wiki mapia

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